Monster Integration

Chapter 3428 Failed

Chapter 3428 Failed?

"Challenger failed,"

It was no surprise. I knew I would fail, within the first hour of the challenge.

I had tried hard, but the challenge was too hard.


The ring buzzed, and I found the kitchen counter all ingredients on it, disappeared from my eyes and I appeared back on the first floor.

Everybody looked at me, including a few familiar people, who had been started following me since I had started clearing the challenges.

"Sorry guys, I had failed on this one," I said loudly, drawing the laugh on the faces of many.

It had been two weeks since I came here. Aside from eating, sleeping, and attending lessons, I had gone for the challenge after challenge, trying to earn as many as points I could.

This one was the last culinary challenge of the seven. There are four among them I had cleared; one I had conquered.

Getting twice the points.

May I should have rested before attempting? I didn't sleep for the past two and a half days, but it would have changed the result only slightly.

My clones are telling me the challenge was really out of my league.

With this challenge, I had finished the runic, healing, and culinary. They have helped me amass a massive hundred thousand points.

They are said to be more than anyone had earned here.

"You can try again," said a middle-aged Beastman, a Sky Sovereign.

"It is beyond me; I will have to practice for a few more years before I can hope to succeed in this challenge," I replied with a shake of his hands.

To that, she smiled.

"You are a monster; a Sovereign had never broken so many challenges like you had. People are saying you might even be able to break the all-time record," he said, to which I laughed.

"I know, a little something about the other subjects, but not at the same level as the three I have accomplished," I replied.

There is alchemy and artifice, and I am good at them for my level, but not good enough to reach level 12, much less try for it.

"If you were Earth Sovereign, or even Sky Sovereign; you would have broken all the records," he said.

"Unfortunately, I am not," I said with a smile and walked out of the building.

It is without doubt.

If I had been an Earth Sovereign. I would have shattered that damn record. Hell, I would have done that if I had been a year or two into the Sovereign.

Its realm may have given me the distinction of Sovereign and I sometimes consider myself that, but I am not.

I am Primary III.

I have broken two huge records. First is being Sovereign conquering a maximum number of challenges and second, a Sovereign clearing maximum number of challenges.

I hadn't been the first to clear the challenge in many of the challenges I have tried.

These two records have given me ten thousand points each.

"Mr. Mark, take this and do consider our offer," said a man. An Earth Sovereign, handing me a crystal card.

"Thank you," I said and walked away.

Now, everybody has realized, I am taking the cards for the resources, but even then. I am receiving them because these cards didn't contain their resources.

They are from their organization, and they keep giving me these cards, because, if they didn't, they might get punished by their organization.

Their organization might think they are special, and I might have chosen them if I had their card.

'This one has a tracker,' I said and couldn't help but become surprised.

This card belongs to the Earth Sovereign organization and all the cards I have received from them. They didn't have a tracking formation that nearly all Sky Sovereign and all Prime organizations cards have.

The trackers from the Prime are extremely sophisticated. I couldn't even touch them, much less break them.

I had been warned by the Governor of Javelin and Blain about them and had been careful.

It is a good thing; the tracking doesn't work in this place; which means I could safely place them in my core. The only precaution I have to take is not to bring them out until I break their code.

These trackers not only send the signals but also affect the aura.

So, anyone who belongs to that organization will be able to notice them instantly. The organizations are not merciful that they would give the resources for free.

It is why many who accept the cards, dump them and even trade the resources within them.

I do not have any intention of doing that, even inside my core. Even sophisticated formations such as Prime's couldn't send out the tracking signs.

The cards activated the moment they entered inside my core. Their formations told them, I had walked out of the realm, but my core was able to stop those tracking signals.

To take the extra precautions; I am sealing them in an anti-tracking box and placing the box in anti-tracking formations.

This card that is supposed to be from Earth grade organization is from the prime. Even the prime organizations are not beneath using such underhanded tactics.

I shook my head and resumed walking toward my apartment.

I plan to eat a good dinner and sleep. I have cooked so much in these challenges but didn't get to eat a single dish.

Soon, I reached my apartment building and saw the wards up.

The biggest reason is me; people have been coming to meet me and they have decided to activate the wards. However, I am not the only here who cleared and conquered challenges.

There are four more people in my building who did it.

Which made our building very popular among the recruiters. There are hundreds of them waiting around the building and now they have noticed me.

"Mr. Mark, Mr. Markā€¦"

They came in like a tide, many of them wanting to talk to me, with many handing me the cards.

I am a hot commodity, and I can't blame them. I have two qualities that are desired by every organization. I am a runemaster, who broke the records and a healer.

Most importantly, I am Sovereign. It makes me even more irresistible.

I apologize to those wanting to talk to me and take the cards of those who wished to give me.

Still, it took more than ten minutes to reach my building compound, where they were stopped by the wards.

"Look, the celebrity has appeared," said the familiar voice.

I turned to Abril, who is handling a barbeque smoker, with many types of meat and vegetables in it.

They are having a party, with all my neighbors present; including the beautiful woman with whom I had yet to exchange a single word.

"It is quite a party you are all having," I said as I walked toward it.

"We wanted to invite you too, but you weren't present," he said, flipping a few pieces of meat and vegetables before turning to me.

The barbeque maker he is using is of very high quality and can manage different types of flames; one is powerful enough to turn me to ashes in an instant.

"I am now," I said.

"And you are invited," he said. "Thank you," I replied.

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