MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 3: Trash Job

Chapter 3: Trash Job

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The next morning, Li Xue knocked on the couple’s room, bringing over a small parcel.

"This is the equipment?" Wang Yu opened the box and asked as he took out an object that looked very much like a hat.

Li Xue answered: "Yes, you only need to connect to the internet, a power source and turn on the power switch. The equipment will automatically connect to the Cloud System. It’s very convenient!"

"Interesting!" Wang Yu laughed as he brought the equipment back into his room.

Back in his room, Wang Yu explained to Mo Zi Xian that he had joined Goldrush Studio. After hearing this piece of news, Mu Zi Xian was rather supportive of Wang Yu’s decision.

As a matter of fact, Mu Zi Xian didn’t expect Wang Yu to earn much money, she was only afraid that Wang Yu would be bored to death by staying at home all day. Lately, Wang Yu seemed to be very absent-minded, which made Mu Zi Xian extremely worried. In fact she already had the idea to let Wang Yu play video games, but this idea had been rejected by Wang Yu himself.

This was good, now that Wang Yu had joined the studio, whether or not he made any money was inconsequential. What was more important was that Wang Yu could relieve his boredom.

Mu Zi Xian tugged Wang Yu as she instructed. "Darling, let me tell you, when you enter the game, go find the village chief and accept his quest. The village chief is the person with an exclamation mark above his head, a question mark signifies that you have completed the quest…"

Wang Yu waved his hand and laughed bitterly, "Honey please! I am also a young person, things like computer games, I used to see my juniors play them all the time when I was a kid, and I know all these basic information! You don’t always have to treat me as though I’m from another world…"

After having found a job, Wang Yu’s mood had improved greatly and even became more talkative.

Mu Zi Xian smiled, pinching Wang Yu’s face as she said: "Ah, that’s true… haha, then go ahead and try it out, if there’s anything that you don’t know, feel free to ask me!" As someone from the customer service branch of the game, Mu Zi Xian had an even deeper understanding of the game than Li Xue and the rest.


Wang Yu nodded his head, turning on the power switch for the equipment.

A resplendent light flashed as Wang Yu entered the game.

At this moment, what appeared in front of Wang Yu was an old shrine. The four walls of the shrine were all dilapidated beyond repair and in the centre of the shrine, was an enormous altar.

On the altar stood 7 statues.

Ding, please select a job!

A very neutral voice sounded out beside Wang Yu’s ears.

As wang Yu drew closer to the altar, he started to size up the seven statues one by one.

These seven statues represented the seven jobs that were available in the game.

King of Close Combat: Warrior, possesses a strong attack potential and defensive capabilities.

Bringer of Destruction: Magician, possess a rather frail physique with an imbalanced destructive power.

Blessing of God: Priest, the most reliable teammate on the battlefield

Reaper of the Night: Thief, speed and burst damage define this terrifying existence.

Sage of Honor: Knight, defend your honor with your impregnable defense.

The Illusive marksman: Archer, your opponents will never see your shadow.

Inheritor of Mysteries: Pugilist, your hands and feet are your weapons!

After listening to the introductions, Wang Yu pointed to the last statue without the slightest bit of hesitation and said "I choose to be a Pugilist!"

Confirming job ----- Pugilist!


Please enter your name

"Xian Yu!" As someone who did not have a sense for naming, Wang Yu spent the whole night thinking of this name…

Sorry, this name has already been taken

"….." Wang Yu was stunned, even such a difficult name had been taken by someone else, the number of people playing this game was indeed terrifying.

After pondering for awhile, Wang Yu simply said "Iron Bull!" This was his nickname. Since his birth he had been built like a bull, hence his father thought this would be the most suitable nickname to give him.

This name can be used, character has been generated, please enjoy your gaming experience!!

Another resplendent light flashed in his eyes and Wang Yu had been transported into a small village.

