MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 14: The Hidden Job’s Trial

Chapter 14: The Hidden Job’s Trial

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The next day after finishing breakfast, Mu Zi Xian left for work while Wang Yu went to read the new patch notes for REBIRTH.

This was a habit that Wang Yu had cultivated since his youth. Before doing anything, one should always first thoroughly understand the situation. Since he had the intention of advancing in the game, he had to start behaving like a professional gamer!

The announcement video showed a world on the brink of a calamity. The main idea was that darkness had shrouded the entire world and all the living creatures outside of the cities had started to undergo demonification. The human race needed the players to look for the source of the darkness! This was a very common yet long standing trope that many video games had used in the past.

The game had also introduced the Home City system. Since the data transfer had been very large, the different beginner villages had been split up into over three hundred different home cities based on their geographical locations. These three hundred cities were like the typical regions that a traditional game had.

After level 10, players could enter their home cities and complete their job advancement. Job specialisation would also begin from level 10 onwards.

Warriors were divided into:

-Guardians, the impregnable fortress.

-Weapons Masters, seekers of absolute power.

Magicians were divided into:

-Ice Wizards, master of control magic.

-Lightning wizards, wielder of the destructive arts.

Thieves were divided into:

-Assassins, masters of stealth.

-Godhand, uncontainable by any prison.

Priests were divided into:

-Bishops, unmatched in the healing arts.

-Dark Shamans, masters of the dark arts.

Knights were divided into:

-Templars, the towering blockade.

-Crusaders, the greatest defense is a strong offense.

Archers were divided into:

-Hunters, masters in the use of traps.

-Sharpshooters, death comes to anything in their sight.

Pugilists were divided into:

-Fighters, unstoppable and unfathomable attackers.

-Qigong Masters, masters of the mystic arts.

Aside from the ever tragic Pugilists, every other job would receive a mastery from their weapons and defensive tools after the job advancement.

After the job advancement, players would be allowed to redistribute their attribute points to fit their new jobs!

Hidden jobs were also being released in this patch. Every job had its own unique hidden class but the exact method to unlock it was something players had to uncover themselves.

Rankings were also released and after level 10, player would be able to track who were the strongest players in the entire world!

All these new updates and additional systems were something that all traditional computer games had already included so many players didn't even need to look at the patch notes. However, being a new player Wang Yu took his time to read through and understand what each new addition meant.

Logging in again, Wang Yu appeared right in front of the village chief.

After completing the final village quest, Wang Yu only saw the scene before him suddenly morphed into that of a bustling city!

Since the game was set in game of swords and magic, the home city was built in a medieval european style and had an incredibly sketchy atmosphere.

The city had a reddish-brown colour scheme and had an extremely bleak atmosphere.

Twilight City discovered. Player has been awarded 1000 experience points

So this city was known as Twilight City! Looking past the city walls, Wang Yu saw that the sun really was perpetually setting in the city.

The other players had really been very diligent! While Wang Yu had been reading the patch notes, some player had already rushed to level 10 and even completed their job advancement!

Within Twilight city, many players were forming parties of 2 to 3 preparing to leave the city.

What Wang Yu had to do now was complete his job advancement!

Following the indicator on his map, Wang Yu walked towards the location of the job advancement for Pugilists-- the dojo!

As Wang Yu stepped into the dojo, an NPC's emotionless and professional voice rang out "Brave warrior, are you here for your job advancement?"

"Yes! I'm here for my job advancement!" Wang Yu acknowledged.

"Please choose your job specialization!" The NPC fighter said.

Wang Yu hesitated for a moment before resolutely replying "Fighter!".

Wang Yu actually really liked both of the jobs. However he felt that he was closer to a Fighter in real life and decided to choose it over the Qigong Master.

"Respected and brave warrior, I can see that your origins aren't ordinary. Are you sure you really want to give up an even greater power and become a Fighter?"

"Huh?" Hearing the NPC's reminder, Wang Yu suddenly remembered that he had another job advancement quest "Brave Heart" part 2: The inheritance. Job change to the hidden job- Martial Artist. Job change token 1/1!

Wang Yu immediately rejected the job advancement into the Fight and then took out the token from his bag and said: "I want to advance into a Martial Artist!"

Upon seeing the token in his hand, the NPC revealed a startled expression and hurriedly said: "No wonder I felt a great power from you! So you are the inheritor of the martial way! You must know, the true martial arts are…"

"So can I do my job advancement now?" Wang Yu interrupted.

"Respectable warrior I deeply apologise. I am too weak and unworthy. A Martial Artist's abilities are way beyond mine. I know nothing of the job itself…"

"So it's not possible then?" Wang Yu was speechless. After all the nonsense that the NPC had said it was unable to help him with his job advancement…

Wang Yu let out a dejected sigh and immediately turned to leave the dojo. When he reached the door, Wang Yu suddenly fiercely turned around as though he had thought of something and asked: "Then do you know where I can find someone who can help with my job advancement?"

"The Informant in Middle Main Street can guide you to complete the job advancement!" The NPC replied.

"F**k! So it really was like that!" Wang Yu silently cursed.Everyone had always said that the creators were really ruthless, and it turns out that they had already gone way past ruthlessness to straight up lawlessness! If Wang Yu hadn't turned around and asked, he would have never found out how to continue his quest!

"Thanks then!"

Wang Yu cupped his fists towards the NPC, opened his map and made his way to the Middle Main Street.

Since the other players were all busy trying to level up, Middle Main Street was really empty. Aside from a few NPCs that looked very bored, there weren't any players around!

"Informant… Informant…" After walking up and down the street three times, Wang Yu finally found the Informant in a small and dirty alley.

The Informant's appearance was truly unsightly. He had a head full of messy hair, a small crooked body, a torn velvet cap on his head and was currently hugging a jar of alcohol and snoring away!

