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Chapter 29: Big Trouble

Chapter 29: Big Trouble

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Li Xue was stunned when she saw the name "Iron Bull".

"Iron Bull" was currently the most well known celebrity in REBIRTH.

He was someone who was currently placed first on the leaderboards and his achievement of solo killing two bosses had been announced on the global server. He had entered the limelight when a video of him solo-ing a boss had been posted on the forums.

Even if he was not number one on the leaderboards, merely the video of him fighting the Silver Wolf King by himself was enough for Wang Yu to be recognized as the number one expert in REBIRTH.

Li Xue was just the leader of a gold farming studio, who just so happened to be part of the Primrose Militia, she was a nobody. She couldn't even be compared to "Iron Bull".

"Huh? Why is Great God Iron Bull looking for me? Don't tell me he's a pervert like Heaven's Bird..." Li Xue had assumed that all the men in the world were like Heaven's Bird, a dirty pervert.

But Li Xue still accepted the request anyway, since "Iron Bull" was an expert who was many times greater than Heaven's Bird. Li Xue was a smart girl, she knew that for a girl to survive in the jianghu, trouble would often come around, yet she had to ensure that she didn't offend anyone.

After accepting the request, Li Xue immediately received a message.

"Little Xue, where are you? Where are you? I'm really sorry, I was doing a quest just now so I completely forgot about our agreement!"

"..." This message was like a bolt of lightning, shocking Li Xue to her core.

"You...You're brother yu?" Li Xue couldn't believe her eyes. So the rumored number one expert in REBIRTH had been beside her this whole time! What's more, he was her video game noob of a landlord!

"Then who else would I be? Quickly give me your coordinates, I'll go over immediately!!!"

"Oh, I'm in the Secret Jungle coordinates 3983-8274! Quickly come over, our group is going to leave soon!"

"I'm coming over now!"

Li Xue was still in a state of shock after she closed her notification tab... the sudden shock had made it impossible for her to recover quickly.

"Big sis, what's the matter? Is our naïve little landlord coming over or not?" Mary impatiently asked.

"Mm...he's coming over..."

Even after hearing that Wang Yu was on his way, Mary was a little peeved that Wang Yu had made them wait, and joked: "That idiot, I knew he would drag us down... looks like we'll have to punish him later!"

Li Xue hurriedly said: "You... you better not say such don't know..."

Before Li Xue could finish what she was saying, Heaven's Bird interjected: "What's the matter little Xue? Has your friend arrived or not? Our time is very precious, we can't waste any of it on waiting for an insignificant person!!! But..."

Li Xue blankly stared at him as she replied: "No buts, he's almost here!"

"Hmph!" Heaven's Bird glared at Li Xue as he shouted to the rest: "Ok, get ready everyone, we're moving out!"

"Little Xue! I'm here!"

Just at this moment, a voice could be heard from behind them.

The crowd followed the voice and looked behind them, only to see a large figure running quickly towards their direction.

The huge figure was extremely well built and was wearing tattered clothes.

"Brother Yu! You're finally here!"

Li Xue immediately brought her group over to greet him.

When Heaven's Bird saw Wang Yu, he grew very displeased and scolded Li Xue: "Little Xue, it's not that I'm trying to scold you or anything, but how can you associate with this kind of person? To have a Pugilist, are you even taking your job as a gold farmer seriously?"

The weapons that the player was carrying would allow others to easily differentiate what job they were playing in REBIRTH.

Thieves used daggers, Knights used maces.... Pugilist's were not only rather handsome, but they didn't carry any weapons at all, this made them extremely easy to recognize.

This was the first time that Li Xue's group had met Wang Yu in the game, even so, hearing the demeaning words from Heaven's Bird had enraged all of them.

This was especially so for Li Xue. Wang Yu was someone that belonged to her group, therefore by belittling Wang Yu, this was no different from belittling Li Xue herself.

Wang Yu completely ignored what Heaven's Bird had said about him, turning to the girls and asking: "Mary, what's your character name?"

Mary giggled: "Iris!"

"Not bad! What about little Yi?"

"Lavender!" Little Yi shyly replied.

"What about Meng Meng?" Wang Yu asked.


"Is there such a flower?" Wang Yu suspiciously asked.

"Of course!"

"So which flower is that b*stard over there?" Seeing that Wang Yu had ignored him, Heaven's Bird flew into a rage, stomping his was over to the group.

"I'm talking to you! Did you not hear me? A f*cking Pugilist like you, what right do you have to join our group!" Heaven's Bird fumed.

"Who's this guy?" Wang Yu turned around and shot Heaven's Bird a glance before asking Li Xue.

Mary whispered to Wang Yu: "That's our guild leader! He was really upset that you were late just now!"

"I see!" Wang Yu rubbed his head as he turned around: "I'm really sorry guild leader, I had forgotten my arrangement with Snowy Velvet."

Wang Yu turned back to Li Xue and said: "The next time we encounter such a situation, just log off and shout for me!"

Li Xue nodded her head in agreement: "Mm, got it!"

"Shout for you? You guys live together???!!!"

