MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 2: Joining a Gold Farming Studio

Chapter 2: Joining a Gold Farming Studio

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When he turned around, Wang Yu saw that the person who shouted was a beautiful young lady with delicate features. She wore a pure white winter coat and a pair of white boots as well. The lady was currently running in his direction causing her long flowing hair to flutter in the wind.

Looking in the direction the girl was pointing in, Wang Yu saw that the rascal who knocked into him earlier. The man was constantly looking behind as he ran.

Wang Yu immediately got up and shot forward towards the man, using his large body to block the path of this short little man.

The man had drooping eyes, messy hair and a woman’s purse in his hands. The moment he saw someone block his path he immediately pulled a dagger out from his waist.

"If you don’t want to die then f*ck off! Mind your own business!"

Wang Yu simply continued staring at the man with no intention of giving way to him.

Seeing the young lady about to catch up to him, the man began to panic and raised his knife to stab Wang Yu.

With a frown, Wang Yu suddenly reached out and grabbed the man’s wrist before the man could even react. He then pulled the man and slammed him into the ground. Lifting his right leg Wang Yu kicked the knife out of the man’s hand and then stomped on the back of his head.

Within a short span of 3 seconds, the man had lost any ability to retaliate.

At this moment the young lady finally managed to catch up despite being completely out of breath. She hastily picked up her purse and inspected its contents and gratefully said "Big bro thank you so much! Could you tell me your name?"

Wang Yu glanced at the girl and lightly nodded. He then turned to the shopkeeper and shouted " Call the cops!"

" I… I… I understand…"

The shopkeeper had already been frightened out of his wits, hearing Wang Yu’s command he hurriedly nodded while struggling to take out his phone to call the police.

Next to him, the young lady took out a stack of notes. After briefly counting them she pushed it towards Wang Yu and said " Big bro if it wasn’t for you the money i was going to use to buy my equipment today would have all been gone. I don’t have much but please accept this small token of appreciation…"

"..." Wang Yu silently glanced at the girl before suddenly running away as though he had just remembered something important, leaving behind the fumbling shopkeeper and a very confused young lady.

After leaving the drink store Wang Yu immediately starting running home. The conversation with the young lady had reminded Wang Yu that he needed to keep the blankets in the afternoon…

Jogging all the way home had taken slightly more than three hours. Seeing that going out didn’t interfere with the completing the task Mu Zi Xian had given him, Wang Yu let out a sigh of relief. After keeping the comforter he then went back to hitting the pillar again." Bang! Bang! Bang!" A series of rhythmic knocks echoed throughout the empty apartment.

Around 4, the doorbell in the living room sounded. The tenants were here to look at the house! Wang Yu immediately stopped his training and picked up towel to wipe his sweat before walking to the living room.

The first person to enter the house was Mu Zi Xian carrying a large shopping bag filled with groceries. " Please come in, come in. My house is pretty big but I’m only staying here with my husband so we thought of renting our two spare bedrooms out…" She said to the people behind her as she set the items in her hand down on the table

" What? A man? We’re all girls so wouldn’t this be a bit of a problem?" A very familiar voice asked. Following that, a young lady wearing a white winter coat entered the house.

" No no it’s no problem at all my husband is really docile and he doesn’t normally leave the house…" When she saw Wang Yu walking over Mu Zi Xian giggled as she pointed to him and spoke " This is my husband! Don’t worry about it I can guarantee that there’s nothing wrong with his character!"

" Um… Nice to meet you!" Wang Yu awkwardly greeted the girl.

Currently Wang Yu was only wearing a small black singlet and his upper body was essentially completely exposed. His large broad back and thick bulging muscles were all clearly visible. In addition, with his strong square jaw, sharp eyebrows and radiant eyes he looked incredibly imposing and unspeakably manly!

As the girl gazed in the direction that Mu Zi Xian was pointing in she managed to catch a glimpse of Wang Yu was was momentarily stunned. Wasn’t this the man she had just met in the market today? Maybe it really was fate that the man who saved her ended up being the owner of the room she was trying to rent.

Noticing the girl stare at him so intently Wang Yu suddenly realised what he was wearing and instantly turned red. He hastily walked into the master bedroom and closed the door behind him.

When the girl regained her senses she awkwardly laughed and said " This apartment’s location is not bad, I want to rent it!" As she spoke the girl reached into her bag and pulled out a thick stack of cash " This is one year’s rent!"

" A… A year?!" As she took the money Mu Zi Xian felt incredibly overwhelmed. The original deal was only for half a year and didn’t the girl say that having a man around the house would be slightly inconvenient?

"Yes! And if our studio does well we might want to extend the rental for another year! The price is negotiable!" The girl nodded.

With great difficulty Mu Zi Xian suppressed her excitement and said " Good, now let’s just sign the contract then!" After finishing up the paperwork, the girl quickly left the house.

After the girl had left the house Wang Yu came out from the room to help his wife. As he was putting the groceries into the fridge he couldn’t help but ask " Honey what was that girl’s job anyway?

"I think she’s in a gaming studio!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Gaming studio? What’s that?" Wang Yu curiously asked. Since his childhood Wang Yu had always been the jewel of his clan. Hence he had never stepped out and had little to no contact with the outside world. Naturally he had never heard of something like a gaming studio.

"Well they play games to earn money!" Mu Zi XIan instantly replied. As a customer service officer in a game company she was naturally no stranger to something like a gaming studio.

"Oh..." Wang Yu vaguely replied. You could play games for a living? Such a thing was like a fairy tale to him.

