MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 24: Jubilant March

Chapter 24: Jubilant March

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The importance of a good leader to a team could be seen from Zhang Yang’s pub1 party!

Under Zhang Yang’s timely reminder, those afflicted with <Curse of Water and Fire> had instantly moved positions to dispel the curse. They had not lost anyone as of yet! If it had been another party, they would have been disoriented by the chaotic situation, and would have repeatedly wiped out for several times now!

“Despicable mortals! Babarerba has underestimated you, Babarerba will be serious now!” As its HP fell to 25%, Babarerba began its third summon, “Come forth demon from the depth of the abyss…”

The hexagram magic circle flashed again, and a sensual woman appeared beside Babarerba. It had two long horns on the top of its head and a long tail behind its back. It’s hand was holding a whip, and its legs were a pair of hoofs!

Its outfit was exceptionally skimpy, its upper body was only covered by a small leopard-skinned bra, revealing most of its skin while its lower body was cladded in a lace mini skirt. Truly a seductive feast for one’s eyes.

[Alice, Babarerba’s Demon Puppet] (Elite)

Level: 13

HP: 6,000

Succubus, a demon ranked higher than the imp and floating demon but considering the fact that it was brought in as a summoned puppet in this dungeon, it did not have any specific skill set.

“Slap!” Alice struck with its whip, its hips swaying as she posed lewdly, “Mm… My dear master, you’ve summoned Alice, do you wish to do something naughty?”

“F*ck me, is this for real?” Fatty Han wiped his saliva, “Little Yang, can I get her as a pet? Just seeing her beside me every day will definitely boost my mood a hundred fold!”

Zhang Yang laughed and said, “Change your class to Priest or Spellcaster and you might have a chance to get the Summoner Inheritance when the Inheritance Patch is launched. You’d then be able to summon a variety of demons, including this succubus!”

Fatty Han looked longingly at Alice with heart-shaped eyes and finally said unwillingly, “Fine! I’ll remain a Hunter, a class with a confirmed future!”

“Zhan Yu, my blue pot is out!” said Silky Snow.

Ocean Despair followed, “I can probably heal another 2 more times!”

Truthfully, it had been lucky that the 2 of them had held up till now! In a dungeon raid, a tank would usually receive most of the healing. However, since Zhang Yang had an exceptionally high damage evasion capability, he basically had not drained any of the healers’ MP. That was why these two could manage to hold on till now! Otherwise, if they were to heal another tank with their current equipment configuration, they would have depleted their MP much earlier.

“Healers ran out of blue pots. Everyone get ready with your own red pots, don’t be stingy on those! Move even faster if you’re cursed with <Curse of Water and Fire>, don’t wait for my reminder!” said Zhang Yang in the party channel.


The players attacked with all their might since the healers had completely exhausted their blue pots. The boss would never stop casting <Curse of Water and Fire> just because they had no more blue pots. If the fight dragged on, they would all be annihilated!

22%, 19%, 16%!

‘Ding! Player Snowy Death has died!’

‘Ding! Player Defiant Monk has died!’

The boss had casted <Curse of Water and Fire> again. Since Snowy Death and Defiant Monk only had 200 HP left and their red pots were still on cooldown, they died from the curse after taking just 2 steps despite reacting in time.

“Keep up with the attacks!” Zhang Yang’s sword slashed. He was evading 4 monsters’ attacks while dealing significant damage at the same time, “Silky, Ocean! Come to the melee range!”

Silky Snow and Ocean Despair were confused yet they did not hesitate and immediately ran to the boss’ side. They had nothing to do anyway, so they took out their weapons and began attacking the boss, dealing a stream of ‘-1’ attacks.

14%, 11%, 9%!

‘Ding! Player Silky Snow has died!’

‘Ding! Player Flame Emperor has died!’

“Phantom Day and Crimson Fire are the main DPS. And they’re the only two players at melee position. If no one came to fill the space up, they will definitely be nuked!” Zhang Yang casually explained.

“Damn, Little Yang, how could you be so sly! You sacrificed our lovely Silky just like that?” Fatty Han complained in Silky Snow’s stead while checking out her body lying on the floor, cussing in his heart that her skirt could have been lifted higher so he could peek more clearly.

“I’m happy that I could at least be of use till the end!” Silky Snow sent a smiley face in the party channel.

Fatty Han teased immediately, “Lovely Silky! I’ve been in love with you all along! You’ve better not have a change of heart and fall for Little Yang! Let Fatty Bro tell you, that guy could go 3 months without showering even once. You can smell his foul odor even from 3 kilometers away!”

Silky Snow smiled bashfully and ignored Fatty Han.

7%, 6%, 4%!

‘Ding! Player Crimson Fire has died!’

‘Ding! Player Hundred Shots has died!’

“Come on, almost there!” the fallen players cried, thinking if it would be a close call just like the battle against Black Claw.

Zhang Yang thought and said, “Ocean, you move to the ranged position!” 3 of them were in melee position right now while Fatty Han was the only one in a ranged position. If there was no adjustment, Fatty Han would definitely die! Fatty Han was currently the second highest DPS output and Zhang Yang needed him to survive until the end. He could only depend on luck now to see who the boss would target!

3%! 2%!

‘Ding! Player Phantom Day has died!’

‘Ding! Player Ocean Despair has died!’

