MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 14 - Back To Capital

Chapter 14 - Back To Capital

Rudra left the village of thol after settling things there , he rode back on his horse back to the Purplehaze city.

The landscape of PurpleHaze city had changed drastically since the last time he came here . Players could be seen everywhere and the shops were full of customer's.

"Aww man the prices of the goods are wayy to high , i cannot believe anyone can purchase one without grinding for two days nonstop." A random stranger complained

" I wish 'Shakuni ' added a map of the capital to his information pack ... the streets are confusing". A random stranger B said .

Hearing his name he was baffled for a second .... Am i famous or what ? was his first thought.... Well no matter what , the time is ripe to do buisness.

He went to the city administration office and booked a stall for sale today. He went onto the stall and hung a sign .... Common and bronze armours available .. price fixed at 5 silver , and 9 silver respectively ... barter option available against herbs and potions.

He was soon visited by the first customer.

'' Hmmm a player owned shop selling at half the market price , are you trying to scam people?'' He asked

" No sir , here is the equipment feel free to inspect as you like" Rudra said with a smile

Rudra was cursing inside at the man.... but outside he was only an amiable salesman.

" Wow , impressive ... so i can buy any of the above common grade equipment for 5 silver only , then ill take these shins , this armour and this sword".

" That will be a total of 15 silver sir " said Rudra

" Well let me have them for 8 " he smirked evily

Rudra was at the limit of his patience but he said

" Sir, since you are my first customer ill let you have it for 14 but any less than that makes no economic Sense to me "

" Hey , punk let me tell you something.... if you wanna live in this city peacefully let me have it for 6 else my guild will bury you and your stall before looting you of all your worth".

" Oh a threat ? " Rudra laughed inwardly

" Yes bastard , since you have annoyed me let me take it for free and we will call it a day, you are lucky not to get robbed".

" Wasnt it 6 silver , now you want it for free?? may i know the name of this excellent guild supporting exemplary players like you , cause till my knowledge goes the first guild is yet to be formed".

" Hahaha yes it was 6 silver but you wasted too much time merchant ... I am from the great WhiteRadiance guild .... although we have no guild hall or official guild status... we play as a team ... and if you mess with us , our members will make sure you will never be anything above level 0".

'WhiteRadiance' the guild he joined last time , the one true cause of his suffering That WhiteRadiance ! He gritted his teeth and forced a reign over his emotions, now was not the time to think as Rudra the bullied employee . It was time for a plot ...a mastermind sinister plot by the greatest scheming mind of 'Shakuni' .

Soon a grin broke on Rudra's face , the plot was ready, he did not want to confront WhiteLotus so soon but he would not let this golden chance slip by .

" Well may i have the honor of meeting your guild leader ... sir i want to present the rest of my items to the guild as a tribute in exchange for providing protection".

"Hahahahaha , no wonder you are a merchant, you are soo sly and smart , our guild master is very busy man, i will try to contact him and see if he has the time".

He then went on to use the call feature between friends , naturally Rudra did not expect him to have the guildmaster ' s number .. even he as an elite of the guild did not .... he needed to go via via . Let's hope he shows his face.

Soon the guy came back and asked Rudra to wait sometime , the Guild leader would personally come to accept his sacrifice.

Rudra was smiling silly at this point . That guy had personally made his life hell in his last time, His name Nitin Advani , son of a multimillionaire buisnessman . Having a huge sway in the city administration.

The crimes he committed were

He worked Rudra off like a dog and never gave him the pay and respect he deserved, even when he earned millions in profit for the guild he wasnt even given a 200 dollar bonus for his work.

He disrespected Rudra various times during dungeon hunts , picking on mistakes he made as Rudra's, even infront of his girlfriend he grilled him mercilessly.

When his girlfriend dumped him , she had a one night stand with this guy , who dumped her after that.

What Rudra hated was not the fact that they spent a hot night but that he dumped her after using her once.

He was scum who was never taught the meaning of No , well he associated himself with all yes men who would only praise his every action as if he was god himself .

He was a child and a phony through and through , the only thing going for the likes of which was his birth father.

The guy found enjoyment from the sense of superiority he had from birth over average joes.... and noone in his circle could step upto him hence he had the pride of being untouchable god..... such narcissistic people ought to fall hard....

Rudra wanted to see what happens to such people when they are utterly humiliated and their pride destroyed in public. The people they soo enjoyed belittle , how would it feel when returned tenfold.

I was an ant under your foot an object of your whims and amusement .....Not this time bastard , let me give you a lesson in disrespect when we meet ....., Rudra resolved , today was gonna be fun ohh extremely fun.

Time to destroy rich kids pride.

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