MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 970 - You Have To Believe Brother

Chapter 970: You Have To Believe Brother

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Playing well in PVP required good mechanics.

If the equipment was kept the same on both sides, winning against another player implied that you possessed a decent level of skill. However, winning two versus one was indicative that you were an expert player.

Wheeling Panda’s team were experts from a big guild, therefore, their equipment were definitely much better than Mo Xiaobei.

Mo Xiaobei and Fearless could barely be counted as two players since Fearless was constantly hiding in the shadows while the other party had almost ten players… There seemed to be an overwhelming numbers advantage for one side.

Under such stifling conditions, Mo Xiaobei never thought she still had any chance of victory. Yet, she was proven wrong under Fearless’s leadership. She even managed to kill two players under the watchful eyes of the ten-man team.

This was the true prowess of top experts…

Mo Xiaobei could not believe what she herself had accomplished.

“This is exciting…” Mo Xiaobei’s flurry of emotions was completely seen by Fearless who was still hidden on the rooftop.

“En!” Mo Xiaobei nodded.

To be frank, Mo Xiaobei had her fair share of PK but this was the first time she felt that she was an expert.

“This is called tactics!” Fearless declared meaningfully.

“Well, let’s kill the next wave.” Mo Xiaobei clenched her fist.

Oh, clearly this girl had not had enough fun yet.

Fearless wiped off the sweat off his brows as he said, “Wait a while, wait a while more…”

At this juncture, in a remote corner in Thorn City, Spring Halo and Bai Yutang coincidentally met a group of players that belonged to Second-order Hall’s team.

Second-order Hall was terribly afraid of seeing Wang Yu. Although they were the ambushers, they approached their mission with fear and trepidation creeping in their hearts.

Spring Halo was indeed Fearless’ good buddy. He also stayed hidden in the rooftops of houses.

Spring Halo had a clear view of the battlefield from his location. He quickly identified the other party before they were even near them.

He shot a quick reminder, “Little Bai, be alert, they are coming!”

“Please call me Divine Thief!” Bai Yutang was not too satisfied at how Spring Halo addressed him.

“Sure, Little Bai!” Spring Halo replied.


Bai Yutang was sweating profusely as he said, “Is it time for me to go into stealth?”

Spring Halo waved his suggestion away, “What for… Just engage the enemy head-on!”

As he heard his commands, Bai Yutang frantically objected, “F*ck! How do you want to fight against ten players? Brother Spring Halo, although you don’t like me, you can’t possibly send me to my death.”

Bai Yutang was an Assassin after all; they operated best from the shadows. Facing them head-on was no different from sending oneself to death.

Spring Halo stared back at him, “I am a refined and cultured man, how could I do such a thing to you!”

“I don’t dare…”

Bai Yutang was still extremely apprehensive.

Upon seeing that this lad was so lacking in boldness, Spring Halo could only resort to bringing up the matter, “Little Bai, did you forget about the fragment that I gave you just now?”

“The fragment is another matter. You clearly told me I was going to be bait, not sending me to my death…” Bai Yutang retorted.

Spring Halo softened his tone and coaxed, “I have always seen you as a brother, why would I do anything to harm you?”

“Even brothers can betray brothers…” Bai Yutang was truly stubborn.

Spring Halo was losing his patience and threw him an offer he could not resist, “If you are killed, I will compensate you with an Assassin’s cape. What do you think?”

“Seriously?” The players in the game were pragmatic.

When Bai Yutang heard about the complete cape, his eyes lit up.

Bai Yutang knew how rare the fragments were from these events. As for the cape, Bai Yutang didn’t even dare to think about it.

“I will not go against my word, but you also cannot send yourself to death…” Spring Halo added a few more conditions just in case.

If he was dealing with any members from the Quan Zhen Sect, they would have definitely sent themselves to death voluntarily to obtain the cloak. Spring Halo was already experienced in dealing with such treacherous and deceitful people.

Bai Yutang valiantly declared, “Brother Spring Halo, don’t worry, this Divine Thief is not such a person. If I don’t follow your instructions exactly and get myself killed, I only have myself to blame!”

“What a good brother!” Spring Halo wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought to himself, “If this were Ming Du, it would not be so easy to motivate him.”

“I really am upright and righteous!”

Spring Halo involuntarily complimented his own quick thinking.

At this moment, Bai Yutang stepped forward as he went up to greet Second-order Hall and his team.

“Quan Zhen Sect!!” Seeing Bai Yutang walking towards him, Second-order Hall was taken aback. He quickly went into a battle posture.

Looking at the well-built and mighty players in front of him, Bai Yutang broke into a cold sweat, “Brother… I am scared…”

Spring Halo simply replied, “Don’t be afraid. Go forward ten steps and turn around and execute [Backstab]!”

“Ten steps….” Bai Yutang was holding on solely on by the thought of obtaining the Assassin’s cape as he trudged on.

Ten steps was not much distance and he just passed Second-order Hall by…

Second-order Hall had already ascertained that the badge on Bai Yutang was not the Quan Zhen Sect’s YinYang Fish so he did not make a move on him.


Bai Yutang swallowed his saliva and immediately executed [Backstab] upon reaching the tenth step.

At this instance, Bai Yutang received another set of instructions, “Turn around and use [Haste] for three seconds before going into stealth!”

Bai Yutang did not even spare another moment to hesitate as he turned back and ran.


Second-order Hall was taken aback by the sudden attack as he brandished his broadsword to unleash [Tornado Slash] on the disappearing figure of Bai Yutang.

However, Bai Yutang was already long gone from the effective range of his attack since he had used [Haste].

Second-order Hall didn’t aim at the target as he turned to attack Bai Yutang. After three seconds of [Haste], Bai Yutang’s speed decreased and Second-order Hall finished executing his [Tornado Slash]. Shortly after, Bai Yutang disappeared out of sight.

“Not good! The Assassin is in stealth! Everyone watch your backs!”

Second-order Hall gawked at the disappearance of Bai Yutang as he quickly rejoined his team into formation with their backs against each other.

Since they had no ranged players, this position was their best defensive formation at this point in time.

“They are on alert… What do we do?” Bai Yutang inquired in a distraught manner as the fight did not pan out as he expected. They did not rush to attack him one on one.

“Hehe!” Spring Halo flashed a crafty smile, “This is exactly where I want them to be!”

Just as his voice fell, a black circle appeared underneath the feet of Second-order Hall and the others and a [Dark Barrier] rose to restrict them to the ground.


As they were trapped in the barrier, a mass of wispy gas was scattered around. Second-order Hall and his comrades turned green.

<System Notification: You are poisoned, movement speed dropped by 40%, HP dropping 1% per second.>

Before Second-order Hall could regain his senses, there was a blinding white light outside the [Dark Barrier] and six monstrous demons appeared before them.

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