MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 30: No Need To Thank Me!

Chapter 30: No Need To Thank Me!

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When the rest of the Primrose Militia saw this scene the were incredibly shocked. Soon the guild chat became a mess of angry outbursts.

"Big Brother Heaven are you alright?"

"Hmph Snowy Velvet that little bitch! Helping others while living off of us! We definitely can't let her get off so easily!"

"Who's that big guy anyway? How dare he mess with our Primrose Militia?"

Everyone in the guild was frantically spamming the chat in anger, however none of them dared to avenge Heaven's Bird.

These girls weren't fools. Someone who could casually kill Heaven's Bird like that definitely wouldn't have any issues doing the same to them.

When Heaven's Bird revived at the respawn point he was angrily gnashing his teeth. Though the others there didn't know how he died, Heaven's Bird clearly knew who had killed him.

Opening up the battle log, Heaven's Bird saw a sentence displayed in red: Player Iron Bull has attacked you with hostile intent.

"Iron Bull" was publicly known as the top expert in the game that had sprung up overnight…

No matter how arrogant and overbearing Heaven's Bird was, Iron Bull wasn't a character that he could so easily seek revenge on. Since he was completely unknown before that, Heaven's Bird didn't know if he had some great power backing him. A thorough investigation was necessary before he took any action.

"Heaven's Bird, what's wrong?" After seeing the string of messages in the guild chat, the guild leader of the Primrose Militia, Sanguine Primrose, privately messaged Heaven's Bird.

"I was killed by Iron Bull because of some branch gold farming group!" He angrily replied.

"Iron Bull?"

"Are you sure? When I met him, he seemed like a very amiable person…" Sanguine Primrose replied in shock.

"Amiable my ass! Just quickly investigate him! Since this motherf**ker dares to kill me he can forget about ever playing this game again!"

Hearing his words Sanguine Primrose could only clench her teeth and send a message to Wang Yu.

"Great God Iron Bull! You've stirred some shit again!"

Wang Yu didn't find it odd that he received a message from Sanguine Primrose. He knew that Sanguine Primrose was a part of the Primrose Militia. Since Wang Yu had attacked one of their "esteemed" leader and even killed him, it would have been weirder if he wasn't contacted by her.

"That little bastard deserves to be taught a lesson! Are your people going to hunt me down since I over killed him?" Wang Yu unhappily said.

"Heaven's Bird does deserve to be taught a lesson… But he's really too strong… Even I can't control him! Since you've killed him it really won't be so easy for me to settle this matter…" Sanguine Primrose anxiously replied.

Sanguine Primrose was speaking the truth. Although she was the guild leader, one only had to look at the Sanguine in front of her name to know that they were simply one of the tributary guilds of the Sanguine Alliance.

Tributary guilds weren't anything new in the gaming world. Many large guilds would send their members to form a new guild and recruit more members when the original guild had reached max capacity.

The Primrose Militia was exactly this. It only seemed special because all the members but Heaven's Bird were females. However, at the end of the day, the Primrose Militia wasn't considered a large power to Heaven's Bird.

"If it'll be difficult to handle then don't involve yourself. Let someone who's big enough come and settle it with me!" Wang Yu blandly replied.

Seeing Wang Yu being so unyielding, Sanguine Primrose was rendered speechless.

Wang Yu had originally gifted her group so she had a good impression of him and wanted to try and resolve it peacefully. However, Wang Yu's current attitude towards her and the matter was truly to overbearing. It even upset Sanguine Primrose!

An eye for an eye. Even if it was just in name,Heaven's Bird was still one of her people. If it was anyone else that had killed him she would have immediately led an army to seek vengeance. However the killer this time was the top expert on the leaderboards! Since this matter couldn't be settled privately then she only could only report this to her higher-ups.

Thinking of this Sanguine Primrose could only relate the entire incident to Sanguine Warflag.

"That top expert really is very powerful. But does he belong to any guild?" After understanding the whole situation, Sanguine Warflag merely replied with a bored tone.

"If I'm not wrong he's a member of the Quan Zhen Sect!" Sanguine Primrose reported.

"Quan Zhen Sect?" Sanguine Warflag frowned. "Those clowns really aren't easy to deal with… However if they really don't put anyone else in their eyes then maybe it's time for someone to teach then a lesson!"

"But the one called Iron Bull can be considered to have some relationship with me. The two uncommon skill books we acquired were gifted to us by him." Sanguine Primrose said.

After being silent for a moment Sanguine Warflag said: "How about this then. You go and arrange a meeting with him and I'll bring Heaven's Bird as well. If he apologises and his attitude is decent then that'll be the end of this matter. However if he insists on choosing the hard way out then I'm interested to see how powerful the number 1 expert truly is!"

"Yes boss!"

Closing the chat Sanguine Primrose sent a message to Wang Yu again "Great God Iron Bull are you there?"

"Have you found someone big enough to handle this?" Wang Yu asked.

"Yes. Our boss wants to meet you at the Twilight City Inn." Sanguine Primrose said.

"Ok." Wang Yu gave a short reply and left the chat.

To Wang Yu, this matter wasn't actually that big. He just killed one man! This guild really was making a mountain out of a molehill.

If the others from the Quan Zhen Sect hadn't sent him a message saying that they were drinking at the inn Wang Yu wouldn't have bothered meeting this Sanguine Warflag. He could have been spending this time killing a boss anyway.

