MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 21 - Dealing With His Identity Crisis

Chapter 21 - Dealing With His Identity Crisis

After Returning to PurpleHaze city Rudra quickly checked in the best 5 star hotel he could find , it costed 7 gold a night to stay in such inns however he did it anyway as he would be logging out today for long hours .

Rudra needed a safe place to live in and he needed it now! Rudra was part of country X where corruption was rampant as well as the competitor Advani ' s had a massive foothold in .

Not a single high level official would help him in this country, best case scenario they would turn a blind eye to the actions of Mr Advani , worst case they would take action themselves framing and imprisoning him of crime he never committed.

He decided to immigrate to the safest country with the best government ... country J . ( Ps . Yua is in country J ) . Country J had an area in city T for the uber rich people . The starting price of mansions in that area was 200 million dollars. That area was called the Up side and was heavily guarded , with entry restricted to only extremely limited people, The area was under high tech security protocols as well as under ariel drones and manual human patrol . It was not easy to infiltrate much less warrant a visit from unwanted people .

The upside gauranteed security and privacy and was created by one of the 6 trillionares , the resident of country J himself , hence noone would want to offend such a personality . The only problem was you needed status to buy a house in the upside, even if he had the money , will his résumé be accepted?

The only way he stood even the most remote of chances to be accepted was if he divulged his identity as 'Shakuni' in 'Omega'.He did not want to do it , however he had no alternative's, it was only a matter of time before people pouring manpower and money into his identity will learn about him .

He browsed through their site and none of the 200 million mansions were available anymore... The cheapest one costed 220 million he applied for it gritting his teeth... If he got approved he needed to transfer payment within 48 hours which meant he needed to liquidate the platinum in game soon.

With that done , he also made a backup plan to Run to country E and a third plan to run to country F although both of them were significantly worse plans than going to the upside as security was not gauranteed neither was anonymity , however it would still be out of Advani's reach.

Rudra cursed hard as he now needed to flee the country because of a stupid mistake of standing out.He was too hasty in stepping on Advani's tail , he was not strong enough yet. He had to Run!

The biggest problem now , was how to convince the family.

Rudra took his cycle to home , as today was a Sunday both his father and brother would be at home. Sigh , I cant make out if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

On his way home , he thought about a million possible lies he could tell to convince his parents to move with him . He made a plan A , B , C all the way to drugging his parents and shipping them using private jets plan Z . Either way they would be leaving the country in 2 days.


(Meanwhile Advani multinational )

Secretary Zhang entered Mr Advani's office

" Sir , we have solid information on the identity of the player who humiliated your son Nitin in public , causing the company a loss of face as well a lot of money ".

" Who is it , who is that bastard? "

" Sir he is the player named 'Shakuni' the same one who has a lot of acolades in the game 'Omega'."

Mr Advani went silent for a while. " Are you sure ? ".

" Yes sir , the mercenaries we hired in game, tried to get information on how the player got a stall and was selling his armours , the only way to get a stall was through administration office in the capital , while they went there they demanded protection for their stall like the player had but were rejected , upon causing a ruckus about diffrential treatment , they were told the protection was there as the player was none other than Viscount Shakuni ".

"The name shakuni along with his viscount status would mean the player is not your average joe , which narrows it down to one man ".

Mr Advani was troubled , but he was also exited about this opportunity , Shakuni was being sought by many high level organisations ..... Just the information alone would sell for a few million to organizations seeking him out.

"Look for more , trace his steps back to beginener village .... Shakuni is a gold mine right now ... lets use this to uncover his identity , we will first sell his identity out for cash before sending mercenaries to cripple him... Even if he is from a big clan ... He cannot escape the big corporations on his tail , and he will still be able to play the game even if he is crippled not affecting his market value.... Revenge and money both will be realized together".

The verdict was given , Rudra was neck deep in shit now ! It is a race against time with them closing in on his real identity . Although Rudra had never divulged his identity yet with his appearance same as real life , someone somewhere or some face recognition software will smoke him out , Rudra had worn a helmet during the incident hence only parts of his face were exposed but if someone were to trace his steps back to beginner village as one uncovered more and more of his face , they would slowly but surely have a full face reveal and it would be only a matter of time before he would be exposed then.


( At the Rajput manor ) ( Rudra's family home )

Rudra was seated along with his full family on the dining table sipping afternoon tea thinking about ways to break the news to them.

And he started with the most emotional reason he could come up with.

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