The village plaza was full of people, in the centre of the plaza, stood an old man with a head of white hair, with a large exclamation mark above his head, this old man was the village chief.

Following that, the game started to generate some instructions… following the instructions from the game system, Wang Yu walked a round for a bit, before finally opening his character attributes page.

Personal Attributes

ID : Iron Bull (Pugilist-)

Level : LV-1

HP: 120 (4x30)

MP: 90 (3x30)

Strength: 5

Vitality: 4

Spirit: 3

Intelligence: 3

Dexterity: 5

Physical Attack: 2-7

Magical Attack: 1-3

Physical Defense: 2-5

Magic Resistance: 1-3


-Old Cloth Clothing, Defense: 1-1

-Old Gloves, Damage: 1-2


-[Lateral Kick] (LV1). The Pugilist’s strong leg muscles allows the user to deal 120% physical damage to the target, causing it to fly. Costs MP30.

The game was very fair, every job started off with 20 attribute points, the pugilist appeared to be rather mediocre.

Closing his personal attribute window, Wang Yu swung his fists around and couldn’t help but feel depressed: "What kind of lousy attributes are these, the strength and speed are completely unable to generate any power…."

Wang Yu let out a long sign, resigning himself to this fact as he followed a large crowd of people, squeezing his way towards the village chief.

As he squeezed his way to the village chief, Wang Yu got even more depressed. Standing at 1.85m tall, his physique could be described to be akin to a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist. Yet he could not even squeeze himself past a small lady (This lady was a knight, so her Vitality and Strength were both higher than a pugilist’s), this was not logical at all!

Thankfully all players under level 10 had the protection of the system, if it weren’t for this fact, given Wang Yu’s attributes, he would not have been able to squeeze his way in front of the village chief.

"Excuse me, is there anything that i can help you with?" Wang Yu politely asked as he arrived in front of the village chief.

The village chief was all smiles as he said: "Iron Bull you’ve arrived, recently there has been a Wild Dog overpopulation plaguing the village, could you help me kill 10 of them?"

System notification -- Do you accept the quest: Wild Dog Menace?

A notification window suddenly opened in front of Wang Yu.

Wang Yu immediately pressed the "accept" option.

Of course he would accept the quest, for what other reason would he have risked being squeezed to death to arrive here.

Quest reminder: Kill crazy wild dogs 0/10

After accepting the quest, Wang Yu squeezed his way out the crowd and ran towards the outskirts of the village.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the village, Wang Yu was utterly stunned.

Was there something wrong with the village chief’s eyes? Where exactly how was there a case of wild dog overpopulation? It was practically a case of human overpopulation.

No matter where you looked, there were players wearing their old cloth clothing everywhere in the vicinity, like zombies roaming the lands. As soon as they saw a Wild Dog respawn, they would all pounce on it as though they were fighting for free money. It had not even been a full 3 seconds that the poor Wild Dog had respawned before it was sent back into the system as data.

Just as he was day-dreaming, a new Wild Dog respawned beside Wang Yu, bared its fangs and howled at him.

Mad Wild Dog (LV1)

HP: 30

MP: 0

Skills: [Eviscerate]

Wang Yu turned towards the Mad Wild Dog as sent a Lateral Kick towards it, causing it to be launched into the air as Wang Yu followed up with firm punch to its throat.



Two bloody numbers appeared above the head of the Mad Wild Dog.

Wang Yu’s fist had struck his opponent’s vital point, given his ability, if this was the real world, not to mention a Wild Dog, this blow would be sufficient to deal with a Wolf.

But this Mad Wild Dog was rather capable, after letting out a low grown, it promptly got back up and bit Wang Yu’s leg.

A number appeared above Wang Yu’s Head


Wang Yu stared blankly at his opponent before unleashing another two fists to the Mad Wild Dog’s head, finally beating it to death.

After its death, the Mad Wild dog dropped 1 bronze coin.