Seeing this scene, Wang Yu felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead.

Pugilists were already a really tragic job… Even their hidden job advancement instructor looked like this. What kind of grudge did the creators have against the Pugilist???

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to disturb you but are you the Informant?" Wang Yu asked as he patted the man on the shoulder.

The informant drunkenly opened an eye and briefly looked at Wang Yu before burping and sleepily saying "Get me another jar of wine first…"

This NPC really was special. Wang Yu had to buy him a jar of wine before the Informant would speak to him…

"Already in this state and you still want to drink?" Wang Yu silently cursed.

Even though he thought that, Wang Yu knew that this was merely the scenario that had been programmed into the Informant and still went towards a nearby inn to purchase the wine.

Within moments, Wang Yu ran back with a jar of wine in his hands.

When Wang Yu was still far from the informant, he seemingly smelt the Wine in Wang Yu's hands and excitedly shouted: "I smell some booze!!!"

"Yes! This is the wine you wanted!" Wang Yu bowed and respectfully handed the jar over to the Informant.

In reality, this one jar of wine had cost Wang Yu 1 gold coin! This really let Wang Yu learn how evil and oppressive the game really was!

The Informant happily grabbed the jar from Wang Yu and began drinking it in huge gulps. In the blink of an eye the jar was already gone!

After finishing the jar, the Informant's spirit had greatly increased and he looked at Wang yu with a slight red face and asked: "So what are you looking for me for kid?"

He finally asked the main question! Wang yu wiped the sweat off his face and replied: "I want to advance into a Martial Artist!"

The informant raised his eyebrows and disdainfully said: "Oh? Based on yourself? I wonder who gave you such courage!"

"F**k! My gold coin was really just fed to a dog for free!" Being looked down on by an NPC caused Wang Yu to feel slightly dejected. He then took out the token and said: "I have the legacy token!"

Looking at the token, the informant replied in shock: "Oh? You actually have this… Fine then! If you can pass my test then I'll allow you to become a Martial Artist!"

"What test?" Wang Yu subconsciously asked.

Without saying a word, the Informant waved his hand and transported Wang Yu to a different dimension!

The dimension wasn't too big. In fact, it was no larger than a martial arts stage! The Informant dropped his previously dejected attitude then jumped up on the stage and profoundly said: "It seems that you don't know what true power is! Come! Let me see how you fight!"

"You want me to fight you?"

"Exactly!" The Informant nodded.

"This is the test? It's so simple!" Wang Yu madly laughed.

In terms of an actual battle, Wang Yu had never lost once in his life! It didn't matter if he was in a game or facing a monstrous NPC, Wang Yu had absolute confidence in himself!

With a light chuckle, the Informant raised his speed to the extreme and launched an attack at Wang Yu.

Looking at the Informant's speed Wang Yu was completely dumbfounded. He had forgotten that he was still in a game! If this was in the real world, his body would be able to keep up with his vision and Wang Yu wouldn't feel any sort of pressure facing the Informant. However in the game Wang Yu was only level 13! Facing the Informant's immense speed, even though Wang Yu could see it his body couldn't keep up!

However facing this situation Wang Yu chose not to retreat but advanced towards the Informant. He was aiming for a double knockout!

Wang Yu forcefully sidestepped the Informant's attack and raised his hand and stabbed towards the Informant's eyes with his fingers. The informant hurriedly dodged wang Yu's strike. It appeared that the Informant was unwilling to accept a conclusion like a double knockout!

An opening!

Taking advantage of the situation, Wang Yu shot forward and closed the distance between the two of them.

In the end, the Informant was still an NPC that had been designed by someone. The only reason that it had been so powerful was due to its overwhelmingly high attributes!

Wang Yu was a martial arts prodigy. When he was still a teenager, he was already undefeated in the entire eastern hemisphere! Even other masters who had devoted their entire lives to martial arts weren't even close to his level!

Within moments, the Informant had been completely suppressed by Wang Yu's attacks. The Informant was completely helpless under the Wang Yu's barrage and could only constantly retreat. A long string of blood red numbers continued to appear above his head.

Just as it seemed like the Informant was about to be knocked off the stage, he started sweating profusely. When the Informant could no longer fend off Wang Yu's blows he loudly shouted "F**k Off!"

After he shouted, a golden light enveloped the Informant's body and pushed Wang Yu more than ten meters away from him!

With a casual backflip, Wang Yu landed silently on the ground.

"Kid you're really too ruthless!" The Informant looked at Wang Yu and angrily said.

As a high level NPC, the Informant had only been allowed to use 50% of his full strength. However even if this was only 50%, his attributes was already equal to that of a level 40 player!

Hence the requirements to pass this trial had been considered rather lenient. The test had been set in such a way that regardless of the method, even if the player had used a bow to snipe the Informant, as long as he could deal 10% of the Informant's health as damage they would have passed the test.

Who would have guessed that Wang Yu would have been bold enough to face the Informant head on! Not only that, Wang Yu had almost beaten him to death if it wasn't for the fact that he had regained his strength at the last moment! He had almost become the first NPC in REBIRTH to be beaten to death!

"So did I pass?" Wang Yu chuckled.

"You passed! You passed!" With a wave of his hand the Informant returned the two of them to the alley.

At the same time, the sound of the system notification constantly rang in Wang Yu's ears.

System Notification: Congratulations on completing the quest "Brave Heart" part 2: The inheritance. 100 000 Experience points awarded, fame increased by 200, hidden job "Martial Artist" obtained!

With a flash of golden light, the huge amount of experience Wang Yu had earned raised him to level 14!

After the system notification popped up, a white and black light flew out of the Informant's hand and landed on Wang Yu's chest forming a Yin Yang Taiji emblem on his chest.

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