MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 23: Close Call

Chapter 23: Close Call

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“Is it over?”

“It’s over!”

Everyone went from hesitance to surprise and then to cheering with glee. If it was not for their characters being dead, they would all be hugging each other in celebration.

Especially for Crimson Fire. maybe normal players like Snowy Death could not fully grasp the actual difficulty of Hardcore Mode but he had full comprehension! Even super guilds like Sky High and The Dominators had died repeatedly in their attempts at the first boss. Under Zhang Yang’s lead though, they had actually cleared the first boss with just one try. If it was said to be sheer luck, Crimson Fire would disagree!

This man, Zhan Yu, he was certainly impressive!

“Revive and run back! We will distribute the loot!” Zhang Yang was the first to release his body and return to the start of the dungeon in his soul form.

Ever since his rebirth, this would be his first time experiencing the soul form. Looking at the monochrome surrounding, Zhang Yang felt a surge of dizziness and ran to resurrect himself at the dungeon entrance disarrayed. Within a flash, the colors returned and only then did he regain his train of thoughts.

The rest of the party had revived one by one and all ten of them stood before Black Claw’s massive corpse soon after. The crowd was still excited as ever. They would have believed they were in a dream if not for the corpse that laid in front of them! Fatty Han had even tried to hug Silky Snow but she had pushed Phantom Day into his embrace instead.

“Pro bro, loot the corpse!” Everyone turned their gaze to Zhang Yang. Before this, they could never have seen themselves defeating a Hardcore Mode boss! They were all grateful to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang patted Fatty Han’s shoulder and said, “Fat f*ck, go loot the corpse!”

Fatty Han let out a joyful laugh and touched the corpse with his plump hand.

[Fang] (Green-Copper, Dagger)

Weapon Attack: 24 – 32

Attack Interval: 1.4 seconds

Level Requirement: 10

Green-Copper equipment! This was by far the highest grade of equipment!

Both Thief and Warrior classes could use daggers but only a Thief specialized in Assassination could bring out the full potential of a dagger! The party had two Thieves but both of them were Bandits, that had only meant that no one in the party was suitable for this weapon.

“Warriors, Thieves, just roll for it if you want!” Zhang Yang nodded his head.

Being courteous, after Zhang Yang had passed, Phantom Day followed suit. Only Crimson Fire and Snowy Death rolled for the weapon.

This time round, Crimson Fire had rolled a 98, winning over Snowy Death.

“Such a pity. If only it were a one-handed sword, axe, or even hammer, it would have been the best!” Crimson Fire sighed disappointedly as he equipped the dagger to his offhand slot.

“It’s still not bad! Even though offhand weapon does not affect skill damage, just looking at DPS, this dagger’s DPS has reached 20, much better than Black-Steel equipment!” said Snowy Death enviously. To every profession in the game, weapons played the major role in dealing the most damage!

“Fatty Bro! Continue looting!” said Defiant Monk. Fatty Han was a social butterfly, he could bullshit and banter, and had been the best of friends with the party members.

Fatty Han looted with his fat hand again and another equipment popped out.

[Shiny Chest Plate] (Green-Copper, Leather Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +10

Strength: +3

Dexterity: +7

Level Requirement: 10

“Great item!” Fatty Han was gleeful, “I do have ‘Red Hand’!”

The 3 Hunters and Snowy Death had rolled. Crimson Fire had consciously passed since he had already obtained a weapon. In the end, Hundred Shots had gotten the equipment with 85 points.

“Sigh, I do have ‘Red Hand’ but why is my roll so unlucky?” Fatty Han shook in head for show and looted the corpse again for the last equipment.

[Refined Metal Gauntlet] (Green-Copper, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +6

Vitality: +6

Strength: +3

Dexterity: +1

Level Requirement: 10

As all the players saw that the equipment was of use to Zhang Yang, they had passed without a sound from Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang did not feigned courtesy as well, with a “thanks” he equipped the gauntlet at once, increasing his HP to 470 and attack damage from 82 to 90!

“Ding! You have received 5 silver coins and 20 copper coins after distribution!”

After collecting all the loots, the corpse began to disappear. The system was obviously very stingy as it had only awarded 52 silver coins even after defeating a Hardcore Mode boss.

“Next target, the second boss!”

The party went on their way to the second boss Babarerba in high spirits.

This first dungeon was indeed easy!

Zhang Yang could not help but think after clearing the last wave of minions. Minions from the second dungeon Marzerway’s Lair and onwards would have been much tougher to handle. They would either have tricky skills or they would know <Sneak>, lurking in the shadows until players were within their aggro affective range then jumping out to ambush!

Of course, the trickiest would still be the bosses. The bosses in Bangar Crypt were so much easier compared to the upcoming dungeons. This Hardcore Mode could only be considered as a trial version!

[Babarerba the Sleepyhead] (Black-Steel Boss)

Level: 13

HP: 78000

“Little Yang! Same old tactic?” asked Fatty Han quietly, fearing that he might wake the boss up.

“Same old!” Zhang Yang nodded. He then frowned and said, “But those cursed with <Curse of Water and Fire> will lose 140 damage per second. So not only do you need to react faster, move to position and take a red pot at once, healers must also be quick on healing!”

140 damage per second was enough to wipe out most of the party members under 3 to 4 seconds.

