MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 969 - Tactics

Chapter 969: Tactics

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Upon hearing the words typed in the chat, the two looked at each other in shock and immediately stopped quarreling.

This seller had a no-nonsense demeanor. He seemed like he had no lack of customers so he did not have to treat any of his customers particularly well.

That being said, he provided a much needed service. Knowing that the cost of finding the location of a player through an NPC was too high, and guilds did not have sufficient manpower for that role, he stepped in to fill this need.

Of course, checking the coordinates of a player was not free…

The cost of each inquiry was one hundred gold. Although one hundred gold was not much to the bigger guilds, the coordinates from each inquiry would lose its accuracy after a short period of time.

April Jade urged, “You can share your thoughts after this whole matter is concluded. Whoever finds them first can kill them!”

Second-order Hall and Wheeling Panda stopped their argument with her and the two led their team towards the coordinates given.

At this moment, the Quan Zhen Sect members were shadowing the Team Red Flame players, one at the front and the other at the back to attract their pursuers.

The players from Team Red Flame were acting like it was their first time playing the game. This was especially so for Mo Xiaobei, her curiosity was clearly piqued at the whole situation.

Along the way, Fearless cursed towards himself at his initial decision to partner with a guy player instead.

“Big sister, you can ask me questions but can you refrain from turning back and looking in my direction? Don’t you know this will expose my position?” Fearless was exasperated at Mo Xiaobei’s constant questions.

Mo Xiaobei replied impatiently, “I know, I know, can you stop repeating yourself. Don’t you know you are very naggy?”

Fearless was speechless, it turned out that this woman could be so annoying.

“Hey, can I ask a question? Are you guys usually so arrogant?” Mo Xiaobei inquired.

Fearless scoffed, “This is called tactics!”

“Tsk, using tactics in-game, how interesting.” Mo Xiaobei laughed in self-amusement.

Fearless quickly tried to change the subject, “There is a flower shop over in that corner!”

“Why, do you want to buy me flowers? I am not so easy to please…”

Mo Xiaobei did not expect Fearless to have such a romantic side to him after witnessing his brash ways. He was still thinking of buying flowers for her in such a precarious situation.

“No!” Fearless cried out. “In the flower shop, there are two Archers and two Magicians waiting to ambush us! I can only cover one street.”

“Shit!” Mo Xiaobei turned as she pointed her middle finger towards the direction Fearless pointed.

At this juncture, Fearless abruptly said, “Careful, the snake is out of the hole!”

“Where is it?” Mo Xiaobei was taken aback at the new developments and frantically looked around.

Mo Xiaobei was still quite lacking in experience in the use of tactics compared to the members from Quan Zhen Sect or even the elites from Sanguine Alliance.

Fearless quickly continued, “Don’t look around, pretend like you don’t know anything and move in the direction of nine o’clock!”

“Oh…” Mo Xiaobei answered his command with a single word and she carefully moved according to the instructions. A rotund Shield Warrior appeared in the sights of Mo Xiaobei and he turned out to be Wheeling Panda.

Wheeling Panda stared at Mo Xiaobei’s chest region and muttered to himself, “Eh? This doesn’t seem to be right. The coordinates clearly indicate this to be the place. However, this lass doesn’t seem to belong to Quan Zhen Sect.”

“F*ck him. That lecherous fat bast*rd!” Mo Xiaobei saw Wheeling Panda’s lustful gaze and her face turned dark with fury.

Fearless said, “Don’t engage, go on ahead.”

“What about you?” Mo Xiaobei asked.

“On the roof!” Fearless quickly added, “Don’t look in this direction!”

Mo Xiaobei looked forward helplessly as she trudged on with her face red with embarrassment.

Wheeling Panda and the others did not find any trouble with her as they were focussed on their mission at hand. They did not want to create additional troubles for themselves and they left Mo Xiaobei alone.

At this moment, Fearless quickly instructed, “Turn your body to the left by forty-five degrees and kill him using [Crushing Blow], don’t bother looking.”


Mo Xiaobei was still very trusting of Fearless and she followed his instructions perfectly.

The Archer had already heightened his senses when Mo Xiaobei was in range. However, Mo Xiaobei turned back and suddenly launched a sneak attack while the archer was in a vulnerable position.

[Crushing Blow]!

[Sweeping Hall Kick]!

[Heavenly Tyrant Fist Dance]!

The Archer had a low HP to start with and before he could even react, he died to the sneak attack tragically.

Hearing the sudden scream, Wheeling Panda and others hurriedly turned behind to assess the situation but all they saw was the dissipating white light.

“That lass belongs to the Quan Zhen Sect, catch her!” Wheeling Panda gave the order and the rest shot forward in pursuit.

Fearless gave Mo Xiaobei further instructions, “Turn right by thirty degrees. There is a Magician at a range of twelve hundred away. Rush forward and kill him.”

“F*ck, he can throw magic skills at me at such a distance!” Mo Xiaobei spat angrily on the floor as she heard her new instructions. However, to her surprise, the Magician did not even throw a single one at her when she finally approached him.

Mo Xiaobei looked at the target and saw that he was silenced long ago.

Mo Xiaobei smashed at him viciously and sent him to the resurrection point. Not before long, Wheeling Panda and his team caught up to Mo Xiaobei and they raised their weapons to assault her.

“F*ck, you dare to resist?”

Just when Mo Xiaobei was about to die, a white light descended from the sky and blocked out all the attacks from Wheeling Panda’s team.

Mo Xiaobei received the message from Fearless, “Run now, they can’t catch you!”


Mo Xiaobei was speechless as she tumbled over to the sight. She picked herself up and took flight…

The remaining players in Wheeling Panda’s team were either Warriors or Knights. How could they hope to catch up with a Pugilist.

Mo Xiaobei figure flashed forward a few times and she lost her pursuers in a corner.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! This is a huge loss!”

Wheeling Panda voiced out the thought that everyone was thinking at the moment…

Ten against one yet they did not manage to catch their target at all. They even lost two players in the process. This was indeed a shameful loss.

A younger brother kindly interjected, “Boss, we have to be thankful that we only met this female Pugilist, if we were to meet the male one…”

The color drained from the players’ faces instantly as he beckoned over, “Stop, shut your mouth!”

Appearing on the other side of the street, Mo Xiaobei managed to escape from her pursuers and she was buzzing with excitement. Her current emotions were indescribable in words.

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