MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 708 - Duel Without Rules; Unprecedented Murderous Intent

Chapter 708: Duel Without Rules; Unprecedented Murderous Intent

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Moonrise City was overflowing with people!

It was the first time so many people had gathered in the city even when there was no siege being attempted on the city. In just a few minutes, the city’s eastern walls were brimming with spectators; there were also countless winged players and players with flying Pets hovering in the sky.

Despite that, there was still an obscene number of people flocking over to the eastern gate from within the city. Everyone was afraid of missing out on the duel of the century!

“Have you heard? The ten League Masters made a bet with Qin Ruo that… whoever loses has to quit H&G… This duel is definitely going to be a very exciting one! We have to video-record this!”


“Oh, sh*t! There’s no empty space on the city walls anymore! Now where am I supposed to sit to watch the duel?”


“Hey, who do you think will win this duel?”

“It’s a no brainer, it’s going to be our League Master!”

“Oh, ah… I see. You’re from the Robot Corps. I’m sorry… Forget I ever asked.”


“By the way, Qin Ruo’s acting a bit hasty this time. He had the advantage in the Underworld forest… yet he agreed to this bet. One minute… That’s crazy. It’ll be a miracle if he defeats all ten of them in under a minute.”

“Nah, the Winter Demon will never get himself into a losing battle. I think… he knows what he’s doing.”

“Yeah, I heard that the Fallen Angels recently acquired a lot of Demigod Equipment. They were able to defeat thousands of the Ten Great Leagues’ men with just a few dozen combatants. Qin Ruo probably has a full set of Demigod Equipment by now.”

“Heh, so what if he has good gears?”

“Qin Ruo’s current opponents are ten super powerful Champions. Besides, they’ve made it so that there are no rules in this duel. No rules… and a one-minute time limit… Qin Ruo’s going to lose.”

“Rules? Pffft! You think the Black Emperor and his gang will use despicable tactics to stall until time runs out? If that’s the case, I suppose… the Ten Great Leagues will need to disband tomorrow.”

“No, you don’t get it. No rules. That means… Magic Scrolls, Attribute Potions… Sealed Mana Cores… They get to use everything in the duel. Anything! Think about it. It’s one person’s Magic Scrolls versus ten people’s Magic Scrolls. Which side would have the greater Damage? Heck, good thing they don’t have any Bowmasters amongst them. Or else… there’d be no need to even duel at all!”

Gossip, discussions, and debates were everywhere… Half of them were certain that the Ten Great Leagues would win while the other half thought that Qin Ruo would come out victorious. Some of them were so worked up by their debates that they almost stood and dueled with one another.


The Fallen Angels gathered together to discuss the matter too.

“Look, Boss… you can’t just go out there and grab all the fun. We didn’t get enough action back in the forest at all.”

Wandering Soul complained as he escorted Qin Ruo out of the eastern gate toward the huge empty space, which the players had cleared out earlier.

The other Fallen Angels approached Qin Ruo while several thousand pairs of eyes watched intently, ignoring Wandering Soul’s blabbering.

“Qin Ruo, you’ve got a plan for this, right? Be honest with me… Are you certain that you can win this?” Homme Fatale asked with a worried tone in his voice.

“Oh, come on.”

Qin Ruo smiled at him.

“Not you too. Don’t you have faith in me?”

Homme Fatale pondered for a few seconds, then he turned to Qin Ruo and sighed.

“Dinosaurcerer just opened up a bet. He’s the house, and he’s offering a 1:1 bet for your victory and a 1:2 bet for our opposition’s victory… Look, we’re buddies, right? Just give me some intel so that I can win in this gamble.”

Oh boy…

“Umm…Sis Violet?”

As Qin Ruo looked at her inquisitively, Violet Orchid waved her fists and spoke.

“Don’t worry, I, your Sister Violet, have faith in you. That’s why I’ve put in a 100,000 gold coins on you.”

“Hahaha… Xin Yu also has faith in Brother Qin! Xin Yu bets that you win too.”

The girls did not seem worried at all. It was all like a festival to them.

Qin Ruo was speechless.

It seemed that Homme Fatale was not the only one who had placed a wager on him. And… they seemed to be more worried about their gamble than his safety…


The Fallen Angels escorted Qin Ruo to the outskirts of the battlefield. They then stopped and waited on the sidelines as Qin Ruo stepped into the battle area…

Black Emperor and his fellow League Masters were already waiting inside. They all had different expressions on their faces—anxious, grim, smirking… Of course, there were also those who were confident that they would win.

“Heh, still fooling around with your stupid disguise?”

Black Emperor frowned as he looked at Qin Ruo’s still-active Berserker disguise.

Ignoring Black Emperor’s taunting words, Qin Ruo sat down sixty meters across the ten League Masters and replied.

“What’s the rush? We still have a few more minutes before the duel starts. I’ll remove the disguise once all the spectators have arrived.”

Hearing Qin Ruo’s response, Black Emperor and his gang started to feel a lingering anxiety shadowing over their heart…

Indeed, they had discussed and devised a strategy for the duel. However, Qin Ruo was calm… too calm! His confidence… the Fallen Angels’ confidence… Just what made them so confident?! His Tier 6 Magic Spells? Or his Demigod Equipment?

Unable to hold in his anxiety, Black Emperor stepped forward and spoke loudly.

“Since we still have some time before the duel begins… let’s go through the rules again…”

The Fallen Angels frowned as they heard that.

“This bastard… what’s he up to again?”

Violet Orchid, Majestic Hero, and Scarlet Bauhinia observed and quietly discussed.

