MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 10: Rogue Clan

Chapter 10: Rogue Clan

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Zhang Yang had 2 upgradable skills now but the performance of a maximized <Force Strike> skill was low with only a 50% chance of triggering an additional attack. Without much hesitation, he added a valuable Skill Point on the divine <Block> skill.

[Block] (Level 2): Raise your shield, blocking one frontal attack from the enemy for 1 second. After a successful block, it will cause 100% damage to the enemy, generating a huge amount of aggro. Builds some Rage. Cooldown time: 9 seconds. Requirement: Shield.

The reduction in cooldown time of the skill <Block> had not only increased the attack immunity but more importantly, had also increased the usage frequency of <Shield Bash>. This was of utmost importance to Zhang Yang.

All the substantial quests in Beginner Village had already been completed. The next objective would be to level up to Level 10 and then proceed onwards to the Capital!

Zhang Yang had no other option now but to solely depend on grinding through monster killing. He had come to the Scorched Valley where there were the fewest players, intending to grind here until he reached Level 10. With <Horizontal Sweep>, his current grinding ability had risen to a whole different level, making it harder for other players to catch up!

Before entering the valley, Zhang Yang was surprised to see that there were now more than 10 players at the mouth of the valley. All of them did not hide their names and shared the same name tags of ‘So-and-So, Rogue Clan’ above their heads, most of them appearing to be Level 5 – 6 players.

“Rogue Clan!” Zhang Yang could not help but grit his teeth.

Rogue Clan was a guild. There were Guild Master Rogue Bunny, Vice Guild Master Bunny Bro Two, and following their seniority ranks, it would be Bunny Bro Three and Bunny Bro Four… In short they were all bunny brothers! This guild was very popular in Zhang Yang’s previous life but it was not because their guild was strong, it was because everyone in this guild was a hooligan!

Guild Master Rogue Bunny was said to be a gangster too in real life. The people in his guild were originally his gang members and were regularly involved in organized crime such as cheating, abducting and bullying. This rogue guild had never changed its objective even upon entering the game. As long as it was beneficial to them, they were willing to do anything, making up whatever scoundrels tricks they could think of along the way!

When the guild Clear Water was going against Liu Wei’s guild, Myth, Liu Wei had hired Rogue Clan to bash members of Clear Water. Those rogues had spammed deliberate messages of insults and slanders in the Capital every day, using words which were extremely derogatory and vile that would even disgust one to nausea!

Rogue Bunny had even personally led dozens of men and stationed themselves at the entrance of the Clear Water Guild. Whenever a female player came out, they would take off their pants, slap their asses and talk dirty, an absolute demonstration of the absence of their ethics!

The frustrating part was that the Clear Water Guild was not powerful enough, and thus could only set up their base in the Capital’s zone instead of freely picking their own base outside. This was primarily because PK among players was restricted in the Capital.

Unable to do anything, Zhang Yang and the others could only watch these scoundrels behave the way they were! During that time, the situation had caused hundreds of female players to not go online for days, indirectly affecting the morale of male players.

Zhang Yang had hated these guys for a while now. Just as he wanted to draw his sword and PK, he aborted this idea reluctantly.

--Beginner Village was also protected by the system; players were unable to engage one another in a PK.

“Rogue Clan is camping this field. Other players leave the field immediately or we will kill you back to Level 0!” a player with the name Bunny Bro Nine spoke arrogantly when he saw Zhang Yang walking towards them.

Ah the arrogance! With just a few Level 5 or 6 players, they had wanted to take over the entire field!

“Boss, there is really a boss inside! I think it’s called Firebender Barr, a Black-Steel Boss! But there is a player fighting it now!” a Thief player appeared suddenly from <Sneak> mode and said excitedly.

“Boss is indeed Boss, knowing there is a boss inside even before entering, awesome!” one of his subordinate pandered.

“Haha!” Rogue Bunny laughed, all conceited and superior, “Let us have this boss killed and have the system issue an announcement! By then, the Rogue Clan will be renowned across the world. We can then recruit thousands of brothers and become rich!”

“As expected of Boss, brilliant, valiant and prophetic! You made us all sell our things to buy these gaming helmets and play the game as a group. No one but Boss would have been so bold!” another man sang his praise.

“However, Boss, I’ve heard that the server only makes announcements for being the first to kill a Black-Steel Boss…” one of his men stated.

“Nonsense! You dare doubt Boss’ words, was your head kicked by a donkey?” Bunny Bro Eight lectured him immediately.

Rogue Bunny threw out a kick and sent that player who objected flying, “If you were so smart, you wouldn’t need me as your boss now, would you?”

“That’s right, Boss is brilliant!”

“Peerless, handsome Boss!”

“Almighty Boss!”

Rogue Bunny shifted his gaze and saw Zhang Yang watching their little show by the side. He then angrily said, “You there, fool, why are you still here? Do you want to be killed back to Level 0?”

These people did not seem to know that the Beginner Village had PK restrictions. An idea came to Zhang Yang’s mind and he grinned, “Kill me back to Level 0? Hehe, come and try, I am insusceptible to damage!”

“Haha, insusceptible to damage, in your dreams!” Bunny Bro Four raised his sword to slash towards Zhang Yang’s head.

