MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 12: Ranking

Chapter 12: Ranking

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Before he had disconnected yesterday, Zhang Yang’s rank among China region’s players might not have been first but he had definitely been in the top 10! After one night though, mad level grinders had taken advantage of the fact that there were less players in the middle of the night and grinded up their levels.

Zhang Yang left the teleportation portal and reached the home of warriors. Along his way, he had spotted more than tens of Level 10 players.

Upon entering the Capital, a new feature was added to the game interface: Ranking.

There were a lot of rankings such as Player Level Ranking, Hall of Fame Ranking, First Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid Ranking, Fastest Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid Level Clearance Ranking and so on.

The rankings were based on regions.

‘God’s Miracle’ had divided its global players into 8 regions: China, Japan & South Korea, India, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia region. The Australian server had included a few other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and so on.

Each region had one server and each server had only one ranking. The servers of these 8 regions shared data so cross-regional wars could be implemented, resulting in an integrated gaming environment.

Currently, most of the rankings were empty. The rankings that had grabbed more attention would be the Player Level Ranking and Hall of Fame Ranking.

[Hall of Fame Ranking] (China Region)

1. Player (Name Hidden) was the first to kill a Level 15 Black-Steel Boss, the Black Panther King, in the field (Continent Calendar 9287, August 23rd).

2. Player (Name Hidden) was the first to complete the Hidden Quest with a ‘Perfect’ score (Continent Calendar 9287, August 23rd).

Zhang Yang then swiped out the Player Level Ranking and checked the current levels of the expert grinders.

[Player Level Ranking] (China Region)

1. Powerful Priest, Troll, Cryomancer, Level 11

2. Humble Gentleman, Human, Cryomancer, Level 11

3. Hunt the World, Troll, Sniper, Level 11

4. Slender Waist, Elf, Pyromancer, Level 10

5. Overlord Orders Chicken, Orc, Berserker, Level 10

6. Floating Fireball, Human, Pyromancer, Level 10

7. Frost Night, Elf, Assassin, Level 10

8. Sky Shaman, Dwarf, Guardian, Level 10

9. Don’t Hit My Face, Dwarf, Defender, Level 10

10. King of Assassin, Orc, Bandit, Level 10

As expected of Spellcasters, the master grinders in traditional games. There were already 4 of them among the top 10 Player Level Ranking! Of course, professions picked in the early stages of the game did not matter as much. The key to leveling fast was the duration spent online or having a strong support at your back. For example, a guild could have all its members deal damage to a monster until its last drop of HP then reserving the last hit for its designated player!

According to the settings of ‘God’s Miracle’, player under non-party mode who made the last hit on the monster would gain 50% EXP. Therefore, if the guild had been willing to sacrifice the interest of a portion of its players, it could easily boost the level of one or more players. Rich players could also hire others to push their levels faster.

If a guild could cultivate a high-level player who could enter the rankings, it would be advantageous to the guild’s image, achieving effective advertisement.

Zhang Yang sighed, his level was a little behind! However, it was not compulsory for him to be the top 1 in Player Level Ranking, as long as he had remained in the list. What was more important to him was the progress of the Fastest Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid Level Clearance Ranking!

To assess the strength of a guild in ‘God’s Miracle’, the most important standard was the guild’s speed in hardcore dungeon raids. After all, there were only a few bosses in the field, and their respawning period took several days up to a whole month! The competition was fierce since there were limited bosses but numerous players. The equipment loot would never have been sufficient to go around!

A dungeon would be different. As long as players were capable, they had equal chances to defeat bosses and acquire better equipment! The chances of obtaining stronger equipment would drastically increase if a player had joined a speedy dungeon raiding guild. To most players, their decision on which guild to join would have been obvious.

Zhang Yang’s plans were: first, to use his familiarity of the game’s future trend to hoard materials and sell them to earn a fortune! Second, to strive to be the first to clear most of the hardcore mode dungeon raids, boosting his reputation to form a super guild. Third, to look for outstanding teammates and establish his own team to dominate the S-Class League, achieving his previous life’s goal!

Currently though, he did not possess much capital and thus was unable to hoard much materials to profiteer of market monopolization. That was why he had now set his eyes on dungeon clearing, the Hardcore Mode of Bangar Crypt.

Bangar Crypt was the game’s first dungeon with a Level 10 – 15 range recommendation, allowing a maximum of 10 players. All dungeons in ‘God’s Miracle’ had consisted of 3 modes: Normal, Difficult and Hardcore.

Normal Mode was fairly simple. A little grinding in the raid would have cleared the level. Obviously, the drops would be of average quality, a grade lower than those in Difficult Mode. However, it would allow common players to enjoy the excitement of fighting the boss, making it the main choice of casual players.

Difficult Mode lived up to its name of being very difficult. Even for teams in which players were already familiar with one another and had great teamwork, they would still have a hard time grinding before they were able to clear the dungeon! Going into Difficult Mode with temporarily formed party could very well equate to seeking your own death.

Hardcore Mode was even more vicious, where a minor mistake could lead the whole team to an instant death. However, the rewards were equally great. Dropped equipment were of the highest grade, Hidden Bosses that could only be found in this mode, too, had chances of dropping various Profession Recipes.

These 3 modes were not connected, that would mean that there was no need to clear Normal Mode or Difficult Mode before accessing Hardcore Mode. As long as the pre-requisite quest for the dungeon raid was completed, players could freely choose between the dungeon’s modes.