Words were easy to twist and even easier to misinterpret. Heaven's Bird flew into a rage after listening to Wang Yu's words.

Even though logging off and shouting for someone could mean a lot of things, Heaven's Bird had misunderstood what Wang Yu had said and assumed that Li Xue had an intimate relationship with him!

"That's right, we live together!" Wang Yu very casually replied.


Wang Yu's answer had seriously enraged Heaven's Bird, who raised his fist and swung it at Li Xue.

"I was so magnanimous! I even used my connections to allow a second rate gold farming studio like you guys join a good guild like Primrose Militia, yet you dare to live with another man!!!" Heaven's Bird rabidly roared.

This strike was so sudden that it scared the girls witless, they couldn't even react to it.

Li Xue was even more terrified; tightly shutting her eyes and bracing herself for the impact.

The other members of the Primrose Militia were equally shocked by this scene, they began gathering around to see exactly what was going on.

"This Snowy Velvet is really shameless, even though Heaven's Bird really likes her… This is the first time I've ever seen him get so mad!"

"That's right, she's really done for this time. After angering brother Heaven's Bird so badly, not only is she going to get hit, she's going to lose her job as well!"

Even though Heaven's Bird was known to commit a lot of bad deeds, striking a girl was something that he hadn't done before!

Seeing that Li Xue wasn't even defending herself, everyone else could know watch as Heaven's Bird struck her.

However, Heaven's Bird never managed to hit Li Xue. A large hand had firmly grabbed onto his hand mid flight.

The owner of the large hand was Wang Yu. As he turned around to face him, Heaven's Bird could feel the killing intent emanating from Wang Yu.

"Hey, if you have any issues you should talk it out properly! You must never hit a girl!" Wang Yu coldly warned.

"Who the f*ck do you think you are? How dare you reprimand me!" As he spoke, Heaven's Bird raised the shield in his hand and swung it towards Wang Yu's head.

Wang Yu caught Heaven's Bird by the wrist and decisively kicked him in the thigh, causing Heaven's Bird to lose control of himself as he tumbled to the ground.

"You little shit, I told you not to hit girls so you decided to attack me instead? You're looking for death!!!" Wang Yu glared at Heaven's Bird as he shouted.


The chatter from the crowd instantly died down when they saw what had happened.

The members of the Primrose Militia stared blankly at the scene before them, no one dared to believe what they had just seen.

The reason that the Primrose Militia was able to gain so many members was not only because Heaven's Bird was handsome, but also because he was strong. His strength was recognized by every member of the guild.

What female players looked for was a strong player that could protect them. If you thought about it, would any random player be able to protect so many girls? The answer was no!

But even an expert like Heaven's Bird had been knocked down in a single move!!!

Heaven's Bird was furious that he had been embarrassed in front of the entire group of girls. He stood up without uttering a single word and waved his weapon as he charged towards Wang Yu, this time activating his skill [Charge].

This skill was no different from the [Charge] that Knights were able to use, and it could even stun the target!

Heaven's Bird had activated his skill, hoping to knock over Wang Yu, embarrassing him in the process.

Wang Yu faintly smiled, twisting his body as he dodged the [Charge] from Heaven's Bird. Grabbing him by the jaw as he pulled him back...

The attack from Wang Yu had caused Heaven's Bird, who was currently moving at a very high speed, to viciously smash onto the ground once again.

Seeing how incorrigible he was, Wang Yu didn't bother to reason with him anymore, raising his foot and stomping down on Heaven's Bird's face.

Heaven's Bird couldn't even let out a scream before he turned into a white ray of light, dropping his shield.

Wang Yu picked up the shield and locked at its attributes. After determining that this item was trash, he turned towards Li Xue and asked: "Do you girls want this?"

Li Xue didn't dare to receive the shield, and asked Wang Yu in a terrified manner: "Brother Yu...why did you kill him?"

"That little shit was incorrigible, so I sent him to the respawn point!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Oh no, you've really made a big blunder this time!" Li Xue was as pale as snow.

Wang Yu indifferently asked: "Why?"

"There's a really strong power standing behind that wastrel! The only reason that we can be in the Primrose Militia is because of him… now that you've beaten him to death, I don't think we can stay in this guild in the future!" Li Xue gloomily replied.

In a game, regardless of how strong an individual was, there was still a limit to their strength. Even if they were cashers.

That's why people joined guilds!

Heaven's Birds older brother was a player called Sanguine Warflag! He was the guild leader of one of the top ten guilds in this game, Sanguine Alliance.

The Primrose Militia depended on this relationship that Heaven's Bird had in order to establish themselves in REBIRTH.

But because of this, the Primrose Militia didn't have a very good reputation. Many players were calling them the Sanguine Support Group.

If it had just been Heaven's Bird alone, the fame of "Great God Iron Bull" would have been enough to absolve him of any responsibilities, but this situation wasn't so simple.

Not only had Wang Yu beaten Heaven's Bird to death, he had even stolen his equipment, gravely offending him... Not only were the jobs of Li Xue and her friend's at stake, they might even be hunted down by Sanguine Warflag!

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