MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 709 - A New Conquest (END)

Chapter 709: A New Conquest

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Note: Double chapter ahead

The Lich.

This monster was, for quite an extended period of time, the most horrifying existence for most players in H&G. Until now, even when players were about to advance to Tier 6, the Liches’ immense power and cunning remain a haunting nightmare to many players.

As a result, the Liches’ Sealed Mana Cores were immensely treasured. In fact, they were the most valuable one-time-usage items. Having such a core in their pockets, Champions could turn the tables fairly easily in combat. To many, the ability to summon just one Lich was the same as the ability to command an entire platoon of players. At the very least, having a Lich on their sides would mean that they were unbeatable in combat.


It was apparent that if one were to face off with Qin Ruo in battle, one ought to ignore this “common knowledge” about Liches…

The ten League Masters, who already outnumbered Qin Ruo, had to each bring a Lich Sealed Mana Core with them, Mana Cores that could topple someone in a one-versus-one battle.

Now, there were ten Liches before everyone’s eyes. They sent out ten monstrosities that could bring forth an unspoken number of disasters just to fight one man!

Based on that, one could see that the ten League Masters feared Qin Ruo; of course, it also showed the spectators that they were determined to win the battle.

They had to win this!

Even though they had sent out ten Liches, using ten high-tier Mana Cores in one go, they wanted to make sure that there were no hiccups in the crucial battle…

“Kill him!”

Following their plan, the ten Liches surrounded Qin Ruo—five approached him from the front while five crept up to him from behind.

As soon as the Liches moved, the battle heated up all the way to the max!


“Hmph, how appalling!”

The only spectators who were not surprised by the ten Liches were mostly members of the Fallen Angels. They owned their own Lich Mana Cores too—every single one of the high-ranking members had one in their backpacks. The Cores were all crafted by both Dinosaurcerer and Snowleaf.

In other words, there was no other group that had defeated more Liches or was familiar with the tactics of defeating Liches than the Fallen Angels. They literally set up a city in the Underworld.

After facing off against those powerful monsters so frequently, they did not appear to mind the frightening sight of the ten Liches.

In addition, the Liches that the ten League Masters summoned were depowered by the Mana Core System. They were not really as threatening as the real deal. Nonetheless, even if they were all real, actual Liches, Dinosaurcerer and the other Fallen Angels would not be really impressed. These Tier 6 Megabosses were nothing compared to the Divine Tier monsters that they had been fighting day and night lately.

Majestic Hero, Scarlet Bauhinia, Black God, Netherclaw, and the other Elementalists who were observing the battlefield with Elemental Perception were able to see the Fallen Angels’ indifference toward the Liches quite clearly.

They did not know why they were able to appear unfazed by the appearance of the ten Liches, yet they could tell that Qin Ruo had most likely grown more powerful than any one of them could ever imagine.

Surely enough, on the battlefield… the tables were turned drastically in a rather short time…


Then ten Liches did not spook Qin Ruo at all. In an instant, a surge of powerful Mana swept across the battlefield!

A wave of common Tier 5 Water-type 5 AoE magic attacks was hurled at the Liches…

Then, Frozen Realm was cast. Cold freezing wind, almost as freezing as the air on the peak of Mount Everest, swirled fiercely on the battlefield. The spectators felt like their faces were being cut by the freezing wind!

Meanwhile, huge Frostramparts, white and reflective like mirrors, were raised up around the Liches… and…


The Frostramparts exploded into an enormous white snowy rose… engulfing Qin Ruo and the Liches.

It all happened so fast, almost as if it happened within a second. The spectators were stunned by what they saw like the Liches who were hit by the icy burst earlier!

The ten League Masters had also lost sight of their main target, Qin Ruo right then.

He used AoE Magic Attack to disrupt their Elemental Perception…

He used the massive ice burst to hide from his enemies…

What was he going to do next? Teleportation?!

Black Emperor and his colleagues halted their attacks. They got the ten Liches to form a circle around them. They needed to be vigilant.

As specks of snow flitted in the air, ten cloaks floated around the ten Champions… Ten pairs of red glowing eyes cautiously leered around, seeking their now missing prey…



Suddenly, just as one of the Liches stopped hovering around… three shining ice crystals burst into frost right in front of it.


“Hitting the enemies’ strongest spot upfront… Just as expected from our boss.”

