MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 11: Main Story Quest

Chapter 11: Main Story Quest

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Rogue Clan, those bloody idiots!

Zhang Yang could not help but curse. This was not some PvE fight, it was obviously two NPCs fighting against each other.

“Young warrior, please help me!” The elf girl Calina cried for help when she had noticed Zhang Yang’s presence.

“Thou shan't believe this devil, mortal!” Firebender Barr commanded with a low voice. “Leave! I command thee!”

Zhang Yang unsheathed his Beginner Sword and used <Charge> towards his target – Firebender Barr!

The reason was as plain as daylight: Calina’s name was green, belonging to the ‘Friendly’ category that could not be attacked. On the other hand, Firebender Barr had a red name, a confirmed monster! There were no choices in this matter!


After stunning Barr, Zhang Yang swung his sword and began a series of attack against it.

Firebender Barr recovered from the stun and furiously roared, “Foolish mortal! Thou shall pay for thy actions!” Barr made a fierce turn and gave up his attack on Calina, instead starting his attack on Zhang Yang.

He must have triggered a quest in the game’s storyline. Otherwise Barr would not have simply changed his course from Calina who had dealt more damage, to him who had only just begun attacking . This obviously did not match the aggro value!

Zhang Yang knew it was the system’s settings that had allowed only attacks towards Barr and so, there was no other way around!

While evading and counterattacking, he thought to himself, “Calina, this name seems very familiar. Where have I heard of it?”

This elf NPC must have a back story. It is impossible for an average Level 10 NPC to possess 2,000 HP and manage to deal almost 3,000 damage against a boss while only losing less than 1,500 HP herself. Her attacks must have been stronger than the boss!

Even as Zhang Yang pondered, his actions showed no signs of slowing down as he continued to deal damage to Firebender Barr.

“Mortal! That’s enough! Stand down now and I shall forgive thy insolence!”

Combined attacks from Zhang Yang and Calina had managed to bring down Barr’s HP to a mere 10%.

“There is no other way, the plot requires your death and there’s nothing I can do about it!” Zhang Yang murmured as he continued dishing out attacks.

“Damn you, mortal! Curse you! You’ve released a demon. The blood of the innocent will be in your hands!” Barr cried as it turned into a lump of ash amidst the white light. Yet, its voice echoed in the air, “Calina, the God of the Fire shall incinerate your soul!”

“Hahaha!” Calina let out a pleased and relieved laughter, “It’s been 3,000 years! 3,000 years! I, Calina, am finally free from this damned seal!”

Clumps of black fog emerged from all corners as Calina absorbed them into her body. The once delicate face of a young girl morphed into a ferocious one filled with evil aura.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The sound of snapping chains rang around him, yet Zhang Yang did not see anything but the slowly widening grin on Calina’s face. Her eyes that had radiated with white rays gradually darkened and sank into an abyss.


With a loud and devastating explosion, the entire sacrificial altar came crashing down. As the dust settled, Calina emerged completely different. A pair of black, bat-like wings stemmed from her back. Each wing had the length of 5 men, flapping to allow her to glide freely in the air!


The white sorcerer’s robe that she had been wearing began to tear itself apart, replacing itself with a half-cupped chest plate, exposing most of her breasts. Her lower half was an unbelievably short metallic skirt. Hanging on her back was a Dragon’s Bone Longbow taller than her!

The bright and lively elf girl had morphed into a devilish and sexy fallen angel in an instant!

These game designers… such fetish!

Witnessing Calina’s current appearance, Zhang Yang remembered a name. He then checked the name above her head and noticed that it had changed as well.

[Demon Lord, Calina the Fallen Wind Ranger] (God Class Boss)

Level: ???

HP: ???

A God Class Boss! The highest-ranked monster in the game!

It was her!

The background setting of ‘God’s Miracle’ was the invasion of demons and spectres with each race uniting to protect their homeland! The highest-ranked demons were the Demon Lords. There was a total of 9 generals and Calina was ranked 7th on the list!

According to the official introduction page, Calina was originally an elf hero, bearing the name ‘Wind Ranger’. In one of her battles, she was betrayed by an allied force and became filled with wrath, the Wind Ranger was lured into the dark force by the Demon King, thus falling from grace and turning into a Demon Lord.

After she had turned into a Demon Lord, she had went up against her previous brethren and war comrades, killing them mercilessly. She was eventually sealed away by the God of Fire.

Zhang Yang could only laugh. Amidst his bemusement, he had actually released a God Class Boss! This damned game company, they actually placed such a powerful boss in the Beginner Village! Were they not scared that this would escalate into a bloody mess?

With the ability of a God Class Boss, if it had unleashed just one special skill, the entire Beginner Village could have been completely annihilated!

“Puny mortal, you’ve helped me escape. Should I just kill you to thank you?” Calina flapped her wings, gliding in the air as she looked at Zhang Yang like she was looking at an ant.

“Or perhaps I should just let you suffer in regret and misery your whole life, that may be a better reward! Farewell, mortal! Enjoy your last moments in life for I, Calina, shall completely destroy this world!” Calina seemed to be thinking about something as she flapped her wings promptly and flew high into the sky, disappearing in an instant.

Hu, for the sake of the storyline, he had actually spent half a day and ended up empty-handed. Zhang Yang let out a sigh of disappointment.

“Ah, you imbecile! What have you done?!” a small, red-bearded dwarf who had sprung up out of nowhere grabbed Zhang Yang by his collar and bellowed, spraying his spittle everywhere.

