MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 13: The Crazed Forum

Chapter 13: The Crazed Forum

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The entire way home, Mu Zi Xian had a very moody expression. Seeing this Wang Yu felt very unsettled and asked: "What's wrong honey? Are you upset?"

Under the light of the street, Mu Zi Xian looked at Wang Yu with red watery eyes and shakily asked: "H..Honey… Are you le...leaving me?"

Wang Yu was completely unable to head head or tails of the situation and hurriedly asked: "What are you talking about? Why would I suddenly want to leave you?"

"If you aren't trying to return home then where could you have gotten all this money from?" She gloomily replied.

"Ohhhhh so that's what you were worried about! Didn't I tell you just now? I earned it from the game!" Wang Yu chuckled.

"You earned so much money in one day??? Who would even believe that!" Even though Mu Zi Xian knew that Wang Yu wouldn't lie to her, she still found this piece of news really hard to believe.

"It's true! I completed that quest today and also got quite a few pieces of equipment from the Silver Wolf King! I really didn't know gaming could have been so lucrative!" Wang Yu replied.

"Really?" Mu Zi Xian emotionally asked.


Hearing this Mu Zi Xian wiped away her tears and she broke into a smile and began playfully hitting Wang Yu's chest. "Stupid hubby! Why didn't you tell me that you earned so much money! You made me think that you wanted to leave me!"

Wang Yu then pulled Mu Zi Xian into his embrace and lovingly whispered: "I've never regretted anything since the day I left my clan to be with you. All the happiness I owe you I'll pay back bit by bit!"

When they arrived home Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian saw that the four girls were sitting on the couch hugging their laptops and browsing the forums and chattering away.

When she saw Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian walking in hand in hand, Li Xue looked up and giggled "Brother Yu and sister-in-law are really close huh!"

Wang Yu laughed lightly as he said: "We could hear the four of you screaming and shouting from outside! Did something happen?"

"Mr Landlord didn't you see the forums? It's really amazing!" Mary excitedly shouted.

"What's really amazing?" Wang Yu asked. He was slightly taken aback by Mary's over-excited outburst.

"Go look at the forums later! I can't believe that the game has such an expert! If I knew who he was I would definitely marry him!!!!" Mary squealed.

Sitting next to her Xiao Yi merely laughed as she said: "And what if this expert has a wife already?"

"I don't mind being a mistress!" Mary resolutely replied.

Hearing this everyone else was completely speechless. This girl really was to shameless!

"Well then you better work hard towards your goal then. We're off to bed now." Wang Yu laughed as he and Mu Zi Xian walked back to their room.

"Honey who is this expert that has those girls in such a frenzy?" Hearing the girls outside continue to swoon Mu Zi Xian couldn't resist the urge to ask.

"I'm not sure, I've been focusing on completing the quest the whole afternoon so I haven't seen the forums yet." Wang Yu replied.

"Quickly take the laptop over here and check it then!"

"Okay!" Wang Yu reached over and brought the laptop on the bed and hugged Mu Zi Xian in one arm as he navigated the forums.

Wang Yu had browsed the forums in the morning but at that time the only things on the forum were people sharing their experiences with different classes, showing off their equipment or a few posts discussing levelling.

However, now there were two different posts at the top of the front page. The hottest one was titled "Amazing extreme control, solo-ing the Silver Wolf King!!!" and several millions of people had already read it!

Seeing this Wang Yu couldn't help but feel stunned. When did someone even record him fighting against the boss?

Opening the post, Wang Yu saw an imposing and stalwart figure with phantom like footwork delivering blow after blow with pinpoint accuracy. Who else could it have been but him?

Seeing the video, the players had even started a discussion!

Player 1: So this is Great God Iron Bull?

Player 2: No shit! Aside from him who else has slayed the Silver Wolf King?

Player 3:He solo-ed it? That's definitely hacking!

Player 4:This Silver Wolf King is really hard to follow! This player must have incredible eyesight!

The rest of the content below these were just bunch of vulgar and off topic nonsense.