Wandering Soul and several members of the Fallen Angels stared at the battlefield as they exclaimed in astonishment.

A silhouette robed in silver swiftly moved around the battlefield and shot three salvoes of Fatal Frost Crystals right at the Lich, which was thirty meters away.

Qin Ruo’s strikes were quite unpredictable… He did not move or act like a typical Elementalist would. But, even though Black Emperor and his teammates were surprised by that, they did not slow down their attacks.

Immediately after, the frost and dust were blown off hundreds diameters around the battlefield as the ten Liches swarmed back into action!

The Liches did not waste any time as they flocked toward Qin Ruo with ear-piercing screeches.


Powerful Shadow-type Mana surged fiercely around the Liches while they rushed at Qin Ruo… Before they were able to reach him, their scent of death got ahead, stopping mere inches away from Qin Ruo…

Behind the Liches, Golden Blood Lion was covered in scarlet Berserker Aura, leering at his prey who was fifty meters away from him—Qin Ruo. A powerful force pulsed in his body as he charged up his strength, making the heavy broadsword in his hand tremble with a loud ringing noise…

Next to Golden Blood Lion stood the only female League Master, Winterfall Swallow. Clad in a finely crafted armor, which showcased her voluptuous curves, Winterfall Swallow looked at the attacking Liches with cold and calm eyes. Behind her was a giant pale white snail, stretching out its feelers and guarding its master.

The Winter Snail…

It was a Tier 6 Miniboss that possessed a huge sturdy impenetrable shell. Although it could not deal huge damage to a foe, its defense was extremely sturdy, only second to the Grand Reaper. It served as a dependable guard for its master.


Preemptive strikes.

That was something only achievable when one had a rich amount of experience in combat. The timing and accuracy of the attacks needed to be precise. Only by going through combat after combat were players able to master such skills. Even Electromancers, who were known for their speed, needed to train and learn them through countless bloodshed.

Of course…

No one had better mastery over preemptive strikes than Qin Ruo.

Although his opponents had summoned monsters to gain the upper hand, it did not really matter at all—monsters needed time to receive orders on the battlefield. And for a battle that was as risky as the one that Qin Ruo and Black Emperor were in, time was of the essence. The time they took to give orders to the Liches had also given Qin Ruo time to react.

Thus, three Fatal Frost Crystals were able to whoosh toward the Liches and explode into millions of ice shards… It was so fast that the Liches did not have time to strike back with their powerful attacks…

Instantly, seven Liches were engulfed by the explosion in the Fatal Frost Crystals’ range of attack range. Shockingly, the Tier 5 Magic Spell was able to make all seven of them frozen solid.

According to the system message, the duration of the Frozen Effect was three seconds!



Before the system message could report what was going on, Black Emperor and his colleagues were able to see quite clearly how their Liches had been engulfed by Qin Ruo’s Ice-type Magic Attacks.

Now they only had three Liches they could use.

And with just three Liches, it was quite difficult to break through Qin Ruo’s defense.

If Qin Ruo managed to get close to them, God knows what would happen next!


“We’ve got to stop him from using Teleportation!”

Black Emperor quickly warned his fellow teammates.


As he finished his words, he saw Qin Ruo glide into the Liches’ range of attack with incredible speed. There was no sign of him activating any Teleportation skills.

Death Lasers!

Wailing of the Unrest!

Death Skull Salvoes!

The three Liches that were not affected by the Fatal Frost Crystals instinctively released their magic attacks at the incoming Qin Ruo.

One AoE Magic Attack.

Two Homing Magic Missiles.


Death Lasers and Death Skull Salvoes penetrated Qin Ruo’s Barrier like a lightning strike. Then, they pierced through his body… as if his body was a fog of smoke… and they struck the ground behind him.

Attack missed!

Attack missed!

Cheering and roars of surprise were heard everywhere from the spectators’ area…

That was expected. After all, only a select few in the crowd had witnessed this magic in the forest earlier.

Still, Black Emperor and the Clan Leaders could not help but take a deep breath after they saw Qin Ruo evade the attacks that way. They were now certain that the magic he used was not a unique once-a-day skill found in enchanted equipment—it was a learned magic skill, one that may require a long cooldown time.

Nonetheless, Black Emperor and his teammates’ attempts were not entirely in vain.

