MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 22 - Real World Problems

Chapter 22 - Real World Problems

Rudra started the conversation extremely cautiously, "Mom did you consult a doctor ?" He asked

Her mom smiled , she was moved how much her son cared for her... "Yes i did go to a doctor, I only need some costly medicine ... as it is not spread too much yet ... no surgery is required". His mom smiled ... Maybe the family would not use all of the 25 million his son gave her.

Rudra was glad that her mom would not need to undergo surgery ... but he needed her poor health as an excuse to move her to country J .... what to do??

He smiled, Plan A had failed he wanted to bullshit his way that he found an excellent doctor in Country J where he wanted to take mom for treatment... but he could not do it anymore could he?

Soo onto plan B .... Trick dad into thinking it is his idea to move .

"Dad dont you think mom is too stressed here in this manor? She needs to take care of her health ... she can stop working soo hard now no?" Rudra asked

" Yes , Yes absolutely , iv told her many times to hire a maid but your mom is scared the neighbors will soon start to envy us and try harm little Max ."

Little max looked up innocently at his father his face showing he understood nothing

"????????" he blinked looking blank

Rudra 's heart melted , noone harms my little brother he said firmly in his mind

It was sad to feel soo unsafe in one's own locality but in 2100 a maid was a luxury only available to the uber rich . If someone from the Rajput Manor had one the people around them will go green with envy

But this was exactly what Rudra was hoping for

He banged his hand on the table, everyone was startled.


His father was caught offguard by his son's flurry, but still being the alpha of this house he said

" If you want us to move , earn enough money to buy a mansion in a safe locality, we ' ll talk then " His father said

BOOYAH! thought Rudra

He said " Actually dad i have applied for a house in country J "

" Country J? why country J ? , if i did not know better you would say you applied for a mansion in the upside". His father laughed and joked

His mom laughed too ... Upside was world famous residential scheme .... even the most basic manors costed 200 million dollars. It was told to be the safest area for the uber rich locality with best privacy, a mansion in upside was something they never even dared to dream about

" I did apply for a mansion in the upside " Said Rudra


" You do know it costs 200 million dollars Right? " asked his mom

" Actually the basic one costs 200 million , the one i applied for costs 220 million ".

His dad ".....".

His mom "...."

Max " Can we go to disneyland? "


" Calm down mom you need to take care of your health". said Rudra

" How do you have 220 million? , you dont smuggle drugs right? "

" Dad i earn my money through bank transfer not cash it is legit , I earned it in game ". Rudra said , it was a half lie as he did not have cash yet but he would earn it in game .

" What kind of ridiculous game are you playing to earn soo much money ? Honey is it still the same world we live in? "

The parents had a million questions but Rudra was short on time

" Pack everything up , we move out day after " Rudra said that and stormed out , not allowing any more questions


( Meanwhile in game )

The official guilds had started to appear since yesterday .... The first 20 man dungeon cleared in nightmare mode gave a bronze guild creation token as a gauranteed drop with a 5% drop rate for silver creation token and a 0.001 % drop for gold token.

While a lot of bronze guilds started to appear a few big guilds would try do reruns untill they finally get their hands on a silver token

While the true biggest guilds having hundreds of thousands of members would send hundreds of adventuring parties to try clear the dungeon untill they got their hands on the gold token .

The difference between tokens could not be made up with time

Although a guild functioned as a guild regardless of the grade token used , the benefits of using higher grade were not few .

The common points between all tokens included

Forming A guild with a guild hall in the chosen city

Having a guild warehouse

All members of the guild having guild insignia

All members have access to guild chat channel

Guild members can participate in guild wars

A heirchy system for members

Can hire Npc to act as guards

Living quarters

and other such generic shit

The silver token added the benefits:

One the guild warehouse size was significantly larger and the guild hall looked much grander

The grade of NPC guards that could be hired can be higher and more in number

Silver grade guilds had a blacksmithing and alchemy hall , hence could hire NPC blacksmiths and alchemists

The gold grade token added the benefits of :

Everything in the silver token

+ potionology hall

+ beast stable

+ better living quarters for guild members as well as special rooms for the upper echleon

+ special auditorium and guild conference room

In the entire game the only method of obtaining said token's was from this dungeon only with a level cap of level 20 .

There was no other dungeon or Boss mob that dropped a guild creation token.

Hence while rerunning the dungeon one needed to be carefull not to cross the level 20 cap , and why the gold guild creation token was such a sought after item forever in the game.

In 'Omega' the penalty of leaving or being kicked from a guild was inability to join another guild for 1 month

It was a heavy penalty .

However there was still one more special class of guild creation token's The platinum class , only 10 guild creation tokens of platinum class existed in the game in hands of various organizations and super powers . One of which was in the hands of Church Of Light the reward Rudra wanted from their warehouse

The Platinum Guild benfits included:

Everything in the gold token

+ A hall for every lifestyle profession with the best equipment and working conditions

+ Mage tower ( A resident mage can be hired to protect the guild )

+ Ultra luxurious living quarters giving exp buff on logout ( This was the best condition , as after update 1 this feature would be removed from hotels)

+ Special features in guild insignia

+ Special guildmaster and vice guildmaster halls

+ Protective barrier

Rudra dreamed of this , his guild of elites deserved nothing less than a platinum token guild .


( Back in the capital city , virtual world )

Rudra woke up to a 80% full experience bar he smiled , not all his time logging out was wasted .

He had lots of things to do today

Go to the church to Turn in the quest for his rewards

Then go to a date with PinkLotus , and also try sell his platinum to her .

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