Zhang Yang did not move nor evade but welcomed the sword with a smile!


The Beginner Sword cut right through Zhang Yang’s head but it had seemed to be cutting through a shadow. Zhang Yang was completely unaffected.

-- With the protection of ‘System God’, every player was the same.

Bunny Bro Four was incredulous, he waved his sword a few more times but it was the same, the system had nullified the attack.

Rogue Bunny and his gang gasped in shock, their eyes staring wide as saucers.

“Boss! He really is insusceptible to damage!” Bunny Bro Five shouted.

Rogue Bunny immediately replaced his overbearing and arrogant expression with a smile and said, “Friend, I… I am Rogue Bunny, Guild Master of Rogue Clan. Brother, let’s be friends!”

“Get out of my way! I’m gonna go f*ck the boss!” Zhang Yang said with an intentional rough tone.

“Wait, brother, wait!” Rogue Bunny stopped Zhang Yang at once, his face wearing a smile of flattery, “Don’t be so spiteful!”

Zhang Yang sneered and said, “You want in on my indestructible body?”

“Brother, how did you get this indestructible body? Is there any secret?” Rogue Bunny asked in earnest.

Zhang Yang looked as though he was so very contented. He seemed like he wanted to share it with them, yet had to hold himself back, all while looking at Rogue Bunny and smiling.

Rogue Bunny was restless, “Brother, bro, our acquaintance is fate. Don’t be so selfish!”

Zhang Yang put up a mysterious front, carefully peeking around. Rogue Bunny and his followers came nearer and surrounded him, wearing the same expression.

“Actually this secret is very simple. All you need to do is to chant the spell!” Zhang Yang exposed his ‘secret’.

“What spell?” more than 10 people asked simultaneously.

“Wee-Aar-Ol-Stew-Pee!” Zhang Yang lowered his voice and said.


“If you don’t believe it, try it out!” Zhang Yang shrugged.

Rogue Bunny randomly pointed at one of his men and said, “Come, chop me!”

That man eagerly picked up his weapon and wanted to swing it—

“Wait!” Rogue Bunny quickly shouted, “I haven’t chanted the spell!”

He adjusted his expression and chanted loudly: “Wee-Aar-Ol-Stew-Pee!”

“Come on!”

“Here I come!”

That man, too, roared before he gave a chop with his sword.


Rogue Bunny was delighted, he immediately laughed out loud and said, “It really worked! Haha, indestructible body!”

“Boss, now that we have this secret, we can kill any boss we want and wipe out anyone we wish?”

Rogue Bunny waved his arm mightily and said, “Let’s go, follow me and let’s kill the boss!”

“Wait!” Zhang Yang quickly said, “The duration of the spell is very short, so you have to keep chanting. It may also not work if your voice is not loud enough!”

“OK, we got it! You can fuck off!” Rogue Bunny resumed his wretched character, burning the bridge after he had crossed the river. He laughed maniacally and led his men towards the valley.

More than 10 players rampaged without a care and gained the aggro of 7 to 8 Fire Elementals shortly.

These people were fearless. Each of them loudly chanted “Wee-Aar-Ol-Stew-Pee” and started to fight the monsters.

Players of Level 5-6 versus Level 10 monsters. As a result…

Complete annihilation!

Some ten minutes later, these people resurrected and came back running.

“Boss, why is it not working?” Bunny Bro Eight complained.

Rogue Bunny thought about it and said, “Maybe we didn’t chant loud enough? Let’s try it again!”



Again, all of them got completely wiped out.

Another 10 minutes later, the Rogue Clan members ran back after resurrecting.

“Boss, I think we have been fooled! Doesn’t the spell sound like ‘we are all stupid’?” a man voiced his suspicion.

“F*ck you! You are the stupid one!” Rogue Bunny was mad, “Chant it louder, go!”

“We are all stupid!”

They went on in batches.

Zhang Yang watched them for a while in a hidden spot at the mouth of the valley, laughing until his belly ached. He waved his Beginner Sword and began his grinding journey.

The first time he had came here to collect Refined Fire Essences, he was alone. So before he could even enter one-tenth of the valley, monsters had already spawned behind him. Therefore he did not have to continue moving inwards.

Recalling that the members of Rogue Clan had said that there was a boss in the valley, Zhang Yang got excited and made his way in as he grinded.

As he reached the middle of the valley, Zhang Yang came across a sacrificial altar that took up a lot of space. Complicated magic circles were engraved in the middle of the altar, with white rays flowing out of it.

In the center of the sacrificial altar, a crimson-colored Fire Elemental was fighting an elf girl cladded in a snow-white sorcerer’s robe. The other Fire Elementals were far away from the altar.

The Fire Elemental currently engaged in the battle was significantly bigger than the other ordinary Fire Elementals. Its color was also much deeper. Each attack delivered by the Fire Elemental carried a dazzling fire glow. That elf girl was obviously in a disadvantageous position. She kept dodging but was still cornered and attacked. Her HP bar reaching an alarming level!

[Firebender Barr] (Black-Steel Boss)

Level: 10

HP: 2286/5000

[Calina] (Normal)

Level: 10

HP: 537/2000

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