The ear-piercing screeches from the Liches earlier were actually Tier 6 Shadow-type Magic Attacks. They had sent out a series of magic shockwaves, shattering Qin Ruo’s ghastly body double. This essentially drove out Qin Ruo’s real body, which was now standing right next to the fake body.

Although there were droves of AoE attacks flung at him, Qin Ruo’s Barrier was undamaged.

In the very first phase of the battle… the first cross-fire…

The ten League Masters, who supposedly possessed the upper hand, had now lost their edge!

Seven out of their ten Liches lost the ability to fight for three seconds while the other three were not able to harm Qin Ruo in the slightest. On the other hand, Qin Ruo was able to inch closer toward the ten League Masters by another forty meters!


It was then that… Qin Ruo’s rule of disallowing the ten League Masters from backing away showed its effects. Unable to back away, they had no other choice but to keep pushing forward with their Liches despite the disadvantages they now faced.

A loud cheerful laugh was heard on the battlefield.

“The Ten Great Leagues’ Leaders, huh? I didn’t think you’d be such easy prey.”

The spectators were utterly shocked. Qin Ruo was able to banter with his foes while he fought in such an intense battle? That was unheard of.

They were even more speechless when they realized where Qin Ruo was at the time—he was hovering in the air, lingering lazily in between the ten Liches and ten League Masters…

What a mad man!

He had the golden opportunity to deliver effective counterstrikes, yet he did not do that. He would rather banter with his enemies while he idled in such a dangerous spot!

Even the Fallen Angels were astounded when they saw the scene…

“No bloody way…”

“Even if he wants to toy around, this really isn’t the best time for that…”

Wandering Soul, Black Rock, and several other Fallen Angels stared at Qin Ruo who remained idle and unfazed in the same spot after he was dealt another three blows by the Liches. Still, he did not move a muscle at all.

Could it be that he was experiencing a connection issue?


While the spectators, who were watching the fight from the outside, were totally awestruck by Qin Ruo’s confidence, the faces of the ten League Masters were now as white as a sheet.

Despite seeing it with their own eyes, they could not believe what they saw.

They felt a freezing chill run up their spines as they clenched their weapons with sweaty hands. They were now not as angry as before.

No one knew that Black Emperor and his peers had lost all confidence after they saw how unfazed Qin Ruo was by the second round of their Liches’ attacks.

No, they were not angry anymore. Now, all they felt was fear—an ever-expanding haunting fear!


During the first round of their Liches’ AoE attacks, Qin Ruo had only sustained a mere 17 damage on his Barrier and a few insignificant drops in his HP. That was already unbelievable enough for them, but it was still not too much of a shock for them. They knew that most of their attacks had landed on Qin Ruo’s fake ghastly body, not the actual target.

However, the second round of attacks had all landed on Qin Ruo himself. Upon seeing the system’s messages, Black Emperor and his peers had now completely forfeited the idea of defeating Qin Ruo.

Not even one of their attacks dealt any significant damage to him at all…

In fact, Qin Ruo did not even care to activate his Darkfrost Shield and allowed all of those attacks to land on his Barrier. Then, Qin Ruo slowly took out a bottle of Rootless Elixir and gulp it all down in one go. An immense amount of Ice-type Mana immediately splurged forth from Qin Ruo’s Magic Scroll almost immediately!

Right then, the seven Liches that were about to break free of the Frozen Status were frozen up again by another swell of freezing breath!

This time, even the three Liches that were running around freely were also been engulfed by the powerful freezing air… They lost their ability to fight as they were quickly frozen solid…


“We’ll need to forgo Plan A. Execute Plan B, Operation Final Stand!”

After seeing the system’s short report—their Liches were now frozen up to five seconds—Black Emperor instinctively wanted to back away.

Yet, after he recalled the rules that they had agreed on earlier, Black Emperor quickly retracted his right foot, which was moving backward as thousands of spectators watched on. Then, he quickly rounded up the other nine members to execute Plan B.

After hearing Black Emperor’s words, the other nine League Masters quickly formed teams of three and spread out…

It was apparent that killing Qin Ruo was off the books.

In fact, it was also difficult for them to use the Liches to stall time.

Now, they only had one option left—to remain on the defensive! And, stall for time as much as they could!

Sure, it was a pretty desperate move… and it definitely did not look good on the Ten Great Leagues at all…

However, having their Leagues disband, deleting their avatars, and quitting the game was a much bigger deal to them…

“League Master Winterfall, I’m counting on you.”

