Monster Integration

Chapter 3077 New World

Chapter 3077 New World

"Today, we will leave," said Marina as I opened my eyes. "Yes, it is time to leave today," I replied with sadness and excitement in my heart.

Sad because I will leave the world in which I had born and excited because I will see and do things about which I had only read. There is also an equal amount of fear for my child and its mother.

"Let's get ready," I said, after giving Marina a kiss on the cheek. In a few minutes, we freshened up and showered before walking into the kitchen.

ραпdǎ Йᴏνêl(сòm)

I cooked the breakfast, and we both ate before we stepped out of the house.

Today, we don't have to go anywhere. we have sorted out all our business and now want to spend a day in a calm, before leaving at the midnight.

We have already decided what we will do today. We will be roaming the academy that both of us so much love and we did just that.

We visited every place, be it small or big, we visited everything, before stopping at the last spot.


It is one of the most restricted areas in the academy, where one of the most precious things is placed.

In the breakthrough formation, the multicolored sphere is sitting center of the huge marble. It had been very powerful and had every kind of energy resource in it.

It will be used in the breakthroughs of Grand Lords and Primary-II and someday might even be used in the breakthrough of Primary-III.

It can be taken out of the academy, but right out of the breakthrough, it will appear here. There will be very few chances that someone could steal it or even destroy it.

I stared at the wonderful creation for a few minutes before sitting under the shade of lover trees with Marina.

Before we know it, it was five, and we returned home within a few minutes. My parents have arrived with my sister and also professor, and Elina.

"To great future," I said, and everybody clinked their glasses before drinking the wine and eating. The only person who did not drink is Marina and everybody here knows the reason for that.

After we finished the meal, we all sat on the patio and talked, not hard stuff, just a little thing.

The time went by so fast that it was midnight before we knew it.

"It is time," said my father, and the smiles on everyone's faces turned serious. I nodded and a moment later. We disappeared and appeared beside the gate, where Lady Vivian and others were already waiting.

"I am going to miss this world," said Grandmaster Salvador. "Me too," said Mary, with tears dripping from her eyes.

"Will we reach the same place, brother?" asked my sister. This question had been asked too many times and I don't know the answer to it.

"I don't know, kiddo," I said.

We might end up in the same place, or at a totally different place, nothing is certain. Even with all the books, the library did not have the answer to this question.

I looked at the gate as we wait for a few people. It is a simple blue marble gate, there is carving or any type of embellishment, just smooth stone, but it is enormous. That even a hundred people could pass through it.

A few minutes passed and everybody had arrived, not only those who were going but also those dropping off.

Most of them are Grand Lords and they are hundreds in number; I had once declared that our world will have a hundred Grand Lords one day and now, we have more than that.

"Take care of the academy," I said to Lisa. "I will," she replied, and I smiled. She is a Grand Lord now; I had offered to help her make a breakthrough to the Primary-II, but she had refused.

She wanted to take the long route, and I couldn't help but feel proud about that. I am sure, in a decade or two, she will break through this level and walk through this gate we are about to walk into.

"Since everyone had arrived, it is time we leave," said Matron Mavis. immediately everyone quiet down and turned to the gate.

Marina appeared beside me, and I held her hand while my other hand was held by my sister. I don't know whether, doing this, will take us to the same place, but it is worth the try.

"Let's enter," I said, and we moved toward the gate, holding hands while everyone watched.

Soon, I stepped through the gate, and I felt a faint cold and found myself in some kind of spatial tunnel. so strong that even if I use all my strength, I will not be able to create a ripple in it.

I am also alone and moving at extremely high speed, hundreds of thousands of times, millions of times faster than I had ever moved in the fastest tunnel.

It is an exciting moment, but I am feeling sad. I am alone. There is nobody besides me, not a single soul. I knew this would happen, but I still did not want to believe it.

I don't know how long it will take me to find Marina and my family. Whether I would be able to witness the birth of my child, I really hope I do; I want to be there with Marina.

I did not let myself wallow in the sadness and focused on my current situation. The place I am going to is dangerous and I will not be the strongest person there, as I had been in my world.

I have to be ready to face any kind of danger that came at me.

I checked everything and found it perfect; my four clones are also doing great work. There is always work, especially when the next challenge is so big.

I will need to finish it off as soon as possible, as greater strength will help me find my family faster.

Soon, seventeen hours passed in a tunnel, and there seemed to be no end to it. It also kind of shocked me, given the immense distance I am crossing by second and how far my world is, and the distance is increasing every second.

I would need to be very strong if I ever wanted to return to my world, which would not happen sooner.


Another two hours passed when I saw the light; I approached it too fast. It had blinded me and a moment later; I came under immense suppression.


I was reeling with the suppression when I hit something so hard that it had broken the bones of my body.

A moment later, when my eyes fluttered open, and I come to my senses. I realized I had realized; I had not hit the solid, but something liquid, water to be exact.

I am inside the water in such dangerous suppression, seeing that I begin to move my hands and legs, despite the immense pain they are causing me.

There might be some powerful monster here, and I don't want to fight it in my current condition. That would be terrible, as there is a high chance that the monster would be stronger than me.

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