Monster Integration

Chapter 19 Madam Marina

When I opened my eyes, I find myself in the white environment. Inhaling the light smell of disinfectant, I know where I am, I am in the hospital

I am wearing a hospital gown and when I checked my injuries, they are healed not even a scar left on my skin. I

I was quite heavily injured, there were injuries all over me especially broken bones which I've got just before reinforcements arrived.

"How many days's it had been?" I mumble myself, "It's been four day's since the fight." I heard Jim's voice, it comes from the bed beside me, he still looked injured.

"How come your injuries not healed yet?" I asked him, when those two High-level Specialist grade Monster fighting me, one High-level Specialist grade monster also fighting Jim, Jim also getting trashed just like me, he's injuries had been quite heavy.

"Not everyone one is a freak like you," he said "Even doctors were little startled seeing your injuries healing three times faster than the normal Private stage." he continued.

"But they thought it was because it was probably due to I was an ability you got from your monster but when I told them you have mutated Grey Sparked Sparrow, they did an extensive test on your body, they found something amazing." He continued.

"You are practicing that Devil's Exercise don't you?" he asked, I didn't understand what he means by devils exercise but then it dawned on me, that he probably referring to the Supreme Combat Exercise.

"Yes," I said, it's not much of a secret, everyone at least tried it once in their lifetime, it's just that I just completed it's one set.

"I knew it!" JIM exclaimed. "I have my doubts when we were fighting because your attacks didn't look like they were a half skills but they had power of one, when doctors did the test when they found out you were doing that devil's exercise and completed one set, they got very excited and told that that woman," he said excitedly.

Then his expression turned complex, "Micheal, you have to be caref" he was cut off by melodious voice in midst of speaking.

"Are you saying something about me cry baby Jimmy?" asked a beautiful lady, she looked to be in her early thirties with a beautiful face and blond hair.

She had very cute and fluffy snow colored fox in between her hands, it looked little different than normal Fox Monsters I've read but one thing is sure it is the cutest monster's I've ever seen.

"N..nothing, I am just talking to my friend." he said defensively, "Madam Marina how times I have to tell you my name is James," he said with little irritation. did she just call him crybaby Jimmy, looks like they know each other quite well?

"Well it's not my fault that you always used to cry whenever you played with my cute Seychelles," she said as she lovingly stroke her cute fox's head and that cute fox smiled in pleasure.

Fear could be seen on Jim's face when he looked at that at that cute little fox, "hmm You always behave like this, crybaby Jimmy, I will talk to your mother about this later." she said and then her gaze turns to me.

Her eyes turned blue when she looked at me, from upside down. I felt like I am completely naked in front of her, it's like she can see every secrete of my body and nothing can hide from her eyes.

"Well you're neural damaged completely healed, I have to give it to you, completing one set of Supreme Combat Exercise at just sixteen old is really praiseworthy," she said, I looked at confusingly.

"The reason you were unconscious for four days because you had neural damage, it's healed and your network became stronger than before, your neural network now can easily endure the pressure of more than one set of an exercise," she said.

"Thank you, "I said, only I could understand how extensive injuries I've received especially neural, it requires expertise to cure it very quickly.

"Oh one more thing, If you able to circulate 10 sets of Supreme Combat Exercise in thee years then come to me, I'll run some test's on you in exchange you can request any Grade 2 or below potion from me."

"Remember you have three years, three years later I'll leave and you will not have a chance to get Grade 2 potion of choice," she said, got little startled by her proposition, she even left her number on my Holowatch.

I nodded to her but I know it is impossible for me two complete 10 set 3 years even 10 years would be not enough, million in one able complete Supreme Combat Exercise yen sets and it takes them more than ten years to do that.

"You are now discharged, you are free to go," she said, I nodded. I am also feeling file except for sore on some places which is fire, the soreness will go way in a day.

"Madam Marina call back your damn fox!" Jim shouted he is scared stiff as that cute fox played around him. Jim is really weird, that cute little fox wants to play with him but he is scared instead.

"Seychelles let's go, crybaby jimmy didn't want to play with such a cute little fox like you," she said in mock anger and left with her cute for.

"What is wrong with you! you a scared of that fluffy little fox?" I asked, really no sane person would be scared of such a cute monster and that fox looked to be Private stage monster, Jim can harm it with a wave of his hand.

"What stage do you think that fox is?" Jim asked, "Private stage," I said without much thinking, Jim shook head hearing my word.

"That fox you call fluffy and cute is probably Brigadier or may be higher stage Monster." I was shocked hearing that that cute little fox is brigadier storage monster and Jim even said properly, he even sure of the exact level of the Fox.

"Three years ago when biggest Horde in the decade had attacked the city, that little fox entered the horde and killed the horde leader of Brigadier stage with the swing its tail." he continued.

To kill the Brigadier stage Monster with just a swing of its tail, that fox may be General or Martial level Monster.

"That damn little for used to come our home with Madam Marina to our home, that damn fox used to play me like a toy when no one was around, I became so scared of that I used to hide whenever Madam come to house," he said and scared expression appeared on his as if he was remembering those days.

"Who is she?" I asked the question before I control myself, I know this question is not I can ask.

"I don't know, my parents acquainted with her decade ago, she comes and go but every year she spends one or two months in the Republic," he said, we both felt silent that.

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