Monster Integration

Chapter 30 Miasta Bazaar

"Training.." The alarm rang out from my holowatch, waking me and Ashlyn both. last night I had set an alarm, at 5:30 it's Westwood city's dawn.

Today is we will go for training and hunting outside, I had already made all preparations last. packed everything, whatever I will need outside, now I just have to freshen up and eat.

"Good morning Ashlyn!" I said to Ashlyn, she just cocked her head a little as she heard my greeting and went back to the staring at the balcony, for three she had been not talking to me.

The next morning after we ordered that delicious food, I gave her she's regular packet food but she refused to ate and demanded we order same delicious food that we order same delicious food that we ordered last night but I refused.

I had tried to appease her saying after we killed some Specialist stage monster's and got some money after selling we will order Monster's food daily but she refused to listen and stopped talking to me.

She did eat her regular food, sometime later as she felt hungry but to this day she is being stubborn and did not talk to me. Seeing still not looking I smiled and walk toward the bathroom to freshen up and take bath.

After freshen up, I picked her from the balcony and combed her feathers with a brush. She may be not talking but still, let me comb her feather's every day. There are two things Ashlyn is caring about, first is delicious food and second is her grooming, she will even forget her mortal enemy for few minutes as long as he gave her delicious food and groom her.

She flew away from me automatically after I comber her feather's for ten minutes, I put back the comb into the drawer by the bed and removes two packets of preserved food and a small part of Specialist Grade monster core for Ashlyn to eat. I microwaved mine and put her into her bowl as she liked to heat her food herself.

She ate her food with grudging expression, before tasting monster food made in the hands of chef she had no problem eating this food but since three days ago she ate that delicious food, she formed the grudge against this preserved monster food.

I wore a grey suit which had light armor clothing suing above vital parts of the body. The training suit is medium quality and defend against any attack of private stage monster and can lessen the blow of initial Specialist Grade and it is in trend and looked very good on me.

"let's go, Ashlyn," I said, as I walk toward the door, she flew from the balcony window and sat atop of my head. She knows I don't like it when she sat on the head but she is been doing from past three days just to irk me, I didn't bother saying something to her because I know she will not going to listen.

Miasta Park is the most dangerous forest in the Republic, the deeper you go, most dangerous monster's you will find. Our continent which only 15% occupied by a human while rest by monsters, except the cities no area could be called safe, sometimes even cities got destroyed by the horde, in this cruel world only strong can survive.

Westblood city is established on the outskirt of Miasta forest and home for nearly twenty million Adventures but when you venture into Miasta Park you hardly come across another human being.

I had ordered Hovercar that will take me to First gate of the city and from there, I will take another Hovercar which will drop me near Austin Lake. Austin Lake is a destination I chose for the monster hunting.

It is the are where Peak Private Grade and Initial Specialist Grade monster reside, it is the best to place for me to hunt monster's and train and it's is also one popular spot where peak private stage evolver train, despite being popular area it is still cover big areas Autin lake spread in 40km area and it will be very hard to seek for help if I found myself in difficult position.

The Hovercar came and in half an hour, it dropped me at first gate, it my first time seeing gigantic forcefield wall up close, there is big square is opened between them for the field to lets transport pass through, it dropped me outside big wall, near the bazaar.

There is big bazar just outside the First wall, it is known as Miasta bazaar for it's close proximity to Miasta park. It is set up for the convenience of adventurers, they can easily sell the monster material they had hunted and get a good price.

The Miasta bazaar sells and buys everything whatever an Adventurer need. Every Grade of Magic weapon you will find it here.

It is also the hub where all big, small organizations buy raw materials for them, not just monster material, rare and precious herbs, minerals, gem's etc, you can sell and buy everything here.

This bazaar had a specialty, that it can be disbanded at a moments notice if the monster horde or any other emergency ever come across the city, the market will be expanded within half an hour.

There are more than twenty thousand small and big shops in the bazaar but if the need arises they can be disbanded within minutes.

I don't have anything to buy as I already brought everything from the mall and other things that I can't afford to buy.

Ashlyn who is using my head as nest looking around curiously as this is also her's first time seeing such crowd in one place.

She many times asked me to buy food for her seeing thousands of restaurants and smelling mouthwatering smell coming from but I declined her wish, that further ruffled her feather in a tantrum she started to mess with my hair in the anger.

I strode in the market for half an hour before ordered the ride, it will drop me as close Austin Lake within the limit of communication.

In Miasta Park, any form of modern technological communications doesn't work, so it will drop me at the limit of communication range.

Soon my ride came, this hovercar little different than hovercars that run on the city, these are heavily armored and have to pay more than ten times for there service.

I got in in the car and it begins to speed up, I again started to study the map which I brought at a high price from the web, after going over it one more time I closed it as the car had reached the destination.

It landed near on open space as all around me a tall tree, as soon as I landed, it flew away automatically closing the door.

I once again projected the map from my holowatch to reassess my location, I have to walk 8 KM to reach the outskirts of Austin Lake, without wasting any time, I strode toward it.

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