MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 25 - Can He Escape? ( Bonus For 100 PS)

Chapter 25 - Can He Escape? ( Bonus For 100 PS)

Rudra had chartered a relatively early flight .... at 6 am in the morning ... hence they left for airport at 4 am .... Although the Airport was 1 hr drive .... as it was a private plane they did not need to go through boarding procedures and security checks ... Hence they left with a bit leisure.

Rudra had not slept a wink last night , He was feeling extremely anxious for some reason .... perhaps only after the plane would take off would he feel safe. He was perspiration sitting in fully air-conditioned car. He could feel his stomach funny. As he looked at his carefree family all happy and exited , he had no intention of letting them know that the relocation was more of a flee the country.


( Mr Advani 's house , 3 am night )

( Common Ringtone sound )

Mr Advani picks up the phone late at night " What is it ? " He asks grumpily .

It was Secretary Zhang , he said " Sir we have information about Rudra Rajput , after accessing his bank details it was revealed he has chartered a flight from here to Country J , he will leave the country today".

Advani was up in an instant " When?" he asked

" The flight has no departing time mentioned as it is a private jet . We have tried to contact the aviation company but the office is closed soo late and night and they cannot cancel the flight according to their policy ".

" Damn it, call up the mercenaries , the bastard cant leave the country ". Advani was livid

He had promised to make 'Shakuni' his slave and sell it to the highest bidder , he wanted to personally break the bastards legs for his loss of money and face.

He called his son Nitin " The bastard is trying to flee the country , you couldnt touch him in game but you are the one with power in reality , make a video make sure the bastard suffers and we will have someone upload it online ".

He instructed his son

Nitin was always a alcoholic but after his incident and loss of face in game , all his uber rich friends bullied him to death making him a even worse drunkard

His eyes became bloodshot thinking about his revenge , He would definitely make Rudra pay today .


( Meanwhile Ethan Grey , owner of upside one of the 6 trillionares in the world )

" So the 'Shakuni' guy is coming to my residency huh?" He asked his secretary as he sipped his Cigar

" He wishes to sir, but as you have instructed to personally approve of everyone wanting to live here , i came to ask for permission ." His secretary answered

" He has intresting achievements also the ' Omega ' market is the future ... its a 100 trillion dollar market and we definitely want to make our footing , let him come we ' ll see how he can help ".

" He may not be able to come sir, the locals are behind him ". The secretary said

"Ohhh, pests want claim over my intrest? , settle it "

" Right away sir " The secretary answered

The information network of the trillionares was something commendable .... however in this digital age it was really hard to hide anyway ... from your car to your phone to your watch everything was being tracked ... there were cameras everywhere and checkposts regularly . It was not possible to be a ghost anymore.

Rudra had gained the attention of a Extremely dangerous man .


Finally the situation came round this .... when Rudra left his home soo did 18 other vehichles 6 survillence drones and 2 helicopters .

Some stalked Rudra while the Mr Grey's forces stalked those who stalked Rudra

It was like the mantis stalking the cicada unaware of the oriole behind. 20 minutes out of the airport the forces of Mr Advani made their move .

Mr Rajput was driving calmly , however Rudra was long since aware that a black SUV was following them since the last 5 minutes .... Not good ! His heart beated at an extremely unnatural rate . Rudra felt like if he continued to live life on the edge like this his body would give out within a month.

But something unexpected happened At the Cross Roads , a truck banged into the SUV . Mr Rajput stopped the car and got out , being a responsible citizen he wanted to help

Rudra screamed NOO in his mind he quickly got out sat on the drivers seat and reversed the car beside Mr Rajput and screamed


" Watch your language youn...."


seeing the fierce look in Rudra 's eyes he complied , he thought he would argue once he sat inside however Rudra drove away like a madman

Soon , sounds of gunshot were heard .... it was a crossfire.

Mr Rajput was stunned WTF was happening and where was the goddamn police?

" I need to call the police " he said


Both his parents glared at Rudra , they were good citizen s to the core ..... and only wanted to help , however they were too naive .

" Do you want to explain yourself?" . Rudra's father asked as he found the entire situation suspicious

Rudra's nerves were on the edge here.... he really wanted to say something yet couldn't . He said

" They are underworld gangs having a shootoff dad , half of the members are cops themselves ". Rudra 's dad was taken aback .... he had firmly beleived in the peace and stability of his city he had never seen this life.

" How do you know all this Rudra?" his mom asked

" Iv seen a lot of world mom , Worse than you both can imagine". Rudra said

His words seemed bull but it was the truth , he had really seen the ugliest side of the world in his 'Past life' he knew the goons Advani sent.

Rudra was not stupid and the crossfire only meant someone protected him.

The only people that could have protected him seeing his identity is now revealed to a few people

Could only be Yua's father or The trillionare owner of the Upside . He hardly suspected it to be Yua 's dad hence it meant only one thing.

He would escape country X 's hunter only to be hunted in country J again .

His mind was a mess and the only thing he wanted was to board that plane somehow.Driving like he was in a fast and furious movie ignoring his parents shouts and little brothers laughs of joy as if he was in a ride .

They reached the airport somehow ... I know it sounds cliché but After the plane took off Rudra could see the Road leading to the airport full of holes and burnt cars and ongoing fires

He had finally escaped country X ..... But at what cost?

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