MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 19: Killing With A Borrowed Blade

Chapter 19: Killing With A Borrowed Blade

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Wharton waved his blade mechanically, as if he had an infinite amount of energy. If this was the real world, Wang Yu would already have beaten him to death countless times. But in this game, no matter how many blows Wang Yu sent his way, Wharton seemed to have the vitality of a dragon, receiving punch after punch, blow after blow. It was extremely demoralising.

The members of the Apocalypse guild dumbly looked on as they watched Wang Yu and Wharton locked in mortal combat with each other.

"The f*ck, to think that he could be so evenly matched with a boss? Is this guy even human?"

Brother Light disdainfully replied: "The f*ck are you talking about, he's just nimble that's all. Can't you see? He's only attacking places that the boss doesn't defend. Later on we'll use our two Assassins to attack him, no matter what he does he won't be able to avoid his death! Then the boss will be ours..."

Just as Brother Light finished talking, Wang Yu suddenly stopped fighting with Wharton and leaped backwards, kicking towards the empty space behind him.

"Haha, that idiot..." Before Brother Light even completed his sentence, he was forced to eat his words.

As Wang Yu kicked the empty space behind him, a silhouette was sent flying, an Assassin from the Apocalypse guild to be exact! All the Sharpshooters from Apocalypse guild were able to see the look of utter disbelief on the Assassin's face, he still could not understand how Wang Yu had discovered him despite having used [Stealth].

An Assassin's health was much lower than a Pugilist's... Wang Yu had beaten him into a bloody pulp with a single kick.

Without letting him touch the ground, Wang Yu leaped into the air and stepped on the Assassin's head, viciously stomping his face into the ground and reducing him into a ray of white light.


A violet dagger fell onto the floor.

At the same time a system notification flashed. System notification: You have killed a player from the Apocalypse guild, Twin Skewer, PK +1

Brother Light also received a notification. Your teammate Twin Skewer has been killed by Iron Bull. You have 180 seconds to retaliate in self-defence, any enemies killed within this period of time will not raise your PK rating.

Everyone who had received the notification was completely stunned...

"F*ck! So it was Great God Iron Bull! No wonder he dares to fight the boss by himself. Big brother, we can't do this!!!"

Brother Light angrily shouted: "The f*ck are you afraid of? He's just a single person! Who cares if he's Iron Bull, even if he is Gold Bull we can still massacre him!"

Wang Yu picked up the dagger that Twin Skewer had dropped and chuckled to himself: "Heh, not bad! This is a piece of Silver Tier equipment, no wonder he dared to try to steal the boss from me!"

Abyssal Blade (Dagger) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 27-31

Magic Attack: 12-16


[Abyssal Slash]: Total damage dealt to target will include (Dexterity attirbute X2) + (Physical attack)

[The Abyss]: The user will gain 30% efficiency when using stealth.

Level Requirement: 10

The Apocalypse guild was indeed a large guild. Those that had come along with Brother Light to steal the boss were all cream of the crop, elite players. Even their equipment was the best that could be found in the game at this current juncture.

In the eyes of the members of the Apocalypse guild, regular players were no different from common mobs.

"F*ck, Twin Skewer's dagger dropped! That unlucky bastard!"

"Wait a second, how did he know where Twin Skewer was hiding?"

"Don't tell me he can see through the [Stealth] skill???!!! The f*ck! Sorrow run away!"

Only now did Brother Light manage to react to the situation at hand, barking commands to the party.

After hearing the commands that Brother Light shouted, Sorrow who was currently using [Stealth] quickly ran towards the rest of the party. An Assassin was a job with high mobility, once he used the [Haste] skill that was unlocked at level 10, Wang Yu was simply unable to catch up to catch up. He took out a bag of limestone powder and hurled it at Sorrow.

"Duang!" A soft sound could be heard as the bag of limestone struck its target, exploding as it coated Sorrow's upper body white...

Once an Assassin used [Stealth] he would only be revealed if he dispersed the skill on his own volition or was forced out of it by a strong external force. At this point in time, while Sorrow's upper body was coated with limestone powder, his lower body could still not be seen. It was a thoroughly amusing sight to behold.

"Hehe, Sorrow does look quite amusing, if this was the Tomb-Sweeping festival he could even go around scaring some people!"

