MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 15 - A Gentleman's Revenge Can Wait 10 Years

Chapter 15 - A Gentleman's Revenge Can Wait 10 Years

Rudra patiently waited 30 minutes for Nitin while doing some necessary arrangements for his plan to work spectacularly .

With everything how he wanted it to be , all he needed was a crowd to witness his masterpiece and boy o boy did Nitin dig his own grave by making a grand entrance with 20 players walking in a triangle begind him ..... following him on the street... Naturally he brought a lot of attention onto himself .

Well thats how he rolled , in style soo naturally he got attention everywhere he went.... ' Hahahaha , exactly how i wanted it to be smiled Rudra'.

He knew 12 of the 20 elites who tailed Nitin. These were the corporate bastards who made his life hell , the supervisor taking credit for his work ... the team captains who had absolutely no leading skills but had first priority over loot and also The bastard who killed him ... His so called best fried who pushed him down the stairs .... The bastard deserving a 100 deaths ... Michael .

When he saw all of them his emotions started to surge within him .... Anger...Hate...Spite he felt them all , not yet Rudra he calmed himself ..... not yet!

Nitin first talked to the guy who contacted him the stranger who intimidated Rudra in selling his shops items for free

" You .... is he the seller with lots of bronze and common armours wanting to donate it to WhiteRadiance in exchange for protection?".

" Yes , supreme leader he is the one.... I found him " He added wanting praise

" Hmmph" Nitin snorted

"Bug , shut your mouth , the only reason he was intimidated was by boss's name soo dont you dare claim credit". One of Nitin ' s lackeys reprimanded the guy.

" I...I...." he stuttered clearly flabbergasted

" Enough ! " Said Nitin

He looked towards Rudra and said" I accept your Tribute, your weapon's collection is shabby but it will do for now. Kneel and present it to me and i will take you into WhiteRadiance" .

The crowd was enjoying the show , many recording it to put on the internet later.

" I think you are mistaken my friend, said Rudra calmly I think you should kneel down and apologize to me right here right now and pay me for wasting my time with buying my goods at 5 times the price and then i will consider this matter settled".

Everyone went silent for a while ... the crowd .... the Npc's and even the entirety of Nitin's faction members.

" What did you say you dog , do you understand who in the hell are you talking to ?? " said lackey 1

" Do you want to be hunted back to level 0 you lunatic cause we will do it if you dont lick Our bosses fert right now and beg for apology".


yes we will

yes now punk!

various lackey member's seconded the opinion ... but Rudra was just thinking 'Yes , Yes more more sucker's insult me more '.

He said " Who am i ? who the hell are you to threaten me in PurpleHaze city ".

Then Micheal the bastard said " Seems like i need to beat some manners into you, he is the scion of advani clan Nitin advani punk ! he can buy seven generations of your family using a single cheque ".

Nitin said " Yes micheal beat up this trash for me , he messed with me the hier of advani multinational , beat him up like a dog".

With the laws the most Micheal would get for fighting in the city was that the guards may arrest him and lock him in the holdup for 2 hours or it may be even avoided with a bribe or a bail amount.

Rudra was laughing like crazy he had roped in the bastard's and it was time to dish out the punishment.

" So what if you are the Hier of Advani multinational , here in PurpleHaze you cant even hold my Junk , Punk!"

The crowd around them had reached the thousands and Nitin had revealed his identity for all to see soo this was now a matter of pride for him .

Perfect stage!

Rudra paused and said

" Guards arrest this group for slandering a noble of Hazelgroove kingdom in the open , Arrest everyone put them in jail , mark them as offenders and especially put a long sentence on the one who threatened to beat me like a dog".

" Ha what do you think you are a bigshot in this city? guards would be on the beck on call of whom....." A lackey said

" Ooohhhh we are all soo scared of you Micheal was saying that the groups face started turned pale as a group of 30 Guards in heavy armour marched towards them

The group all first saluted Rudra before turning towards them

" I captain Forrrster arrest the bunch of you under the offense of slandering a noble of Hazelgroove kingdom sentencing you to 14 days of jail ".


