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Chapter 18: The Legendary Fast Break

Chapter 18: The Legendary Fast Break

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Wharton’s first three attacks had been like an avalanche. Not only were they fast and overflowing with power, they were even fluid! However after using all three of his skills, Wharton seemed dispirited and tired.

Without his skills, Wharton could only clutch his warblade and chop towards Wang Yu. Being nothing more than a bunch of data, Wharton could only rely on his high attributes to suppress the player. In terms of an actual battle, Wang Yu was the true master!

Dodging to his right, Wang Yu was like a fish in water and Wharton’s clumsy warblade was wasn’t even able to touch the hem of Wang Yu’s clothes.

As a martial arts expert in real life, Wang Yu had long since mastered the true essence of martial arts and would always be calm and collected regardless of the situation. As he dodged Wharton’s attack he didn’t forget to counter with one of his own.

Wearing his thick and heavy armour, Wharton had initially been dismissive of Wang yu’s attacks. However this caused him to suffer immensely over time.

Every one of Wang Yu’s attacks landed on the parts of Wharton’s body that weren’t covered by his armour. Coupled with the high perfection of his strikes, every single hit dealt over a thousand damage!

Not only that, the prolonged beating had even caused Warton to develop the status ailment "Crippled". This caused his already slow speed to drop even further, causing him to become even more pitiful.

Within a few rounds, Wang Yu had already reduced Wharton’s health by over 10% of Wharton’s 200 000 HP. Although Wang Yu remained as relaxed as though he was strolling in a park, Wharton had not been able to touch a single hair on Wang Yu’s head let alone hit him!

The fearsome bandit who had struck fear into the hearts of the citizens of Twilight City was being toyed with by Wang Yu just like that!

After being toyed with by Wang Yu for so long, Wharton let out and angry roar and raised his warblade and activated [Charge].

Monsters would always be monsters. No matter how much they looked like humans, these monsters would never have intelligence of a human. Before they activated a skill, monsters would always telegraph their moves. It would have been a joke if this could hit Wang Yu!

When he kept his warblade, Wang Yu could tell that Wharton was about to use [Charge]. The moment when Wharton lowered his head, Wang Yu casually sidestepped and completely dodged the attack!

When Wharton missed Wang Yu, he immediately cancelled [Charge] and and jumped to smash Wang Yu with [Mountain Shattering Blow].

Using the same move twice on an experienced martial artist was useless and Wang Yu was able to completely see through the attack.

While Wharton was still in mid air, Wang Yu seized the chance and reached out his arms to forcefully grab Wharton and activated [Flying Knee], heavily slamming into Wharton’s body.

Even if he was a boss, Wharton still couldn’t go against the laws of heaven(system presets). Before he had even finished activating his skill, Wang Yu had already disrupted it and smashed his knee into Wharton’s stomach!

Why was the Pugilist considered a trash job? Because the Pugilist could only use his fists as a weapon. Hence Pugilists had the shortest attack range in the entire game! Even shorter than Thieves and their daggers.

Although the range of Thieves were small they could still learn [Stealth]. This skill caused them to turn invisible and stab enemies in the back, allowing thieves to close the distance easily, unlike Pugilists who still had to worry about getting into striking range.

Furthermore, Pugilists were the job with the weakest defense and lowest health. The only specialty they had was that the character looked very gallant. If Pugilist tried to sneak up on a boss they would definitely be on the receiving end of a skill.

In such a scenario, What other outcome would a Pugilist have other than death?

Precisely because of this, as a class without any in-built advantages, the Pugilist was even more useless and more and more players had completely given up on it.

On the other hand, if the Pugilist really was able to close the distance between him and the target, aside from another Pugilist no other class would be able to properly retaliate!

Since weapons couldn’t extend or retract in the game, once anything had entered the range of the Pugilist any weapon would have been rendered useless!

Hence "Fast Break" had become the slang for Pugilists when describing them entering their ideal striking range.

"No matter what job you were, if this lord were to fast break to your face then it didn't matter if you were a god or devil, only death awaited you!"

This was the most common saying by pugilists on the forums.

Of course the most important factor in this statement was the word "if". All of this was merely speculations. Accomplishing such a feat would first require them to overcome the hurdle of the Pugilist’s incredibly low health.

Unfortunately, these Pugilists who still held onto these dreams weren’t here to watch Wang Yu’s fight, missing his perfect demonstration on how to perform a fast break.

Facing Wharton’s undodgeable skill, Wang Yu had used [Flying Knee] to cancel Wharton’s skill. After [Flying Knee] had ended, Wang Yu immediately followed it up with [Lateral Kick] to stun his target and then unleash a combo on all his vital points!

Wang Yu hadn’t used any of his actual martial arts moves and was merely using the skills he had in the game. Yet he had already completely suppressed Wharton, leaving him no chance to retaliate at all!

"Argggggh!" Being constantly wailed on by Wang Yu, Wharton finally let out a loud roar as his body was covered in a tyrannical golden light.

Wang Yu instantly knew that the system was up to no good again. Ending his combo with [Crushing Blow], Wang Yu had dealt over 10 000 damage to Wharton! What surprised Wang Yu was that his combo had even generated 1000 bonus damage!

At this time, Brother Light’s group in the Secret Jungle had also arrived at Dusk Canyon. Seeing Wang Yu solo-ing a boss had left all of them completely dumbfounded.

"There was one crazy motherf**ker solo-ing the boss! He really has balls huh!" Brother Light cried out.

When Sorrow saw Wang Yu not only solo-ing the boss but also thoroughly crushing it, he timidly whispered to Brother Light: "Brother Light why don’t we head back? This guy seems to be an expert…"

Sorrow’s worries weren’t completely unfounded. During beta testing Sorrow had personally witnessed the power of Wharton. Back then he had seen Void Blade’s two front line tanks who were fully equipped with iron equipment get instantly killed by Wharton’s [Charge] and [Mountain Shattering Blow] combo.

However this Pugilist had managed to grind the boss down to 20% health by himself! If Sorrow hadn’t seen it himself, Sorrow would have dared to believe it.

"Hah! So what if he’s an expert? Are you telling me that the sixteen of us can’t handle a single man?" Brother Light arrogantly laughed.

"But…" Sorrow knew that in the game, players were restricted by their character’s attributes. No matter how monstrous someone was they wouldn’t be able to fight an army alone.

"But what? Our Apocalypse guild also has a lot of experts! Why should we be afraid of him? Stop being a little bitch and quickly use your [Stealth]! The rest of you, Thieves use [Stealth], Sharpshooters get into position and the tanks protect our healers! Let’s go steal us a boss!"

"Ok then…" Sorrow nodded as he disappeared.

Since the boss had cooldowns on its skills, Wang Yu was depressed to realise that he couldn’t grab it again to start his combo again.

Normally, players were afraid when the boss’ skills weren’t on cooldown, unlike Wang Yu who was eagerly waiting for the boss to be able to use its skills again. If the creators got wind of this, they would definitely be vomiting blood.

Just as Wang Yu was looking for an opening in Wharton’s attacks, Wang Yu suddenly felt 16 streams of killing intent locking onto his body! The nearest one was even less than twenty meters away from him!

"Someone’s trying to KS me!" Thinking of this Wang Yu’s expression immediately grew serious.

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