The other members of the party started to mock Sorrow, ignoring the situation that they were in.

Brother Light resisted the urge to laugh as he shouted: "Stop joking around! Focus! That b*stard's about to catch up!"

When the group looked up, they realised what their leader said was true. Wang Yu was currently dashing towards their direction with Wharton following closely behind, wildly shouting as he brandished his blade.

Brother Light commanded: "Hold your formation and attack! Don't let him come closer!"

After hearing the commands, the four Magicians and four Sharpshooters immediately reacted.

Four arrows and four [Icicles] flew towards Wang Yu.

The arrows gleamed with a sheen of white light, coated with the magic from the Sharpshooter's skill, [Homing arrow]. This skill would cause the arrow to continuously fly until it struck its intended target.

[Icicle] was the Ice Wizard's skill. Though it might be lacking in damage, but it had the added effect of causing its target to slow down, a troublesome skill to deal with.

The arrows from the Sharpshooter were much faster than the spells casted by the Ice Wizard, quickly arriving in front of Wang Yu. Without even looking up, Wang Yu had managed to grab all four arrows in his hands.

"The f*ck!!"

The Sharpshooters were all horrified: "How was that even possible?"

While they were still in a state of shock, Wang Yu had already thrown the four arrows back in their direction.

"Ding ding ding ding!"

The four arrows collided with the [Icicles], causing them to explode.


After colliding with the arrows, the [Icicles] all turned into a cloud of blue smoke.

"WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!"

Not only were the Sharpshooters shocked, everyone else's eyes were popping out of their sockets in utter disbelief.

"This, this is impossible..."

No one dared to believe what they had seen.

Not even mentioning how Wang Yu managed to grab all four arrows mid flight, but to casually toss these four arrows and make them all hit a moving target was simply impossible to believe!

It had to be known, even though the Pugilist could utilise every single weapon in the game, the game system did not have a Weapon Mastery for the Pugilist job.

What's more Wang Yu seemed to have a hidden weapon in his hands, since when did REBIRTH have such a weapon???

Naturally, Wang Yu's attack was all performed with his own abilities!

Even an olympic champion wouldn't be able to replicate such an action!

As the crowd was still tongue-tied in amazement, Wang Yu had already led Wharton right in front of them.

As a Warrior, it was only natural for Brother Light to be standing at the very front. As he saw Wang Yu draw closer to him, he noticed the Taiji emblem on his chest and loudly shouted: "So you're a dog of the Quan Zhen Sect!"

Wang Yu ignored the provocations of Brother Light as the corner of his mouth drew a slight smirk. Wang Yu immediately suddenly jerked his body to the side, revealing Wharton, who had relentlessly pursuing him.

Wharton sheathed his blade, lowered his head and used [Charge].

Going straight into the centre of the members of the Apocalypse guild.

Due to the fact that the sneak attack from Sorrow and Twin Skewer's had failed, many of the members of Apocalypse were still waiting in ambush. They had yet to regroup and set up their battle formation.

As Wharton suddenly rushed in with [Charge], the tanks were sent flying without having done a single thing!

Even though the Warriors had a lot of health, they were all knocked senseless after receiving the attack from Wharton. The squishy players fared even worse.

The two magicians standing closest to the front line were instantly crushed to death, turning into a ray of light.

The rest of the people were thrown into a state of panic as Wharton prepared his [Mountain Shattering Blow], quickly following up with [Tornado Slash].

Ray after ray of white light danced around Wharton.

The sixteen members of the Apocalypse guild were completely wiped out!!!

Sorrow had tried hunting Wharton before, so he knew its greatest weakness. Even though Wharton could boast a high Physical Defense, it's Magic Resistance was extremely low!

If the members of the Apocalypse guild had started this fight right from the start and managed to set up their attack formation. They would have had the ability to slow kill Wharton.

But never in their wildest imagination would they have thought they would encounter Wang Yu. Without being able to respond to the situation, they had already taken the brunt of all three of Wharton's skills.

Wharton was a boss whose level was even higher than 35. The fate of anyone that received even a single hit from his skills could be imagined.

After using Wharton to kill off the members of the Apocalypse guild, Wang Yu immediately ran over and groaned with a gloomy look on his face: "Oh? Looks like they didn't drop anymore items… This boss' luck is really too low!"

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