Monster Integration

Chapter 3697 Found

Chapter 3697 Found

?It took me twelve and a half minutes to reach the woman; I would have reached her sooner, but she was searching for him crazily at her full speed.

Now she had slowed down and looked for him more carefully.

"Any sign?" I asked, to which she shook her head. "These bastards are very hard to find, once they disappeared."

"They go into this hibernation mode, which makes them nearly invisible to senses," she said, scanning the large area with her soul sense.

"I should have joined you in the battle, but I didn't want to spook it," I said with regret. She smiled at that, "It might have. They run pretty quickly when they see the end of the road for them," she replied.

I didn't say anything and used my methods to look around.

"Thanks, by the way. If not for you; I might have lost a team member or two. Even I might have needed to run away," she said, to which I smiled humbly.

"Those bastards were quite powerful," I said after a moment of silence. "They were greater in number than we had imagined," she said and sighed.

A minute passed, and we searched but didn't find any traces of him. Well, he is not here, he is further south.

"I couldn't help, but notice, you three seemed quite prepared to fight them and familiar too," I said, and her eyes turned serious for a moment before a familiar badge appeared on her chest.

Everything becomes clear of it.

"Irmatis is planning something big on this ruin and we are trying to stop them by hunting their numbers," she replied, but didn't seem happy.

"You got the three," I said, and my badge appeared on my chest, along with three bodies.

She barely glanced at the bodies as her eyes were focused on my badge.

"Tor, no wonder you could fight," she said, before collecting the bodies.

I had made my clones read information, especially about what happened after the cultist died. The marks disappeared; not a single trace remained of them.

The only way people could recognize them as being a member of the Irmatis is by the mess it left behind in their bodies.

So, they shouldn't suspect anything.

"It is the first time fighting members of the beast god cult, and they were more powerful than, I had imagined," I said shuddering, and it was not an act.

She laughed seeing that, but there was no mirth in her eyes.

"These were only grade 2. Grade 3 and grade 4 are the real terror," she replied, with her clear horror in her eyes.

The grades are not exclusive to the beast god cult, but only them few other organizations as Tor or Alkaz use them. I am not every organization would want to accept, that most of their members belong to the lowest grade.

The grading is simple.

Grade 1 is above average; grade 2 is seeds. They are powerful and have the potential to break through into the next stage. Grade 3 are the ones who have reached the power of what their level could give it to them.

Going further is a Grade 4; they could fight powerhouses of the next level.

In a conventional sense, I am in grade 4, but I never competed myself with people of my level. It is always a level up and in my current case, the Earth Sovereign, and in it, I could be counted as Grade 2.

"I wouldn't want to fight them," I said, shuddering once again.

Currently, I can't, but I have a target, I want to gain the power of Grade 4 by the time I reach the absolute peak of Earth Sovereign.

I want to fight, Sky Sovereign, at least defend against them. Even with my peculiarities, it is something that is bordering on the impossible.

Jumping one level is fine, but jumping two is impossible, but if anyone could do it, then it would be. Someone who is crazy enough to merge with forbidden power at every level.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your plan after this?" she asked. I hesitated for a moment, before opening my mouth to answer.

"I am going to tiklis," I replied.

"Tor is an allied organization with Alkaz; you could join my group in hunting these cultists," she invited.

My expression turned apologetic, and disappointment flashed in her eyes, guessing my answer.

"I work alone better," I said apologetically.

"Take this, it is the latest information we have about this ruin. There is also information on the cultists that you might find useful," she said and gave me the information crystal.

"Thank you," I said, to which she smiled.

A few minutes passed, and we barely talked aside from introducing ourselves. I am sure we both gave each other fake names, but we touched badges.

The name could be faked, bodies could be changed, but not id on the batches. It is registered with our organizations.

"I think, I caught something," I said, and her eyes lit up. "Really?" she asked excitedly, and I nodded and began to move.

I didn't move to the place where the cultist, I moved other way, before changing the direction again stopping using methods and changing the direction.

As such, an hour and forty-nine minutes, passed, before I finally led her to the body.

"You really found him," said Beastwoman Ikra, and beside her was her brother Ikar. They were part of Usan's team.

"Are we going to kill him?" I asked, and Usan shook her head. "It is really hard to get information on the cultist, but we have someone here, who specializes in it. They might be able to get something out of him," she replied and took a white metallic coffin.

I want to kill him myself for the symbols, but decided against it when I heard these bastards planning something big here.

I hope she will be able to get the information she needs from this cultist.

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