Monster Integration

Chapter 3196 Travel

Chapter 3196 Travel

"Here is your Celub stake and carj beer," said the waitress as she placed my food on the table and walked away to serve other customers.

Two days had passed since I had come to Celub City, and I have heard everything I need and brought the information.

Tomorrow morning, I will leave for Haln City. It is an amazing city, and if it had opportunities, I need, I might have stayed in it, but it did not.

It is a mining city and did not have half the opportunities of Klahan. Unless, of course, I am interested in mining. Then, I have all the opportunities in the world here.

I ate my dinner, which is quite good, before walking out of the pub.

I did not immediately return to the inn and instead walked on the lighted street. There are people everywhere, going in and out of the shops and restaurants, having a good time.

I couldn't help but feel jealous about it.

Not everybody practices zealously, most people did not. They want to live in peace and practice slowly. Spending time with their loved ones and children as the years passed.

It is a good life, and I sometimes couldn't help but want it.

It is so different from my younger days when I couldn't wait to get out of my town to prove myself. At that time, I knew nothing about the Grimms, I just wanted to be powerful.

I am quite grateful for the pyramid; they have tried to give the people of minor continents as stable a life as possible.

One without a knowledge of the Grimm; a luxury people from the central continent did not have.

Now with eradicating the Grimms; not a single person in my world had to worry about them.

I roamed the streets for three hours and twelve minutes before turning to my inn. When I returned to my room, I immediately took out the tub and submerged in it; letting the energies of seven aurora waves wash through me.

Two and half hours later, I brought my head out of the liquid and begin to take a long, slow breath.

It used to be painful, and it is even now, but I have slightly gotten used to it. 

Fifteen minutes later, my breathing turned normal. 

I am using the treatment every day, but from tomorrow, it won't be possible. I will be traveling through the forest, and I couldn't remain submerged in solution, holding my breath.

If danger comes, I won't react immediately or even after minutes.

Thankfully, I have prepared a replacement method. I will be able to react instantly if I am in the middle of it. It is not effective as this one, but it is the only option I have.

Though, I will try to find safe places to practice this method, when I could.

I cleaned myself and ten minutes after that, sat in the center of the formation with my eyes closes. While it does its magic on me, I work in my core with my five clones.

The fifth clone had been very helpful. It had been ten days since I have gotten it, but I could see the huge difference it is making. 

It had made a lot of things easier for me, freeing up a lot of time, in which I am doing different things. Most importantly, it is giving me time to study the ancient runes.

I am enjoying it a lot as studying the ancient runes is increasing my knowledge of the common runes.

That knowledge, in turn, helped me in creating my inheritance.

I studied the runes for four hours before moving to the inheritance. Three of my clones working on it; there are always three clones working on it and whenever a clone frees up, even for a few minutes, it worked on the inheritance.

I am making steady progress on my inheritance, and I wish I could go even faster.

Creating an inheritance takes time, more times that reaching the limit and more than treatment would take. I need the inheritance ready before I finished with the treatments.

The moment I finish with that; I will make a breakthrough. 

I worked for my inheritance for six hours before I got up, cleaned myself, and slept for three hours.

When I woke up, there was only an hour before the dawn. So, I quickly freshened up and showered before making myself breakfast.

After eating it, I walked out of my room and checked out.

The sun had started to come out when I walked out of the inn; I went to the nearest teleportation gate and walked through and appeared near the city gates.

There is no official transportation to Haln City; It is not an allied city. It is an ally of the enemy of the organization that runs Celub and other cities. So, the trade is forbidden, and so is the movement.

It is easier for unaffiliated people like me to move, but there are still some restrictions we needed to remain careful of.

Soon, I reached the gate and showed my credentials, before walking out and quickly made my way toward the decided spot.

People could not move with the official channels, but there are some unofficial channels. I am moving with another of such channel.


I landed near the purple tree and felt a couple of soul senses. I also moved my soul sense toward others notifying my presence.

The official of Celub City did not allow official channels, but also forbid unofficial ones, like not letting us move in a group to discourage travel.

So, the people became ingenious. 

They do not move in the convectional group; each person stays far away from the other, near the edge of their soul sense. It is far enough to not be considered a group, but close enough. That if anyone is in danger, people could come to help.

I don't know how many people are traveling, but from what I heard, there will be around a hundred Primary-III practitioners.

It is a good number, sufficiently safe. If one does not, move far away from the group.

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