The guards rushed in and beat the pulp out of the low level players ... many tried to run away but were caught in an instant


He was supposed to be a nobody , just who the hell did we offend thought the group

Nitin' s face was pale , he looked around and saw hundreds of people around him recording him being dragged away like a dog by the guards

He even revealed himself as the Hier of Advani clan..... if this was posted on the forums or youtube he would become the laughing stock of the world.

Ever since he was little he was never faced with such humiliation and hence thinking about what could be he started wailing and crying like a baby ... tears and snot running loose .

" Hahahaha , hier of the advani clan is a joke "

" I hate bossy people like him " someone spat on him as he was being dragged away

Yes , he was spat on ....

hundreds of people were laughing at him

" YOU.... I WILL KILLL YOU " He screamed at Rudra

" A crybaby like you will kill me? hahahaha kid go home and tell your mom to give you milk with complan soo you grow up to be a man".

'Hahahahahaha yes he is a crybaby'

' Drink milk and go to sleep kid , this isnt a game for kids like you'

' What a joke for advani clan to have such a successor i will pull out all stocks i have of the company , such company has no future'.

More humiliation had to be suffered by Nitin . 14 days in jail meant he and his guild would lag by immense amount when compared to others

His dreams of dominating the virtual world were crumpling before even starting properly ... Why ? why was this happening ? Nitin could not understand it.. wasnt he born above these common bastards ? who were only objects of his whims ? Why did they start to mock and laugh at him then?

How dare they?



" Forrester that guy is a rabid dog and a threat to public security i think you should put him in solitary confinement and extend his sentence". Said Rudra

" As you command my lord " Said Forrester .. and shit got more ugly for Nitin

As Nitin was barking crying and wailing madly Rudra threw him in a bone

" You know i can spare you if you want , but i have a price " .

Silence complete silence in the crowd

" Name it " said Nitin hoping for a way out

" Well i dont know if you can pay it though, i will take payment in gold so...".

" HUH. I am the guild master of WhiteRadiance guild with 10K players under me ..... ofcourse we have gold...we have 230 Gold in total " He said gloatingly

" Well then pay me 230 gold for your release and i will even give you these sets of armours for free ". Rudra said smiling

" Are You mad? it took our Guild members 10 days since the start of the game to farm this kind of money and it is all our wealth ... how can we give it to you ?" Said lackey 1

" If i give you the gold will you release us? " Asked Nitin

" If you give me the gold i will release you " said Rudra

"How can i trust you , you may take the money and run away?" asked Nitin

" I swear on the name of the Godess of Light Fiona that i will release you once you pay me 230 gold " Rudra sweared ... many did not know but breaking a promise in the name of Godess of Light will put you under a 90% debuff .. then you needed to do charity and community service for hours untill you dispelled it.

Soo this was a solid oath

Nitin nodded then he payed Rudra 230 gold

and Rudra did indeed give him all the sets of armours

" Thankyou for your patronage " He said as he smiled rubbing salt on their wounds

" Now, release us " Nitin said

" Release him " ordered Nitin

and he was indeed set free

" What about the rest of them? " asked Nitin

"You swore an oath release them too "

" I swore to release you , you dumbass that means you and you alone .... the rest will rot in jail". Rudra said coldly




The corporate members of WhiteRadiance guild screamed as they were dragged to jail

" Well , your father being a businessman you truly are an idiot Nitin arent you, with the upper echelon of your guild gone and with 0 funds left how will you manage your members ?" Rudra said in a very concerned tone that sounded extremely fake

" CAREFULL WHO YOU MESS WITH,.....CIAO" Rudra said menacingly

leaving the snot covered Nitin in the middle of the street covered in snot and dirty clothes for the whole world to mock

He was threatened ... He was trampled and he was swindled today.

He logged out quickly to escape the mocking laughs directed at him but it was too late

The forums tagged him as the ' Idiot Crybaby' and he was a joke in real life too

Various memes were made of his crying face and the Advani multinational stock crashed 30% the following day.

After 10 long years Rudra took the first step in his revenge!

He wasnt through with WhiteRadiance yet... a loss of face was too kind of him.

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