MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 26 - A New Start ?

Chapter 26 - A New Start ?

Secretary Zhang was dragged bound and gagged into Mr Advani' s office .

" You Idiot , did I or did I not tell you to check that guy's baground? , A common guy? An average Joe with no backing? THE GREY INTERNATIONAL IS BEHIND HIM !!!!!! " Advani was livid

" Do you know the error of your blunder? , The entire mercenary group we hired had been anihilated due to false information and my son Nitin was taken hostage ".

" Now both the organization behind the mercenaries is on my a** for feeding them false information . They dont care shit about those who died but it will cost me hundreds of millions to soothe their anger and my good for nothing son has to be bought back at any price else my stock will plummet ".

"All this because you could not do a simple baground check on a guy? If we knew that Grey was behind him i would have worshipped him like he was my grandfather ". Advani was in a state of total mental breakdown this was not what he wanted

Ofcourse Secretary Zhang was at a little fault but truth is even he did his own investigations on Rudra but never did he found out about any backing at all , but he needed a scapegoat

Secretary Zhang said " Sir i have been with you since the foundation of Advani multinational , i have earned more to you than this error , you know my worth please forgive me ". He begged

Advani was silent, then he removed an antique colt revolver from his desk and shot three bullets through secretary Zhang's chest.

" There is no mercy in buisness". Advani said

" Rudra Rajput .... I have lost a lot for you .... One day i will make you pay !".


( Country J , The upside )

The upside was a massive township in its own right ..... Tall walls surrounding it 3 ways with an endless ocean on the fourth .

A common beach , some private beach mansions , a private school , a university for all disciplines with world renowned teachers . cityscape mansions , tall buisness towers a commercial street with only the best stores of top brands across the world .

No one was allowed entry not even the city police without authorization . Drones patrolled the skies and the Upside had its own law enforcement team .

There was a huge logistics building , where package delivery from outside was tested and checked for any possible threats . Food was checked for poison before upside staff delivered it to your house.

The worlds best hospital with helicopters to carry passengers for like saving 30 seconds , in case of medical emergency . Here even normal medical cars were custom made luxury cars faster than most police cars built for highway chases.

Entertainment zones. Kids park even an amuzement park , water park and snowpark . Whatever you thought one needed was available at Upside .

Lamborghini's parked at doors of every mansion like it was a Maruti , Plus each mansion came with its own custom Upside vehicle parked in the garage .

And the biggest benefit here was all of the above services were compliments of the Grey international .

No taxes , No school fees , No need to pay bills at a diner , No need to buy tickets at amusement parks .

No electricity bill No water bill .

This is why it was a dream of even Billionaire's to live in this place. No disturbance at all , and each and every person living in the Upside was worth socializing with , Noone without status could live here.

But the actual reality of upside is.... its just a bribe to rope in the best talents in the world for the Grey International .

Noone who lives in the Upside is unappreciative of Ethan Grey , most would willingly help him at every chance possible , going above and beyond in the task assigned.

The Grey international earned 6 times of what they spend to mentain the Upside from its residents . The high priced mansions are only listed so to make the residents feel like they have bought their rightfull place and hence preserving their self respect.

Rudra ' s family was extremely elated to be here , and soo was Rudra , despite everything he felt exited to be here .... How could he not ... living such an ordinary life in an ordinary environment uptill now , living in the upside was like going from earth to heaven.

He sighed looking at his family's happiness he thought ' Okay Ethan Grey you win '. He was ready to make a deal with the devil if it meant his family could stay here happily .

The new Rajput mansion was huge with a private gym , swimming pool and a small theatre for 20 people .

Each room was a 2 BHK flat in itself with amenities stacked up and down . Gold was spread all around the house from lamp fittings to doorknobs.

Mahesh Rajput , Rudra 's dad had tears in his eyes .... his good for nothing son actually brought him to spend his retirement in such luxury?

He was reallly hard on him since childhood , but he did raise a competent and Fillial son .

Little Max went mad with joy ,Running all around the house saying things like " Look mom there s a pool in our backyard " " Sooo big Television"

His parents hugged each other real hard

He heard his mom whisper to his dad " Isnt our son , something !!! "

Rudra 's heart clutched ..... How much he wanted his parents to be happy and proud of him . But the happiness did not last long

Upside staff arrived and said

" Mr Rudra can you please come with us to the administration office for the registration of the new house ".

Rudra knew there was no Registration , it was a meeting with the boss

" Lead the way ". Rudra said

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