Golden Blood Lion took a deep breath and stepped forward. Then, he spoke to Winterfall Swallow, who was standing behind him.

Winterfall Swallow furrowed her brows after she heard that.

It was true that her Winter Snail possessed ungodly Defense. But, after she witnessed how Qin Ruo dismantled the attacks of their ten Liches, she deduced that Qin Ruo’s defense magic had to also be insanely impenetrable too. In other words, it was going to be quite difficult for their Elementalists to inflict any damage on Qin Ruo.

As for the others…

Perhaps they would fall after just taking one strike from him.

On top of that, Qin Ruo did not seem to be going at full strength yet…

How would she be able to hold the line until the sixtieth second?

While she was deep in thought, the Water Element in their surrounding area suddenly began to accumulate rapidly!

Loud cheers were heard among the spectators, and the members of the Ten Great Leagues anxiously yelled out to warn their leaders.

In just three seconds, thirty Frost Arrows appeared out of thin air under everyone’s nose.

“You’re all so weak.

“I thought you’d be better than this. I thought you’d be worthy enough for me to summon my God-tier Boss so that we could have more fun… How disappointing…”

Qin Ruo’s words were like the greatest nightmare in the ears of Black Emperor and his peers.

Then, seconds before the Liches were released from their Frozen Status, the thirty Frost Arrows slowly lined up. With ten arrows in each line, they struck each of the League Masters.

Seeing how he skilfully manipulated the elements and flung the Frost Arrows at the ten League Masters… the spectators could not help but ponder… ponder if Qin Ruo had reactivated his Elemental Perception in such a short time… or… if he had ever lost his Elemental Perception from the Liches’ AoE Attacks in the first place.


“What a conceited brat!”

Golden Blood Lion was fuming with rage after seeing how Qin Ruo spread his thirty Frost Arrows equally for each of them.

Unable to hold in his anger, Golden Blood Lion roared as he dashed out swiftly, evading the incoming Frost Arrows. He swung his massive and heavy broadsword at Qin Ruo fiercely; the force surging within the broadsword was so powerful that it felt like a huge scarlet lion was gnawing at its prey.

Three Frost Arrows for each of them… That was equivalent to each of them receiving a mere Tier 2 Magic Attack. Even a mere Tier 5 carried newbie could handle himself in the face of such an attack.

Qin Ruo was mocking them.

It was a mock!


He did not get to see if his attack had harmed Qin Ruo… or even landed on him.

Amid loud cries of surprise from the spectators, Golden Blood Lion felt a powerful tremble on his back! Then… his Berserker Shell was shattered in an instant!

Soon after… in the next second… he could feel two attacks pierce through his body.


“It’s impossible! Impossible!!!!”

Golden Blood Lion could not believe it. He had over 350 Magic Defense and more than 5,000 HP. Yet, he was slain so easily by two lowly Frost Arrows!

As Golden Blood Lion fell lifelessly on the ground, a Black Hole appeared next to one of the Liches and teleported it away.

The members of the Golden Blood Lion League were all stunned when they witnessed this…

But Golden Blood Lion was not the only one who was slain during Qin Ruo’s first round of attack!

Another Berserker and four Elementalists were killed too…

In mere seconds, there were only four Liches left hovering in the air while everyone watched the six mighty League Masters fall lifelessly on the ground.

Only twenty seconds had passed since the battle started…


Outside the battlefield…

The spectators were all shocked by what Qin Ruo had said earlier!

God-tier Boss?

The Fallen Angels had become so powerful that they already caught a few God-tier Bosses as their Pets?!

So that was why Qin Ruo could face off against the ten League Masters so confidently and agree to those rules…

If the Liches were bombs…

Then, a God-tier Boss was like an Atomic Bomb.

It did not matter how much the opponent prepared, the battle would end in mere seconds if he sent out his God-tier Boss…

The members of the Ten Great Leagues looked at the defeated expression on the four surviving League Masters and their Liches… Then, they looked at Qin Ruo, who was hovering cheerfully in the air… unharmed by Golden Blood Lion’s attacks.

A freezing chill ran up their spines…

Their League Masters were like a bunch of toddlers picking a fight with a full-grown adult…


After another round of magic spell bombardment, there was only one League Master left standing—the other three League Masters, including Black Emperor himself, had all fallen and rolled on the ground like ragdolls.