“Yeah!” Everyone cheered when the boss had targeted Ocean Despair instead of Fatty Han, making Ocean Despair feel miserable. “It’s not like I had offended any of you. Do you guys have to be so happy about this?”



With the last drop of HP drained, Babarerba fell with a shriek.

‘Ding! The party you are in has killed Babarerba! Obtained 39,050 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!’

“We did it! We did it again!” the party applauded endlessly. Before this, who would have thought that a pub party like theirs could take out 2 bosses in a row as though it was a piece of cake!

“Wow, so much EXP!” Fatty Han exclaimed.

Zhang Yang brandished his sword to continue dealing damage to the 3 remaining demons and said indifferently, “If you had died, I would have gained more EXP!” He paused and said, “Everyone don’t release your bodies yet, there should be an achievement!”

Fatty Han ordered his pet to attack while drawing his bow and asked, “Little Yang, what achievement?”

“Some superficial shit, it’s just to show off what you have accomplished without actually rewarding anything!” Zhang Yang replied casually.

Even though all 3 demon puppets had 6,000 HP each, they still did not last long under the combined attacks of Zhang Yang and Fatty Han. Quickly, they died one by one.

‘Ding! You have obtained the achievement, I Can 1V4!’

“What is this stuff?” Fatty Han said.

Zhang Yang explained, “This Achievement System is usually available in Hardcore Mode dungeons and it’s usually used to encourage a more difficult killing method. For example, we’ve completely ignored the summoned puppets and only targeted the boss. The system has identified this as a harder method and rewarded us with this achievement title!”

Only then did everyone understand. However, what they knew better was the fact that they could not have gotten their hands on this achievement if it were not for Zhang Yang’s capabilities! Why couldn’t their equipment be better to allow them to kill the boss normally?

“Revive yourselves!”

8 of them released their bodies. While running back they asked, “Zhan Yu, are there any other achievements outside of the dungeons?”

“There are, and many more so. You probably couldn’t obtain all of them even after playing for 10 years!” Zhang Yang organized his thoughts and said, “For example, if you get killed by the same person for 100 times, you’ll get an achievement called ‘I Hate You’! If you get killed 1,000 times by the same person, you’ll get ‘I Hate You to the Core’!”


When everyone had returned from resurrection, Zhang Yang told Fatty Han, “Go loot the corpse!”

Fatty Han had been waiting impatiently, this was the moment he had been waiting for after such a long battle with the boss!

“Behold! Fatty Bro’s big Lucky Hand!” Fatty Han extended his fat hand towards the boss’ corpse.

“Brother Han, wash that hand first!” Snowy Death shouted.

[Lightning Spear] (Green-Copper, Two-handed Spear)

Weapon Attack: 85 – 113

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 26

Level Requirement: 10

“G-good stuff!” Phantom Day began to drool, his eyes radiating desire.

Aside from him, the rest of the party had automatically passed. The equipment went straight into Phantom Day’s inventory.

“Thank you everyone, thank you!” Phantom Day equipped the spear at once, bowing in appreciation to everyone, “Especially Big Bro Zhan Yu!”

Fatty Han got angry and said, “Phantom Day, I was the one who’d looted the corpse! Why didn’t you thank me?”

“Thank you Fatty Bro!” Phantom Day was slaphappy with euphoria, quickly bowing to Fatty and causing everyone to laugh.

[Heavy Boots] (Green-Copper, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +6

Vitality: +5

Strength: +4

Dexterity: +1

Level Requirement: 10

‘Sha’, the moment the Roll-the-Dice window appeared, 9 of them passed, giving Zhang Yang an unconditional win on the equipment dropped.

“Thank you everyone!” Zhang Yang courteously thanked the party and equipped the boots. His character’s attributes increased immediately.

HP: 520, Strength: 70, Armor: 31, Attack Damage: 86 – 94.

[Babarerba’s Secretly Stashed Succubus Mini Skirt] (Green-Copper, Cloth Armor)

Armor: +2

Vitality: +10

Intelligent: +7

Spirit: +3

Level Requirement: 10

Once this equipment came up, everyone was dumbfounded. All of them had clearly remembered it to be the same mini skirt the succubus had been wearing just now. If a female player were to wear it… that would definitely cause nosebleeds!

“Damn, that boss was too depraved! Despicable!” Fatty Han claimed, full of righteousness. Despite saying that, his eyes went back and forth between the skirt and Silky Snow, not bothering to hide his own lustful intentions!

“Together. we request this equipment to be given to Silky babe!” Snowy Death yelled.

Only 2 players were able to equip cloth armor – Silky Snow and Flame Emperor. As long as Flame Emperor passed, the equipment would belong to Silky Snow.

Flame Emperor laughed and unhesitatingly chose to pass. Since they were both from the same guild, it would belong to the same stash no matter who had it. Moreover, he was a male character. Wearing a skirt would be too much for the eyes to take in. He would have never dared to wear something like that, unless it were Celestial equipment.

Silky Snow’s face flushed with embarrassment.

Translator Note

1 Pub party is a gaming community lingo for public party. These are parties formed by recruiting players in public, and their efficiency can be quite inconsistent, since more experienced players would normally choose to venture into dungeons or quests with pre-made parties with their guild members or own social circles. For achievement-related objectives like First Clear and Speedruns, players would generally choose to avoid pub parties due to their unreliability.

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