After watching the video, Mu Zi Xian looked at Wang Yu and said: "Honey, how come I feel like this person really resembles you?"

Although the video was taken from very far away other people wouldn't be able to make it Wang Yu's face, but after having lived together for so long how could Mu Zi Xian not recognise her husband?

"Well that's because it is me..." Wang Yu bitterly laughed.

"F**K!!!! We're not renting the rooms anymore!!" Mu Zi Xian was stunned for a moment and then immediately got off the bed and prepared to storm out of the room. There were people outside with designs on her husband! This was unacceptable!!!!

Wang Yu immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her back as he said: "Those kids are just joking around and you really believe them? You know what kind of man I am, there's nothing to worry about!"

"Hmph! You better not talk to her in future understand?"

"I know I know…"

As Wang Yu tried to pacify Mu Zi Xian, he opened the other post to take a look.

This post was a video as well but its name was incredibly domineering. It was titled "Nameless hero mercilessly slays 1 every 10 steps and brushes survivors off!"

Although the number of views for this video were not as monstrous as the first it still had several hundred thousand views!

After opening the video Wang Yu almost started cursing out loud. How come it was him again? Were the paparazzi in the game that bored to keep following him around?

What this video had recorded was the scene when Wang Yu was trying to complete the final village quest and showed how he single-handedly broke through the encirclement of more than ten players, killed a monster in a few hits and even casually dispatched an enemy player before escaping again!

The video had even had a colorful and detailed commentary how this whole situation came about and showed how the Apocalypse guild had tyrannically surrounded the boss's spawn point and how a mysterious expert appeared and taught them a lesson!

At the end, the video had even showed how the members of the Apocalypse guild had ended up being wiped, earning the praise and admiration of many players.

The Apocalypse guild was a rather famous guild in Asia and were known for their tyrannical and unreasonable behaviour. Guarding bosses and stealing other guild's territory were only the surface of what they were capable of! However, despite how despicable they were, the guild still had quite a few experts in it, causing others to be unwilling to mess with them.

Seeing how the Apocalypse guild had received a slap to the face, the players who had previously been oppressed by them couldn't help but praise Wang Yu's actions in the forums.

However there was one player who suddenly started a poll in the forums: Was Great God Iron Bull or the Hero of the beginner village stronger?

This kind of pointless question immediately riled the players into a frenzy and many started sharing their views on the matter.

In this era that lacked a hero, the "Hero of the beginner village" was actually more well received! Although Great God Iron Bull had solo-ed a boss, his fame was incomparable to the "Hero of the beginner village". Hence the hero had received a greater percentage of the votes in the end.

Such a result had left the supporters of "Great God Iron Bull" rather upset and the two sides eventually started arguing, causing Wang Yu to be at a loss for words, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Those who actually knew the truth did exist. For example, a player called Soaring Ocean Dragon the Second replied: " Great God Iron Bull is the hero of the beginner village! He even personally sent me a friend request before!"

However the voice of one person was eventually drowned out by the majority and even became the target of merciless mocking.

"HAHAHA! You think Great God Iron Bull will actually add you as a friend? Who the f**k do you think you are?"

"Exactly! Even though I think that Great God Iron Bull isn't as strong as the hero of the beginner village he still isn't someone who would add a random nobody like you as a friend!"

"The guy up there please watch what you're saying! Who's better than who? Why don't we find a place and settle this!"


Looking at Wang Yu's confused and speechless expression Mu Zi Xian laughed as she said: "I really didn't think that you could throw the forums into such chaos on the first day you played this game!"

Turning off the laptop, Wang Yu wiped his cold sweat away and said: "I really can't believe that people are so free these days! Such a small matter and they can blow it up so big!"

"Hehe has the Great God Iron Bull been scared off by his fans?" Mu Zi Xian asked playfully.

"How can that be possible? Your husband is unmatched under the heavens! There is nothing that scares me!"

Hearing this, Mu Zi xian flipped over and straddled Wang Yu as she seductively said: "Che… No matter how invincible you are under the heavens, in bed you're still under my…"

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