"Not logical, not logical at all!" Wang Yu mumbled to himself as he picked up the bronze coin and walked towards his next target.

As there were more players than monsters, Wang Yu spent half an hour before he was finally able to kill 10 Mad Wild Dogs. Without exception, it took him around four to five strikes to kill them.

However, after his first encounter, Wang Yu learnt from his mistake and was not bitten by any Mad Wild Dogs subsequently, much to the shock of the numerous players around him.

There were many players in the game, experts with vast gaming experience would naturally be able fumble around till they could activate the combo system. But being able to combo a monster to death like Wang Yu had done was another matter entirely.

Having said that, other than the Lateral Kick that he first used, all his other strikes could be considered to be A grade, his attack damage was low, with no other special effects. New players all had slowly striking speed, thus if their rhythm wasn’t good, it was very easy to have suffered from the attacks of the monsters.

After killing the Mad Wild Dogs, Wang Yu returned to the village before exiting the game.

After taking off the helmet, Mu Zi Xian smiled at Wang Yu and said, "This game isn’t bad right, come eat first and the you can continue playing!"

"Mm." Wang Yu put down the helmet and followed Mu Zi Xian into the living room.

Li Xue’s group of four were also there, looking at the pleased expression on their faces, it was clear that they too had played the game.

"Mr Landlord! Was the game fun? What level are you?" Mary waved at Wang Yu and asked in a very familiar manner.

Wang Yu laughed as he replied "Only level 1...just started out."

"You’ve training for half the morning and you still haven’t levelled up? What job are you playing? Don’t tell me it's the Pugilist!"

Wang Yu replied curiously: "Yeah it is, how did you know?"

Mary was utterly shocked: "F*ck, that can’t be right Mr Landlord, of all the job available, why did you have to choose that trash job?"

Even the others began to cast peculiar gazes at Wang Yu, with disbelief in their eyes.

Even Mu Zi Xian revealed a very gloomy expression: "Aiya, I forgot to tell you not to choose the Pugilist job!"

The current Wang Yu was a top class martial artist, choosing the Pugilist profession was something to be expected, yet Mu Zi Xian had committed such a large blunder and had forgotten about this matter completely.

"What's the matter?" Wang Yu was puzzled.

Li Xue explained: "The Pugilist is currently the most balanced job in REBIRTH!"

"Isn’t that a good thing?"

"What’s so good about that?" Mary noisily interjected: "Being balanced means you’re a jack of all trades, but master of none! Can’t attack can’t defend, even your various attributes are neither high nor low, this job is simply trash…."

Wang Yu thought for a while before replying: "I feel like that's okay."

Li Xue replied: "In the early stages the difference might not be too obvious, but there are some discrepancies, because of the the Pugilists balanced nature, this job has neither a weapon mastery nor defensive mastery capability. If other classes were to take three strikes to kill a monster, a pugilist would need maybe four or five strikes… as it progresses to the later stages of the game and weapon mastery becomes even higher, this discrepancy in damage will become more and more obvious, that's why this job isn’t very good. Because of that, there's a lot of complaints on the cloud system now!"

"F*ck! What kind of broken game is this!" After having heard her explanation, Wang Yu angrily lamented.

It was not the case that Wang Yu regretted choosing this job, but rather that he was depressed. Martial artists like him were already pitiful enough in the real world! Who would have thought that even in a game they would be side-lined like this. Exactly who had they offended to suffer such a plight!

Yi Yi was very understanding and quickly tried to comfort Wang Yu: "Mr Landlord don’t be depressed! It’s not as though the Pugilist doesn’t have any good points, at the very least there are not job restrictions on the equipment that they are able to use, in the future when we have better equipment, we can give the ones that we don’t need to you!"

"Then thank you very much…." After hearing this Wang Yu became even more depressed, in the real world he was unable to break free from the fact that he was being provided for by his wife, and it seemed that even in this game he would have someone providing for him...

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