The surviving League Master was Winterfall Swallow, the only female League Master amongst the ten League Masters. Having timed the first round of his attack exactly, she was able to dispel Qin Ruo’s Frost Arrows, which were whooshing towards her through Golden Blood Lion’s lifeless body, with her Aura Drill. Following that, she cast Spell Break to ensure her own safety when she faced the second round of attack, the one that took down her three other colleagues.

Throwing a glance at the nine corpses on the ground, Qin Ruo frowned at the persistent Winterfall Swallow.

“You’re the only one left, you sure you want to proceed with the duel?”

It was quite clear who was winning.

The Liches’ attacks were able to break through Qin Ruo’s fast self-repairing Barrier; meanwhile, Winterfall Swallow had been overtaxing her MP by using her Aura Drill and Spell Break too much.

There was really no need to continue the fight.

The ten League Masters had lost.

Winterfall Swallow did not say a word.

All she did was stare straight into Qin Ruo’s eyes as she raised her chin proudly, clenching her sword.

“Fine, so be it.”

Qin Ruo did not bother trying to talk her out of the fight anymore…

If he were to do that, she might be able to stall and… sixty seconds would have passed.

If that ever happened, it would be the joke of the century.

Thus, thirty Frost Arrows started to form in the air again…

Winterfall Swallow suddenly took one step to the side, her back sticking close to the Winter Snail that was tagging behind her.


Seeing the Winter Snail, Qin Ruo suddenly recalled that one Pet Egg he had acquired from the Graveyard of the Gods… the egg that he gave to Little Arrow back then…

‘This snail… If I remember correctly, its skill is…’

Qin Ruo now knew what Winterfall Swallow was planning to do.

The white snowy giant snail suddenly opened up its massive shell, then enveloped itself and Winterfall Swallow. The shell was now like a metal fortress—nothing got in or out!


Qin Ruo halted the thirty Frost Arrows that were launched at Winterfall Swallow seconds before she hid in her Winter Snail’s shell…

The next second…


A golden silhouette rushed out from his shoulder like a jolt of lightning…


Six rays of golden light struck the Winter Snail’s metal shell in a fraction of a second! The metal shell trembled fiercely as the golden light disappeared. Then… the metal shell slowly retracted… opening up and revealing its contents. Winterfall Swallow’s face was pale as snow when she saw that her ultimate defense had been negated in such a short time.


Thirty Frost Arrows then rained down on the surviving League Master!

Silence lingered for quite some time on the battlefield… and atop Moonrise City’s walls…

Then slowly… applause could be heard from the audience… one by one… and finally… everyone who had been watching from the city was clapping their hands and cheering for the winner.

Their applause and cheers were like a massive tsunami gushing toward the battlefield!

Standing in the middle of the spotlight, Qin Ruo quietly held a Sealed Mana Core in his hand and looked at the spectators who were outside the battlefield.

It was over…

The Ten Great Leagues were now a goner.

And it was probably not just them. Anyone else who wanted to cross the Fallen Angels would now forfeit their silly plans for sure…

As for the pathetic Prinz losers who were creeping in the shadows… their bounty of 40 billion gold coins was now utterly useless. From the moment the Fallen Angels entered the Tier 6 stage, there was nothing a bounty like that could do to stop them.

From then on…

Qin Ruo could finally relax.

Suddenly, a fierce voice was heard in his ears.

“Don’t think you’ve won! I’ll be back! Mark my words, I’ll be back!!

“And I’ll defeat you… and crush every single Fallen Angel with my fists!”

Ah, a private message from a sore loser.

It was from Golden Blood Lion.

Qin Ruo scoffed at the voice message and gave it no thought at all.

There was no need to worry about a loser who was about to disappear from Honor & Glory.

As for him wanting to crush the Fallen Angels, he was not the only one who wanted to do that anyway. There were countless others who had wanted to do the same after the Fallen Angels became the No. 1 League in Honor & Glory.

More importantly, Qin Ruo needed to plan his next move in the Underworld…

His next stop… the Thunder Vale!

Of course…

That would not be his final destination…

He would keep going…

Into the Underworld Abyss…

And face Hades himself, who was not really all that fearsome anymore…

With the momentum he had, he could start his new conquest at any time!


Qin Ruo, Level 60 Aquamancer (Angel Faction).

