Monster Integration

Chapter 1925 - Legacy Thatch

Chapter 1925 - Legacy Thatch

"So, are you ready?" Teacher asked, "It did not matter I was ready or not; I had reached the limit; it is time for me to use the opportunity my predecessor had left me," I said; Teacher nodded, and we both walked into the teleportation formation connected to her office.

As we entered, the Teacher added the coordinates, and the formation began to shine; a second later, both of us disappeared from our spot.

It had been a week since Mira left; her visit had helped me a lot; not only she had helped me with the burden I had in my heart and but she also helped me with giving one of the most important resources I needed for my level up.

As for the offer from her organization, it is nearly the same as the other Supremes. The only thing it had different from her others is that old women Serena said that her organization would not have any problem with my relationship with Mira and would not mind if I marry her tomorrow.

The last part was a little surprising, but I was able to ask for the time as I did with others. I also kept my breakup with Mira secrete as she wanted me to; she wanted to deal with this her own way, and I am with her in that.

Speaking of relationships, this is the second serious relationship that ended in a matter of few years; it is normal among powerhouse, especially Tyrants who sometimes go through the tens of relationships in their long lives, and I am still young.

Not all relationships break; some last forever while others last centuries and decades.. Its all depend on the people, their interests, and their priorities.

Take Teacher, for example; from what I had heard, she is having problems in her marriage, and she had been taking counseling with Elena's father to save their marriage. They want to take counseling and not want to end things outright, which means there is a chance their marriage will survive.

I don't know whether I would find true love like my parents, but I hope I do; I really want to have something that my parents have. Their marriage is rock solid despite the huge difference between their upbringing, background, and power.

I stopped my thoughts as we teleported to our destination; in front of me was a very small but beautiful building with huge gates that looked like they were made of iron. There is no rust on them; the simple ironwork on it held a charm of its own.

"You were the first person in over three thousand years to be eligible to open the gate of legacy thatch," Teacher said. 

The words left behind by Her Excellency said that only those with celestial Inheritance are eligible to open the door, and they have to be at the Emperor stage, as the resources kept inside are for Tyrant stage preparations.

"Has other people tried to open the door?" I asked, hearing her words. "Yes, the Academy had gone through the ups and downs throughout the years, and some previous heads of Academy had tried to open the door forcefully for its resources to revitalize the Academy, though all their efforts have failed," she mentioned with a slight hint of shame.

I would also feel shame if I had been in her place; breaking the most revered ancestors' words is like breaking tenets of the academy itself, and it is a shameful act.

"Go, I hope you succeed," the Teacher said; I nodded and walked toward the huge iron door.

Soon, I appeared next to an iron door, and seeing there was no handle or bell I could ring, I placed my hands on both panels of the door and pushed.

At first, nothing happened before the ironwork lit up with violet light, and that violet light covered me, focusing especially on my heart where my inheritance core is. It felt slightly hot there; I just hope this door does not do anything to my Inheritance core, or I would be in trouble.


Despite the door opening completely, I could not see what was on the other side as a white energy layer was covering the door, and I had to pass through it to reach the other side. Seeing that, I did not waste any time passed through the door.


When I reached the other side, I found myself in a completely different space; I had expected to find myself in some room or hall, but I had found myself floating in the air and surrounded by the blue sphere made of the runes.

It took me bȧrėly a minute to understand this runic sphere; it is a puzzle, and if I am right, then I will have to solve it. 

While I know it is a puzzle and understands I have to solve it, it would not be easy, especially given the twelve-hour limit, which had started the moment I entered inside.

I looked at the puzzle carefully, and the more I looked, the worse my expression would become. This is not a simple puzzle, it is divided into twelve layers, and I have to solve all twelve layers to completely solve the puzzle; it bears quite similarities with that damn puzzle in the library.

I will have to try my all to solving the puzzle, and it is a good thing I have some advantages; studying the puzzle, I had observed that it is related to her excellencies her Inheritance; I will be able to solve the puzzle quickly leveraging that knowledge.

Still, it would not be easy to solve it in time, but I will try my hardest; there are resources there that will help me a lot and save me the time I would waste scouring the runes in search of those resources. So, I have to solve it.

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