Monster Integration

Chapter 2557 Two Meters

Chapter 2557 Two Meters


It had been half a minute since the battle between Grandmaster Atkins and Aqua Snakeman had begun when the booming sound rang out from not far, and a huge shockwave spread.

"They have begun fighting," said the Grandmaster Falke beside me, "Yes, they did," I said with my eyes serious as I dispersed the shockwave that was about to crash into us.

While the battle between the Grandmaster Atkins and Aqua Snakeman is shocking, the real decider would be the battle between Fasra and Rai. Both of them are extremly powerful, and even Grandmaster Atkins, with her powerful elemental control, might struggle against them.

"Grandmasters Falke and Grandmaster Geeta, take those humans and retreat at the same distance," I said to the two Grandmasters.

They nodded and quickly flew down toward the humans; both of them knew how dangerous it was going to be, and seeing their strength, it was not wise for them to stay such close to the battle. I could see the little relief on their faces as I asked them to retreat.

I did not retreat; while both of the Grimms might be a huge challenge to me and even dangerous, especially Fasra, I have no intention of retreating.

These are such great battles, and I want to watch them closely and, if possible, then fish in the troubled waters. Who knows, I might be able to reap some rewards.


As I thought of the reward, the reward came flooding; my runes buzzed, and the strengthening energy flooded out of them. The strengthening energy is thick and filled with strength crystals, the biggest ones I had ever seen.


A moan couldn't help but escape from my lips before I could say anything, and it instantly caught the ears of all four fighting on the battlefield.

I could feel their senses concentrated on me and felt my cheeks reddening before I controlled my body's reaction. I am feeling very embarrassed right now, but I did not show it on my face and instead looked as if I did nothing interesting.

A second later, the weight of their senses has disappeared, though I am not completely. I am an important element in the battles, and they would always keep an eye on me till I was on the battlefield.

I quickly controlled myself and focused on the strengthening energy that that flooding into me and merging with me, increasing my strength with a speed that had truly shocked me.

The strengthening energy that Bloodline of the High Grandmaster is truly amazing. It had created a huge number of strengthening crystals, especially the big ones, which would give me huge bosts whenever they merged with me.

While I am enjoying the strengthening energy, the big changes are also happening inside my core.

The resources are growing rapidly; many resources that were at the edge of the Grandmaster class are rapidly advancing into the High Grandmaster class, especially the grapes.

Seeing them advancing, a smile couldn't help but on my face; I wanted to create another batch of wine, the biggest one so far, with higher-level resources.

The wine has proved its uses, and I want to have a huge amount, as it won't be long before I begin to put more focus on Grandmasters, and this wine would help a lot, especially when I convert it into the blood wine with drops of nine blood burning essence.

It will be extremly useful to the council-member level powerhouse and half-step Grand Lords; even Grand Lords have desired for something strong.

While this High Grandmaster's growth energy seemed to be enough to propel most Grandmaster resources to the High Grandmaster class.

For some plants, it seemed not to be enough.

The metal essence tree is also enjoying the growth energy, and I could see bronze energy pouring inside it, but it seemed like the bloodline energy from the single High Grandmaster wouldn't be enough to push even a single metal essence fruit to High Grandmaster class.

Though this energy would bring them quite close to level, when they get the growth energy from another High Grandmaster next time, I will have at least two metal essence fruits advancing into the High Grandmaster class.

These fruits are very important to me; I have used the filtered essences of two fruits in my breakthrough not long ago.

I was looking at resources through my clones eyes when I saw something which put a smile on my face. Sensing my intention, my clone moved from its spot and appeared beside the corrupted pool, just as when the lotus buds began to bloom.

It is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen, the huge amount of growth energy inside the lotus plant; they begin to absorb a huge amount of corruption from the corrupted pool and begin to bloom slowly.

The blooming of stainless blood soul lotus is so slow that, at a single glance, one might not see them blooming, but if they look long enough, they will see the blood-red lotus petals blooming out of the buds.

It took more than a minute for the first stainless blood soul lotus to bloom, and it was at the Knight stage, but I could feel it still its aura rising as growth energy entered inside it, and it absorbed the huge amount of corruption from the pool.

One by one, all the seven lotuses bloomed; it was not just them that grew, but the lotus seeds that had germed quite a while ago had also transformed into the plants, and as long as I continue to feed them growth energy, they will too have lotuses on them.

The growth energy was spent fully half a minute later, and by that time, the first lotus that bloomed had reached the peak of the King stage, while the last lotus that bloomed had reached the duke stage.

I couldn't help but sigh, looking at their slow growth; I will need to feed them a lot of powerful growth energy to take them to the Tyrant stage, preferably in High Grandmaster class.

They will be most useful at that stage.

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