"Brother Yu what's the matter? Is our guild leader finding trouble with you?" Seeing Wang Yu just standing around blankly, Li Xue and the rest knew that he was messaging someone.

"If the guild leader finds trouble with Mr Landlord because of that piece of trash then I won't stay in this worthless guild anymore!" Mary raged.

"Yea! Me too!" Xiao Yi and Meng Meng agreed. " Our gold farming group isn't a core part of this guild anyway. We can survive wherever we go! There's no need to study under this kind of toxic guild!"

"Yes! Well said!" Li Xue nodded as well.

"Don't worry so much! Your boss just invited me for a few drink. It's nothing much." Wang Yu casually laughed.

"We'll go too!" Mary said uneasily.

Looking at how unsettled they were Wang Yu could only helplessly nod.

In this area that was filled with level 15 monsters, the four girls strengths were very limited. Since they wanted to leave then they might as well just leave.

After leaving the Secret Jungle, the five of them headed towards the Twilight City Inn.

The Inn was already surrounded with a large group of people with soaring killing intent. They all wore the same blood red emblem and were clearly from the same guild.

"Just wait outside for me. I'll go in alone!" Wang Yu said to the girls after he saw the display outside the inn.

"Will you be alright?" The four asked.

"What's there to be scared of? It's just a game anyway so it'll just be a new experience!" Wang Yu chucked.


Mary was just about to say something when Li Xue stopped her and said: "Then we'll wait for you outside. We don't want to become burdens to brother yu."

"Yes exactly!" The other three nodded in unison.

After giving them instructions Wang Yu walked into the inn alone.

The inn wasn't actually very large and only had one large hall. Furthermore, due to the Sanguine Alliance's blockade outside there were only two tables that were occupied.

The most eye-catching people were the members of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Even though the Sanguine Alliance had such a large blockade outside the inn, not only were these bastards unfazed by the display of might, they were even arrogantly sitting at the most prominent table and making a scene.

When they saw Wang Yu enter then immediately called out to him: "Brother Bull you're finally here! We've been waiting for you for damn long!"

"Then just wait a little while more. I have done stuff to settle" Wang Yu chuckled.

As he spoke, Wang Yu casually made has way to the other table.

When they saw him walking towards the table of the Sanguine Alliance, they immediately started discussing it in the guild chat. "Did Iron Bull get into a fight with the Sanguine Alliance?"

"Looking at the situation I think so… @Iron Bull tell us what happened man!" Fearless said.

"I killed Heaven's Bird." Wang Yu replied in a very matter of fact way.

"Haha! Truly our Iron Bull! You even dare to kill Sanguine Warflag's younger brother!" They excitedly gasped.

"This poor cleric, many dark clouds were around Sanguine Warflag just now. I'm afraid he's going to die soon…" Spring Halo muttered and he shook his head.

"Poor guy…" Vainglory sympathetically said.

As they continued chatting, Wang Yu had already reached the other table.

This table also had familiar faces. One was the leader of the Primrose Militia, and the other was Heaven's Bird. The rest of the people there weren't people that Wang Yu had met before. However based on Sanguine Primrose's attitude towards them, they were clearly her higher-ups.

"Great God Iron Bull you've arrived!" Ever since Wang Yu had stepped into the inn, the people of the Sanguine Alliance have been staring at him and the members of the Quan Zhen Sect.

"This is the number 1 expert, Great God Iron Bull!" Seeing Wang Yu walk towards their table Sanguine Primrose hurriedly stood up and introduced him.

Aside from Heaven's Bird, the rest of the players at the tables glanced at Wang Yu very dismissively said: "It's an honour."

Looking at their mannerisms, it was obvious that they didn't even put this Pugilist in their eyes.

Sanguine Primrose then pointed at another man and said: "This is our leader, Sanguine Warflag."

This man looked around 30 years old and his face had a 90% similarity with Heaven's Bird. The main difference was the scar on his forehead.

"Hrm." Wang Yu grunted without much reaction. Respect was something that was mutually given. Since these people didn't respect him the why should he respect them?

Following this Wang Yu stretched out his leg and hooked a chair over to him and casually sat down as if there wasn't anyone around him.

Wang Yu's casual actions immediately caused the faces of the Sanguine Alliance's members to turn incomparably ugly.

Someone next to Sanguine Warflag angrily slammed the take and shouted: "Who the f**k do you think you are? Since when did we let you sit down?"

Wang Yu simply raised an eyebrow and casually said: "If you've got anything to say then say it properly. Look, you've spilt the wine!"

"Motherf**ker…" Just as the man was about the explode again Sanguine Warflag immediately stopped him and said: "Asura you really need to learn how to control your temper. Can't you see that this expert doesn't even have you in his sights?"

When he spoke, Sanguine Warflag's words were filled with mockery and malice.

Wang Yu simply nodded and said: "That's right. I don't put people of this level in my eyes."

Sanguine Warflag was stunned for a moment before continuing: "Truly worthy of the title of top expert! Your vision isn't like us ordinary people!"

"Yup I know!" Wang Yu casually smirked as he grabbed a jar of wine and poured himself a cup.

"Even if you're a top expert you still need to do things reasonably." Sanguine Warflag seemingly ignored Wang Yu's actions and continued talking.

"Of course! That's only natural."

"Well then for the matter regarding my brother shouldn't Great God Iron Bull give us an explanation?"

Wang Yu nonchalantly lifted up the cup, downed it and said: "Ohhhhh that matter huh! Well educating the young is only natural! No need to thank me!"

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