[Traveler Aran Pillar] (Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 100

Green name NPC, a Friendly!

Although Zhang Yang would very much like to have this NPC slashed, it could only remain as a passing thought. He pushed the dwarf aside and did not utter a single word. This was obviously part of the plot progression but he had no interest in arguing with a system-controlled NPC.

Aran furiously pushed Zhang Yang aside and said, “Human! Absolute imbecile of a human! Did you know that you have just released a demon? One that could have brought extermination to the whole world at that!”

“She was already sealed, how did she manage to escape?”

“Ignorant mortal! Calina, she was once an elf hero, a Wind Ranger! Her bow and arrows could shoot down the stars in the night sky! An existence that rivaled God! Even the God of Fire could not kill her and could only seal her up! But her power proved to be stronger. Even with her physical body sealed, she had managed to manifest herself into an indestructible spiritual form to engage in a never-ending battle against the Fire Elementals who guarded the seal, attempting to destroy the seal to gain her freedom!” Aran sighed.

As expected from a God Class Boss, a mere thought would have already had such prowess!

“You, human! You have to fix this!” said the dwarf. “You must make haste to White Jade Castle and report this matter to Grand Magus Anthony Faylon to allow them to prepare for the impending disaster!”

“Ding! Aran Pillar has a quest for you: Disastrous News. Will you accept it? This is a Main Story Quest. Complete the quest to receive a handsome reward!”

Main Story Quest!

In comparison to a Hidden Quest, triggering a Main Story Quest was much easier. However, it was exactly because the trigger was easier that the completion difficulty was extremely high! Initially, you may be required to just run around a little and kill a few monsters but the last step or even last few steps would always require you to fight a super boss. It would be a near impossible task even with tens of thousands of players engaged!

Zhang Yang was psyched. Even though he had managed to accidentally trigger a few Hidden Quests in his previous life but because he had joined the game a little too late, he had naturally never encountered a single Main Story Quest! Yet this main quest right now, if he was eventually required to overthrow Calina, he would have to find tens of thousands players above Level 200 to join him, otherwise it would just be sending them straight to their deaths!

To achieve Level 200… it would take at least 5 years! Zhang Yang had only managed to get to Level 179 after grinding for 3 years in his previous character!

“Accept!” Zhang Yang accepted the quest. Since he did not know how long he would take before arriving at the last plot step, he might as well take it easy.

After announcing the quest, Aran promptly left the place. Zhang Yang wondered how a Level 1 NPC could roam around the field filled with Level 10 monsters so freely. Zhang Yang continued on and grinded. After half an hour, he bathed in a golden light and reached Level 9. Checking the time, he noticed that it was already past 9 PM. Zhang Yang gave it some thought and decided to reach Level 10 before disconnecting to rest.

The altar did not respawn after it was destroyed. Instead, many Fire Elementals had appeared. Main Story Quests were exclusively singular, and so, the situation where he had helped Calina escape her seal would not reoccur to other players.

Zhang Yang spent another 4 hours grinding and had finally achieved Level 10. Then, he opened his inventory and changed into the 3 Black-Steel equipment that had long sat there unused. His HP and Weapon Attack increased by a certain degree.

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 10

HP: 350

Defense: 16

Strength: 60

Melee Damage: 76 – 84

Attack Interval: 2 seconds

For a tank, this amount of HP was under expectations but his Weapon Attack was absolutely wonderful, capable of generating massive aggro!

He then invested his SP gained from achieving Level 10 into the skill <Block> and the skill’s cooldown time had reduced to 8 seconds.

Zhang Yang went to the Beginner Village’s teleportation portal and was beamed to White Jade Castle as a white light. He then disconnected.

Taking off the gaming helmet, Zhang Yang made himself some supper and took a bath after finishing his meal. He then went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Zhang Yang woke up at around 6 AM and worked out for an hour. He took a shower and went outside to grab some youtiao1 from a local breakfast stall. He got back home and ate it with milk.

After his breakfast, Zhang Yang was preparing to enter the game when he heard his phone ring.


“Little Yang! You’re indeed amazing!” Zhang Yang could only get a hello out before his words were drowned by the caller. “I followed your instructions and picked the Hunter class! First, I killed the wolves, collected 10 pelts and later moved to the catacombs to kill some monsters. Once I reached Level 5, I handed over the coats. Haha. I burnt the midnight oil and got to Level 10!”

“Who are you?”

“Damn, you can’t even recognize your fatty bro’s voice?” Han Guang scolded jokingly. “I even took the Hunter’s Hidden Job Quest but I can’t even complete ‘Extremely Difficult’ and ‘Hard’, so I only took the ‘Average’ difficulty level and got an ‘Average’ score, obtaining a Skill Book called <Precise Shot>. Haha, this skill is totally off the charts! Still, some guy had actually gotten a ‘Perfect’ score! I felt so jealous after seeing the server announcement! I really don’t know how he did it!”

Zhang Yang smiled a little as he listened to Han Guang’s excited tone, “Alright, you should have reached the Capital by now right? Let us both go and raid a dungeon later!”

“Ugh. I’ve been playing the whole night. I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to sleep for a few hours! Little Yang, I’ll join you later in the afternoon. Wait for me! Ah right, my IGN is called ‘Slim and Handsome’, don’t forget to add me into your Friend List.”

Han Guang hung up before Zhang Yang could even reply.

“Slim and Handsome?” Zhang Yang recalled Han Guang’s size that could compare to that of two average men standing side-by-side and felt a shiver run down his spine.

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