MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 971 - : Your Scheme Has Been “Seen Through”

Chapter 971: Your Scheme Has Been “Seen Through”

With the help of the Book of Seals, these six demons were trained by Spring Halo to level 40 so they were even bigger than before and looked fiercer than before. Just by standing there, they were already scary.

“What is this?”

Seeing the demons which were summoned Spring Halo, Second Order Hall and his players already looked afraid but now, they looked even more in fear. They had never seen anything as out of the world as summoning six BOSS from nowhere.

Great God Iron Bull once said that all bad guys fall into the trap of speaking too much. Although Spring Halo was the good one, he remembered what his predecessor said so he was not going to waste time with Second Order Hall.

Upon order, the six demons roared, locked onto their targets and began attacking Second Order Hall and the rest.

These demons’ attack attributes were not as good as attack-style players but no one could handle them in a bunch. In addition, as a hated Shaman, Spring Halo threw some control poison behind them such that Second Order Hall and his players nowhere to go, losing both defence and HP…

In just one minute, the dozen of players in the short distance team, Second Order Hall and the rest, were turned into rays of white light by Spring Halo.

Bai Yutang, who was in [Stealth] not too far away, did not receive Spring Halo’s order and so he decided to stand aside and watch…

Bai Yutang watched in shock at how Second Order Hall and his players were killed by Spring Halo.

“Bro, Brother Spring… Damn, you wiped them out alone?” Bai Yutang rubbed his eyes in disbelief and said while pointing at where Second Order Hall was.

“Sigh, what a sin… 10 PK values…” Spring Halo sighed and put on a necklace to conceal his identity.

Spring Halo then turned and smiled at Bai Yutang, “I’m sorry, brother, your cape is gone…”

“It, it’s ok…” Bai Yutang waved his hand in dismissal as he was not bothered by the cape. He was busy staying in awe by Spring Halo.

In Bai Yutang’s memory, although Quan Zhen Sect was strong, other than Wang Yu who was ridiculously able, the rest were average players. Compared to Team Red Flame, they were still lacking.

However, after seeing what happened today… Bai Yutang’s previous opinion completely changed. Damn, Spring Halo was just a Shaman who looked like he had not much battle will and yet he had the ability to wipe out a team… Those with combat jobs would have even more unbelievable abilities…

However, it was not wrong as Spring Halo could easily escape an ambush and that showed that his abilities were beyond normal so it was logical that he could defeat a team of players when being ambushed.

The most puzzled one now was definitely Second Order Hall. They had been wiped out once by Wang Yu for no obvious reason and before they had fully recovered, once they stepped out, they were tortured by Spring Halo. Second Order Hall and his players were on an emotional rollercoaster.

“Leader, forget it. Our abilities aren’t up to par, let’s give up this cape…”

Second Order Hall’s subordinate began to question his own life after being beaten up. They were the kings in their main city and yet, in the first time they travelled so far for business, they were wiped out twice continuously… No matter who they were, they would question their own abilities.

After Second Order Hall gave it some thought, he felt even more pitiful.

They definitely could not win in a fight. Without mentioning the actions of that odd Pugilist, even their Shaman could take on ten people alone. If they continued staying there, they would be just embarrassing themselves. At this thought, Second Order Hall did not hesitate to click the leave button!

“Hmm? Second Order is leaving just like that?” Seeing how Second Order Hall suddenly left, everyone was in shock and began discussing the situation.

April Jade coldly said, “Hmph! That imbecile must have gotten cold feet! I have said that these guys are not reliable, they have to be taken on one by one.”


Although Second Order Hall had left, the other guilds’ teams were still there. After hearing what April Jade said, they forced a few coughs. Shady Glow said helplessly, “There is no way. The main city was in the way. How could they split the guild’s team? Don’t you know how scheming Quan Zhen Sect is?”

“That’s right… This was my fifth time refreshing their location but I still can’t find them…”

Someone agreed from the side.

“Rubbish!” April Jade was about to rebut him but she suddenly saw someone right in front of her.

That person looked very burly and stood majestically at the entrance of the street with his arms folded, as though he was waiting for someone. On his chest, there was a Yinyang Fish with flowing rays of light which attracted April Jade’s gaze.

Seeing that, April Jade pointed at that Pugilist then yelled at her subordinate, “Go, it’s Quan Zhen Sect’s player! Don’t let him escape!”

“Where, where?” Shady Glow and the rest heard her then quickly turned to look in the direction April Jade was pointing in. Indeed, they saw a Pugilist standing there looking at them.

Shady Glow and the rest were in disbelief as that Pugilist did not run upon seeing them. Instead, he hooked his finger, demonstrating for them to go over.

There were not many players in the game with such guts and nerve so without even saying, everyone knew that this person was Wang Yu.

Shady Glow and the rest were also who Wang Yu was waiting for.

It was common sense as to why only Wang Yu was there and Rolling Mario was not in sight. Based on Wang Yu’s abilities, he did not need a bait. At that moment, Rolling Mario was happily looking for miscellaneous quests.

“F*ck you, he dares to challenge us! This dude is wildly arrogant.”

Seeing how Wang Yu did such an action towards so many people, April Jade’s anger rose sky-high. She rolled her sleeves then lifted her double-handed sword to charge towards Wang Yu, executing a [Mountain and Earth Shattering Strike].

Shady Glow hastily stopped April Jade and said, “Jade, don’t be rash. This lad is so fearless, something must be up. It is best we use long-distance jobs to weaken him first and send Assassins over quietly.”


Although April Jade’s temper was bad, she was not stupid. After hearing what Shady Glow said, she calmed down.

Indeed, when a usual player saw so many opponents, he would run in an instance and not take the initiative to challenge them so something was definitely up.

At this thought, April Jade was just about to send an order based on Shady Glow’s tactic but the oddest thing happened – the Pugilist saw that no one went over so he dashed forward.

“This… This was the ambush you suggested?” April Jade looked at Shady Glow with despise.

“F*ck! What does this guy want?”

At that moment, Shady Glow was also confused over Wang Yu’s actions.

If he fearlessly hooked his finger to challenge them for them to fall into an ambush, then why did he dashed forward? Could he have a huge team of Assassins behind him in [Stealth]?

“Hmph, how scheming is this lad. Luckily I have my wits! Archers and Magicians, attack!”

Shady Glow snickered as he thought he saw through Wang Yu’s plan then quickly ordered his subordinates to attack.

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