“Rules? I thought there were no rules for this duel, right?”

“Yes, no rules. In fact, it would be advantageous for them for there to be no rules at all.”

“I hope Qin Ruo doesn’t agree to that.”

“These League Masters all have high-tier Bosses sealed in their Mana Cores. If the use of Sealed Mana Cores is allowed, then Qin Ruo will be in danger. Even if he has a full set of Demigod Equipment, there’s no way he can defeat all ten of them in under a minute…”

Majestic Hero expressed his concerns in a worried tone.


Black Emperor beamed when he saw that Qin Ruo had nodded his head.

“The fate of our Leagues depends on this duel. So, it’s only fair that we’re allowed to use all kinds of items in this fight. League Master Qin, I suppose you don’t oppose it. After all, each of us represent our Leagues. So, all these items are also part of our strength.”

Hearing that, many players secretly cursed Black Emperor in their heads…

All kinds of items? So, that included the Sealed Mana Cores. If they were to throw Mana Cores for high-tier Bosses into the battlefield, then what was there to fight about?

The Ten Great Leagues would surely win!

All they needed to do was spend over millions of gold coins to acquire such Mana Cores… After that, it would be a piece of cake defeating the Winter Demon and breaking up the Fallen Angels League.

Yet, just as everyone thought that Qin Ruo would reject Black Emperor’s unreasonable terms… Qin Ruo’s calm reply shocked everyone on the scene.

“I agree.”


“Did I hear wrong?”

“He… He agreed?!”



As tens of thousands of players secretly discussed it… Qin Ruo opened his mouth again.

“However, I need all of you to abide to one rule as well. When we fight, you are only allowed to step forward and toward me. You can remain stationary if you want… but you must not back away. If you turn tail and run around, it won’t matter how good I am at combat since I won’t be able to chase all of you down and defeat you in a minute, right?”


Terminator quickly agreed on behalf of his teammates.

From the moment Qin Ruo agreed to the “rule-less duel”, Terminator was confident that they would win. So, he agreed without hesitation.

Then, both sides fell back into silence again.

While the seconds passed, an increasing number of players started to gather around the east side of Moonrise City. Clan Leaders were allowed to flock closer to the battlefield—they were all Qin Ruo and Black Emperor’s witnesses after all.


“All right, time’s up…”

Ten minutes had passed. Black Emperor and his gang anxiously gathered round, extending their Defense Skills and Magic Spells.

Immediately, the spectators held their breath as they focused their eyes on the battlefield.


“Can we begin?”

Hearing Black Emperor’s words, Qin Ruo stood up and faced the Clan Leaders behind him.

“Everyone, it’s 9:17 pm right now!

“So, let’s start our battle at 9:18 pm. We’ll end this at exactly 9:19pm! I’ll need all of you, the Clan Leaders, to be our time keepers.”

“League Master Qin, don’t you worry. There are so many of us here. If the Ten Great Leagues lose and want to go back on their word, I, Majestic Hero, will be the first to give them hell!”

“Haha, Majestic Hero! Don’t worry, if they were to go back their word under these circumstances, there’d be no way they to survive in the player community from here on.”

Scarlet Bauhinia and Majestic Hero declared loudly like a comedic duo. The Ten Great League Masters were so pissed to see those two thinking that they would lose.

If they had not been Veteran Champions and reputable Clan Leaders, they might have gotten their men to rush over and have them killed.


Nodding his head, Qin Ruo looked at the time and slowly turned to his opponents.

Black Emperor and other nine League Masters were grinning slyly while taking out their Sealed Mana Cores.

Sealed Mana Cores…

So… those slimy bastards wanted to use high-tier Mana Cores to stall for time and win the battle after all.


Too bad.

If they had mentioned the use of Mana Cores or Magic Scrolls, Qin Ruo may not have had the confidence to end things in under a minute.

That aside, the battle had been decided from the start, and both sides agreed to it.


Ten seconds before 9:18 pm…

“League Master Qin, perhaps it’s time for you to discard that ridiculous disguise?”

Black Emperor stepped forward with his Mana Core in hand.

Then, a flash of light suddenly shone out from his Mana Core!

In the next second, cries of shock were heard all over from the spectators’ side. Cloaked in a black Magic Robe, a huge insidious-looking Lich appeared out of thin air and waved its claws above Black Emperor!

Throwing a glance at the Lich that was emanating a powerful surge of murderous intent, Qin Ruo frowned and… a ray of white light flared from his body…

He dismantled his disguise and revealed his actual look.

His body was clad in a full set of exquisite silver equipment. Soothing silver light radiated gently from his equipment as he stood on the battlefield proudly and calmly.

The spectators were all in awe when they saw Qin Ruo’s equipment send out such a serene enigmatic vibe. Naturally, Black Emperor and the countless other high-tier players were shocked upon noticing Qin Ruo’s gear. It was finely crafted like a piece of exquisite and intricate artwork.

Demigod Grade Equipment…

A full set of Demigod Grade Equipment!

So, that was why Qin Ruo had so much confidence? That was his trump card?


“A full set of Demigod gear? So what? Die!!”

After several roars were heard from Black Emperor’s side, continuous beams of white light shot out again…


No, Liches!!

As the white light died down, more Liches appeared above Terminator, Golden Blood Lion, Winterfall Swallow, and the others…

Ten Liches were now lined up above the ten League Masters!

In an instant, the spectators were overwhelmed by both the serene and elegant silver vibe on one side, as well as the potent murderous scent of death on the other…


The clock showed 9:18 pm!

With an ear-piercing screech, the ten Liches waved their sharp claws and rushed toward Qin Ruo.

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