Monster Integration

Chapter 27 Sparring With Ber

Soon most of the people left after Madeline's and Nigel's battle is over, The battle is an eye-opener for me.

After most of the people left the training Facility looked quite empty, there are still people here who sparring in the rings or going inside the private training rooms to train.

Seeing empty ring I walk into it and started to release my aura lightly, these rings specially made for sparring.

One just has to stand inside the ring and someone will enter inside to spar with you, in this way you don't have to ask anyone personally, those who wish to spar with you with automatically come to you.

My only fear is that no one will come to challenge me, In this building majority of the residents are in the Specialist stage and very few because to stay in the building one had to pay nearly twenty thousand so, very few could afford it.

I waited for fifteen minutes and about to leave thinking no one would come when I saw a shifty-eyed looking young man is walking toward's the ring.

''Do you mind if I spar with you, I have to tell you thou I and at Lv. 3 of Private stage." Asked shifty-eyed boy, you man.

''No Problem," I said, I don't mind him being lv. 3, before entering in the rin, my plan was that I first spar with lv.2 evolver and then fight lv.3, it's just now I directly have to fight Lv.3.

''Nice to meet you, I am Bert." Said shifty eyes young man as we entered the ring. "Nice to meet you too, I am Micheal," I replied his greeting.

"This is going to fun watching Rookie crusher Bert to crush another rookie." said, the boy to his group of friends who are watching Bert entering the ring. Many people got interested in seeing rookie crusher Bert entering the ring.

"This rookie quite lucky though, remember the last rookie that Bert crushed, he cried in the ring." Said another boy.

"Bert had uploaded the whole video on the building feed for everyone to watch, that poor rook left the apartment building in the week, thanks to fighting between Madeline and Nigel not many people to go to watch even if this boy also cried on the ring." said his friend.

''This one is going to get beaten badly, the last rookie was much better, he was at Lv.3 but this rookie is only at Lv.2. Bert is way stronger he had fought with many lv.1 Specialist Grade and rarely lost, he even beat some weaker ones.." Said the pixie hair girl in the group.

They all nodded hearing in affirmation hearing pixie hair girls words, thinking that the new rookie going to get beaten.

We both stood opposite of each other and countdown of 10 projected in the middle of the ring. I started to circulate the moves of the Exercise and stopped at the 13th move. I also started operating my Refinement Engine to refine my Mana.

I gripped my practice sword and stand in attacking position, in my comparison Bert seemed relaxed as he loosely holding his Staff

''Tring.." The bell rang out and we both attack each other, the swishing sound could be heard as Bert waved his staff toward the head, I got startled by the sound made by his staff as it tore through the air, without wasting any time I circulated my mana to the eighteenth move of the exercise.

"Clank!" sound rang out in the ring as my sword and his staff collided, I felt a shock ran through my hands but I didn't take a step back, a clear shock could be seen on the best face, he hides it quickly but I am able to notice that Flickr in his expression.

"Your skill is very," Bert said, I just smile and didn't reply. Not many people had keen eyes like Jim, who could notice I am not using skills but circulating Supreme Combat Exercise.

"Clang Clang Clang." our weapons started to collide as we fought on, Bert is really good at using staff, many times Bert's staff graze passed my clothes, nearly injuring me but I never able to get my sword close to him.

This damn staff of his, it's range it too long never giving me any chance to get close to him, it's not just his staff but he also has advanced weapon style which helps him keeping me at bay.

"Clank!" our weapons collide loudly and we both took one step back, "haha" we both laugh seeing this, currently we are both fighting equally, while I am using more power in my attacks but Bert is experienced as he effortlessly diverting and blocking My attacks.

I am really enjoying the fight, really if lv.3 Red Nail Rat had been in Bert's place, I would have easily finished three of them but fighting human is really different, no matter how different moves I try, but is easily countering it.

"Clank Clank Clank." suddenly Bert changed his fighting, the staff become bloodhound whenever I go, it follows barely giving any chance to retaliate.

I started to circulate the nineteenth move of the Exercise to relive some of my pressure, I felt good as my speed and strength had increased due to the nineteenth move and I begin to fight back against Bert.

seeing he is losing his edge against me, attacks become more and more powerful that I have to circulate the twentieth cycle of the exercise to fend off Bert's powerful moves.

While he was fighting best, he didn't notice that more and more people looking at his fight. "Wow, this rookie is really good." said young man to his friends.

"Yes he is quite good, look at Bert's face, he looked like he had eaten some focus. I just wish that Bert got somehow " a said his friend, hope could be seen in his face.

"Don't daydream! This rookie will also get beaten by Bert Just like you did." said another of his friend, hearing this his expression turned ugly. he still remembers that day three months ago and he was new to the building.

Just like this rookie, he was also sparred with Bert in his first day, Bert had beaten him and humiliated him in front of all people who were watching and then uploaded the video on building feed to watched by all people, many powerful people wanted to teach him a lesson but they didn't dare to in respect his father who is superintendent of the building as well as Corporal level evolver.

"Even now Bert had been fighting on at his 70% and he hadn't used his power and skills yet." said the strongest boy in the group, this quieted down all of them and they begin watch battle silently.

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