The first party to clear the Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid would enter the First Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid Ranking and have the news announced to the world through the server. It would have been a glorious feat. Regardless of it being an individual player or an entire guild, this announcement would still be a great declaration of valor and fame.

Fastest Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid Ranking would then be unlocked. Record breaking players would be listed in the ranking and the server would issue a global announcement as well. There was a rule in Speed Raiding Ranking though, that if the level of any particular player in the clearing team had exceeded the dungeon level’s upper limit, the result would not be taken into account. Otherwise, it would have been meaningless to have several Level 100 players breaking the record of a Level 10 dungeon.

First Clear and Fastest Hardcore Mode Dungeon Raid would have been the core competition for all guilds in the future, bearing utmost importance!

Zhang Yang had his eyes set on the Hidden Boss of the Hardcore Mode Bangar Crypt – Momoermo. There was a chance for this boss to drop the Metal Caster’s Shield Recipe. The shield would be of Green-Copper rarity, the best-one-to-date for both Guardians and Defenders before Level 20!

He wanted to earn his first pot of gold using this recipe to accumulate even more wealth. He could then snowball his wealth into greater proportions!

Zhang Yang found a female NPC with the name tag, ‘Ani, Warrior Instructor’ at the warrior settlement. Blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasts and voluptuous hips. She was wearing a sparkling gold armor designed so sexily that it had only barely covered her chest and buttocks, revealing her alluring snow white skin.

Although all of them knew well enough that this character was an NPC, many male players had still stared lustfully at her, drooling.

Zhang Yang, too, felt that it was much more pleasing to the eye looking at this pretty lady in front of him as compared to the sharp-tongued, middle-aged Farion. He started a conversation with the NPC and learned the Level 10 Guardian skills <Shield Oath> and <Provoke>.

[Shield Oath (Passive)]: Increases Defense by using a Shield, reducing all damage by 20%. 1 Rage increase each second while in combat. All aggro points generated by your attacks increase by 20%. Requirement: Shield.

[Provoke]: Provokes a target and forces it to attack you, lasts for 2 seconds. Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

Recalling the main quest in his quest log, Zhang Yang decided to first complete the quest and see what would follow. Zhang Yang asked an NPC guard about the whereabouts of Grand Magus Anthony Faylon and went to the Magician Tower in the center of the capital.

“Warrior, you do not belong here!” 2 NPCs with sorcerer’s robes had blocked Zhang Yang’s way.

Zhang Yang said, “I have an important message for Master Anthony Faylon!”

“Is that so?” the 2 NPCs hesitated before one of them said, “Alright, Master Faylon is at the top of the Magician Tower!”

He guessed that these 2 NPCs would not have let him pass if he did not have the main quest in his quest log. Zhang Yang thought about it while he entered the Magician Tower. He went along the staircase and soon reached the top of the tower – the ninth floor.

An old man with chest-length beard was deeply engrossed in looking at a crystal ball, his back hunched and faced Zhang Yang. Speaking before Zhang Yang could even open his mouth, “Young man, I have already known the purpose of your visit!”

[The Grand Magus Anthony Faylon] (God Class Boss)

Level: ???

Hp: ???

In ‘God’s Miracle’, every capital was safeguarded by a God Class Boss. This white bearded old man would be the strongest person in White Jade Castle. In his previous life, Zhang Yang had witnessed how the old man had unleashed a formidable skill during the Demon Siege War and wiped out millions of demons, a scene that was both terrifying and impressive!

Unfortunately, this powerful grand magus would be assassinated by a demon’s assassin as part of the storyline. As he was a God Class Boss, he would never respawn after his death.

“Master Faylon, what should we do now?” Zhang Yang simply replied to keep the plot going in order to unlock the follow-up quest.

“Aih—” Faylon sighed and turned around. His face filled with despair and sympathy. “Calina was once a great hero, but… she was betrayed by the people she had sworn to protect with her life. Her soul had been suffering from the torment of betrayal, I can feel it!”

He paused before saying, “Perhaps, there is still some hope to free her soul!”

Zhang Yang’s eyes lit up. As long as he was not required to kill the God Class Boss Calina, the main quest should be much easier to complete!

“Young man, I need you to collect 3 items! After you’ve collected them, I shall be able to create a relic capable of purifying the dark force casted by the Demon King and revive Calina’s soul!” Faylon spoke in a deep voice, “This mission is very difficult. Are you willing to take on this responsibility?”

Did he even have an option? Zhang Yang nodded his head and replied immediately, “Yes master, I am willing!”

“Ding! You have accepted the quest: The Crafting Materials of a Relic! This is a Main Story Quest. Complete the quest to receive a luxurious reward!”

[The Crafting Materials of a Relic] (Difficulty: S)

Quest Description: Faylon needs you to collect 3 materials to create a powerful relic in order to purify the dark force affecting Calina! These 3 materials are the Heart of the Black Dragon, the Horn of the Mythical Unicorn, and the Book of the Damned from the spectre race.

Progress: Collect the Heart of the Black Dragon 0/1, the Horn of the Mythical Unicorn 0/1, and the Book of the Damned 0/1.

Shit, I might as well fight Calina directly! Zhang Yang cursed when he saw the materials he was required to collect.

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