After tidying up their bedroom Mu Zi Xian looked at Wang Yu and said "I’m going to the restaurant to help out now. That girl will be here soon to move in so try and help them ok? Don’t just stand there and watch!"

"I know! Don’t worry about me!"

"I’m not an idiot, even I know some of the ways of the world…" Wang Yu thought.

Around evening time the girl with the white coat returned with 3 other girls behind her each with a luggage in hand. All three of the other girls were extraordinarily beautiful and wouldn’t lose to the white coat girl in any way. When they saw Wang Yu they immediately greeted him together " Nice to meet you Mr Landlord!"

"Er… Nice to meet you too…" Wang Yu started blushing again "Is there anything that i can help you ladies with?"

"No no we don’t have that many luggage anyway. There’s no need to trouble brother Yu." The white coat girl replied.

"Oh, ok then" Wang Yu hastily replied and immediately went back to his room

Looking at Wang Yu’s clumsy and awkward display the 3 new girls instantly burst into a giggling fit. "Big sis are you serious? This is the strong and gallant man you were talking about?? Hahahaha"

I mean he is pretty hunky but how come he’s so weird?"

"That’s right! Did you see how embarrassed he was when he saw us just now? Hahahaha"

"Enough nonsense! Quickly go and settle in. We still need to start work tomorrow!"

Soon after the girls had finished settling in, Wang Yu heard a soft knock on his door. Upon opening the door he saw the white coat girl standing outside waiting for him.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked.

" Brother Yu i still haven’t repaid you for all your help this afternoon. Since we seem to be fated why don’t i treat you to a meal?" The white coat girl replied.

"There’s really no need to, it was nothing much! Besides, I don’t really like leaving the house." Wang Yu chuckled. Just as he said that Wang Yu’s stomach started growling and gave him away. It was already really late, but since Mu Zi Xian was working at the restaurant and Wang Yu didn’t know how to cook for himself he had already been starving for hours.

The white coat girl gently giggled as she said "Brother Yu since we’re all living under the same roof now we can be considered a family. You really don’t need to stand on ceremony like that. Since your wife isn’t home right now you must definitely be starving. We’ll order some take-out for you to eat with us, it’s really convenient!"

"This…" Wang Yu hesitated.

"Hey… Brother Yu you’re not looking down on us are you?" The white coat girl said with a hint of displeasure in her voice.

"No! Definitely not!" Wang Yu hurriedly said while waving his arms.

"Then what is there to hesitate about having a meal together?"

"Okay okay I’ll eat. But I don’t drink alcohol…" Since he couldn’t argue his way out Wang Yu resigned himself to it.

After a round of introductions Wang Yu found out that the name of the girl in the white coat was Li Xue and the other three girls were all her employees. The one with the large eyes was Xiao Yi, the one with the sharp chin was Meng Meng and the incredibly outgoing one was Mary.

The four of them were in a gaming studio which was dedicated to farming gold in various games and were currently operating in a game called REBIRTH. REBIRTH was the latest game that Mu Zi Xian’s company had released just 3 days ago that was exploding in popularity.

"You can earn money from playing games?" Wang Yu asked curiously.

Without even waiting for Li Xue to answer Mary immediately replied with a giggle " Of course! Professional gamers have been around for a few years already! Don’t tell me that have never heard of this before right?

"I… haven’t…" Wang Yu honestly replied.

"Oh! My! God! You really are a bumpkin! Brother Yu, what’s your job now anyway?" Mary exaggeratedly hit her forehead and exclaimed. Around her, the other all had curious expressions as well.

"I… Well… This.... I don’t actually have a job now…" Wang Yu felt really frustrated. Being the traditional and straight-laced man that he was, even though he didn’t have very outstanding communication skills he still knew that being taken care of by his wife like that wasn’t something to be proud of.

"OHHH! So you’re a leech huh! Hahahaha! Don’t worry I won’t look down on you. I mean, I’m looking for someone to take care of me too!" Mary laughed at the top of her lungs.

"This…" Hearing this, Wang Yu had an awkward and depressed expressions on his face. Seeing Wang Yu’s gloomy expression Li Xue’s face instantly darkened as well.

"Mary! Watch your tongue!" She scolded.

"Oh…" Mary quickly lowered her head.

"Brother Yu she was just kidding. Times are tough now and it’s pretty normal to lose your job. If you really want one then why not join us!" Li xue hurriedly said. As a boss, Li Xue naturally had a very keen eye for people. She knew that Wang Yu was definitely not the kind of guy that Mary had described him as. Furthermore, when she meet him earlier in the day at the entrance of the market, he was indeed earnestly looking for a job.

"Work for you? I can do that?" Wang Yu was sent into a daze. Since his youth, all his time had been spent perfecting his martial arts. Hence, he hadn’t even touched a computer before, let alone play games.

"Of course you can! The game is so simple even girls like us can play so how could you not? REBIRTH is a virtual reality game anyway so it’s exactly the same as real life. The business opportunities in the game are massive right now, especially in the first few years of its its release so it's really easy to earn money!" Li Xue laughed.

"Really?" Wang Yu was slightly moved by her words.He had been unable to find a job for two months and his confidence had long since been grinded to dust. As long as it was legal, as long as it could let him earn money, Wang Yu was willing to do anything! He didn't want to depend on his wife forever!

"Of course! Even though our studio isn’t very famous, giving you a salary of five to six thousand a month should be no problem at all!" Li Xue replied.

"Alright! I’ll give it a shot then! But I don’t have the equipment…"

"That’s not a problem! Our studio will provide you with all the equipment that you need!" Li Xue laughed.

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