Zhang Yang took a second to think and said, “Let’s change the strategy up a bit for this round. Don’t bother to attack the summoned puppets, focus your attacks on the boss solely. I’ll hold onto the puppets’ aggro! The healers won’t be able to handle this massive amount of healing so we can’t afford to drag this on. Kill the boss quickly!”

“Understood!” the crowd nodded.

“Alright, once I start attacking the boss, all of you attack instantly, go all out!” Zhang Yang took a deep breath and walked towards Babarerba’s aggro range.

Babarerba woke up at once. It took its spear and dashed towards Zhang Yang yelling, “Foul mortal, you’ve awoken Babarerba! Babaerba will kill you!”

Zhang Yang stunned Babarerba with a <Charge>.

“-60!” Normal attack.

“-152!” <Horizontal Sweep>.

At the same time, the entire party launched their attacks.

Babarerba had recovered quickly and thrusted its spear towards Zhang Yang.


“-40!” <Block> reflected damage.

“-106!” <Shield Bash>.

This time, Zhang Yang did not hold back on using <Block>. Firstly, the boss did not have any debuffing skills, even if he had accidentally been attacked, he would not be instantly killed. Secondly, this boss’ DPS was too strong, Zhang Yang had to maximize his own attack power!

Babarerba was enraged, its eyes grew crimson and casted its skill.

“Ding! Player Phantom Day has been affected by <Curse of Water>, losing 140 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

“Ding! Player Defiant Monk has been affected by <Curse of Fire>, losing 140 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

“Don’t be adamant on attacking, run now!” Zhang Yang commanded lowly.

Phantom Day and Defiant Monk were team players, both of them ran towards each other promptly while the two healers did their work, doing everything they could to make sure the two cursed players survived.

Within 2 seconds, the curse was dispelled as the two of them quickly got together.

“Good job! Return to your position and attack!” Zhang Yang commanded while evading the boss’ attacks. “Healers drink your blue pots if you need to, don’t try to save on those!”

After 15 seconds, Babarerba had casted <Curse of Fire and Water> again. Thankfully the party had already formed a certain degree of tacit understanding after grinding together in Hard Mode. Adding Zhang Yang’s authoritative stance, once he had prompted, they ran to position without hesitating; plus the hard work from the healers, there was no sign of losing players.

Slowly and steadily, Babarerba’s HP had dropped to 75%!

“You despicable vermin! Babarerba is angry!” It then stabbed its spear into the ground and raised both its arms chanting a spell, “Come forth demon from the depth of the abyss, bring evil with you into this realm!”

A hexagram magic circle appeared beneath Babarerba’s feet and a red imp appeared by his side. This was the second time the party had met Tasair.

[Tasair, Babarerba’s Demon Puppet] (Elite)

Level: 13

HP: 6000

Without further delay, Zhang Yang used <Provoke> before Tasair could do anything.

“!#$#$% (demonic language)!” Tasair shrieked and waved its claw towards Zhang Yang.



“-40!” Two <Block> reflected damage text appeared together.


“-150!” <Horizontal Sweep>.

Zhang Yang jerked his hand, his sturdy shield bashed Babarerba’s face, “Ignore the imp! Focus on the boss!”

“-106!” <Shield Bash>.

Pained by Zhang Yang’s continuous attacks, Babarerba picked up the spear stabbed into the ground and thrusted it towards Zhang Yang. At the same time, it casted <Curse of Fire and Water>.

Both cursed ones moved instantly, dispelling the curse just as their HP bars were almost emptied.

“Zhan Yu, I only have half MP left!” said Silky Snow.

“I only have slightly more than half too!” Ocean Despair echoed.

“I got it!” Zhang Yang frowned. Hardcore Mode had required players to have decent equipment before raiding! According to the official guide: spend two days to raid Hard Mode then Hardcore Mode. A strong team may defeat the first boss then spend another two days raiding and collecting equipment before trying out the second boss. The final boss had always been the hardest. Without 4 to 5 days of dungeon exploring, it would be undefeatable!

If it had not been for Zhang Yang, this party would never have been able to clear Hard Mode, their basic equipment was pathetic as evident in raiding Hardcore Mode: insufficient DPS and healing ability!

Zhang Yang had left this issue in the hands of god now since he would not be able to do anything about it.

Since the party did not have to change their attack target, it was as if dealing damage on a wooden dummy, reducing the boss’ HP to 50% quickly!

“Foolish mortals, I will crush your bones to make my goblet!” Babarerba had so many programmed lines. He threw his spear aside once again and started to summon the second puppet.

A hexagram magic circle appeared and another imp joined the battle.

[Gluttony, Babarerba’s Demon Puppet] (Elite)

Level: 13

HP: 6000

Zhang Yang was ready with his <Horizontal Sweep>. After casting <Provoke>, he had quickly chained <Horizontal Sweep>.

The floating creature turned immediately and waved its plump limbs towards Zhang Yang.

“Hey Fatty! Looks like this guy is much fatter than you!” Zhang Yang joked, an attempt to humor the current stressful atmosphere.

“Oh f*ck off!”

Fatty Han puffed angrily and said, “I’m fatter than it!”

In his opinion, being fat was a sign of strength. He would never take second to anyone or anything!

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