Status Ailment: nil

Unspent Attribute Points: nil

Strength: 35

Agility: 32

Physical Defense: 15 + 506

Constitution: 9 + 20

HP: 4,690 (+3,500)

Intelligence: 137 + 170

Magic Attack: 137 + 170; (Staff: 110 – 110, Magic Attack: 88%)

Magic Defense: 153 (Equipment bonus + 322)

MP: 737 + 1000


Greaves of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Defense: 98, Magic Defense: 66, Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +5%

Water Element Magic Enhancement: +10%

Absorbs 5% Magic Attack upon being attacked

*Physical Attack: +10% *

*HP: +500 *

*MP: +200 *

*Intelligence: +35 *

Decreases damage by 30% when Fire Element Magic Attack is inflicted on user

Decreases damage by 15% when Water Element Magic Attack is inflicted on user

Enchanted Skill: Poseidon’s Sanctuary

*Instant-cast skill; once the skill is activated, Water Element starts accumulating at an increased speed in an area with a radius of three meters; absorbs enemy’s Magic Attack by 30%, decreases enemy’s Physical Attack Speed by 50% while increasing Evade Chance. *

Costs: 50 MP; Skill Effects last for five seconds; cooldown: 2 hours.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Robe of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Defense: 112, Magic Defense: 70, Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +5%

Water Element Magic Enhancement: +10%

Absorbs 5% of Magic Attack upon being attacked

*Physical Defense: +10% *

HP: +500

MP: +200

Intelligence: +35

Decreases the charging time for Tier 6 Water Element Spells by 05 seconds

Enchanted Skill: The Chain of Poseidon

Instant-cast skill; once the skill is activated, enemies that do not have defense skills or magic activated within a ten-meter-radius will be chained and unable to move for three seconds.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Cloak of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Defense: 98, Magic Defense: 66, Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +5%

Elemental Perception’s Speed of Expansion: +50%

Water Elemental Magic Damage: +15%

Fire Elemental Magic Damage inflicted on the user is decreased by 30%

Water-type Status Ailment Effects inflicted on the user are decreased by 30%

*HP: +500 *

*MP: +200 *

Enchanted Skill: The Eye of Glacier

Instant-cast skill; locks on a hostile target and freezes them for nine seconds.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Gauntlets of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Defense: 98, Magic Defense: 66, Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +15%

Water Element Magic Enhancement: +10%

Magic Attack Speed: +50%

Magic Damage: +5%

Critical Hit chance: +1%

HP: +500

MP: +200

Intelligence: +30

Enchanted Skill: Poseidon’s Rage

*Instant-cast skill; once the skill is activated, hostiles within a thirty-meter-radius will be attacked by a series of powerful icicle storms (100 Magic Attack with each strike). *

Costs: 30 MP to activate; each subsequent second will cost 12 MP per second; skill will only deactivate upon the user’s cancellation or when the user’s MP is totally expended.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Boots of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Defense: 98, Magic Defense: 66, Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +15%

Water Element Magic Enhancement: +10%

Movement Speed: +50%; when being mobile, the user’s Movement Speed will not be affected by the geographical landscape

*Chance to evade Magic-type Status Ailments: +50% *

*Magic Evade Chance: +20% *

Enchanted Skill: Liquid Form – Blink

Teleportation Magic; capable of transporting the user to a location anywhere within a thirty-meter-radius; cooldown: 1 hour.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Divine Staff of Poseidon

Demigod Tier

Magic Attack (110 – 110)

Water Affinity: +15%

Water Element Accumulation Speed: +5%

Magic-type Status Ailment Effects on enemies: +20%

Absorbs 5% Magic Attack upon being attacked

Absorbs 20% Water Element Magic Attack upon being attacked

Absorbs 35% Fire Element Magic Attack upon being attacked

*HP: +500 *

Intelligence: +20

Enchanted Skill: Glacier Dimension

*Inflicts an AoE Freezing Attack within a thirty-meter-radius with a 100% chance of freezing enemies; deals 90 damage; any hostile target that does not have a defense skill or magic activated will have his or her Movement Speed decreased by 50%. *

Costs: 50 MP to activate; each subsequent second costs 20 MP per second; skill will only deactivate upon the user’s cancellation of the skill or when the user’s MP is totally expended.

Requirements: 35 Strength, 33 Agility, 120 Intelligence, and Level 60 Aquamancer.


Oh yes…

A new conquest it was!

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