Monster Integration

Chapter 3927 Decision

Chapter 3927 Decision

Avros Fortress


"Humiliation, this is utter humiliation!" shouted the old half, hitting his desk enough, that protection formation flashed on it for a moment.

His eyes turned to images of their members being nailed to the ground, before turning to projection, one of five had recorded.

The silver armored man is fighting five of them alone effortlessly. Tearing them, taunting them as they tried to attack him.

It's clear that he is playing with them. The five are powerless against him, despite their power and teamwork.

Seeing the scene, the anger in the old elf's heart rose, before it turned cold.

The five were one of their most elite. Their strongest, who had reached the limit; only the members of the spire council were stronger than them.

The man from Tor had fought them easily; it didn't seem to take him effort at all.

While five used everything, they had and despite that, got nailed to the ground by him.

The tor only accepts elites, but this man is clearly above them. His strength is near the spires. Them sending the member of such strength, means they are very serious.

"We had sent the forces to search for them," said a middle-aged, crystal-skinned woman across the sound table.

There are thirteen people sitting in there, with four head spires.

"No use. They are good enough to escape by now, or at least hide themselves. We won't be able to find them, unless," said the human woman in her mid-thirties.

She didn't finish her sentence, nor did she need to. They all understood what she meant.

Unfortunately, they can't use that option; not yet.

There was a silence for a few seconds before the old man opened his mouth.

"The wolves have started circling us. If we don't do something, they will eat us alive," said the old half-elf.

"If only we had time. Those bastards wouldn't have been able to do anything to us," said Red Shark Beastman angrily; the emotion that everyone at the table is feeling.

"We didn't have time and if we didn't make a decision soon. Those bastards will find out what is happening and will end us,"

"We are far too gone, that we will not get any mercy," said the crystal-skinned woman.

The atmosphere becomes heavy hearing her words, but all of them understand that it is the truth. They have a few years at most, before they find out what is going on.

"It is also asking for more; I don't think, I can pacify it for long," said the young blue eyes elf, who looked to be in his late teens.

"It seemed like there was no choice but to expedite the process. Choose from the less trusted let the trusted go further," said the old man.

There was a silence for nearly a minute before the crystal-skinned woman raised her hand.

"I agree," she said.

A moment later, another hand is raised and then another, and soon, ten people, eleven people agreed. It didn't matter, since the majority of the council agreed.

"We might expedite, but we need to be careful. Not only in choosing people, but also with it."

"While we are in the same boat; it didn't hurt to be careful," caused the half-elf.

"No word about your mission should be out. You can not tell anyone, not your family, friends or lower,"

"If you speak, even a single word of it; there will be a grave consequence," warned Tardon.

"We understood," replied Captain Hina.

"You can all go," he said, and relief flooded into the eyes of many.

We had been here for four hours, before that, nearly a day in a forest, and spent two more searching for the ones who escaped but didn't even find a hint.

She is quite good. I searched with her my abilities but didn't find her trail outside of the forest.

She didn't use the teleportation, nor she could, unless it was at a level of Tor.

Alkaz didn't have that, in this continent.

"I am exhausted. I want to go to my suite and sleep," said Dwera.

She isn't the only one. I am exhausted too. It had been three days since I had slept.

After we had gained our freedom from the pikes. They had sent us to find those escaped, but we haven't found anything, and I don't think those five also did.

"Me too," agrees Ulon.

A few minutes later, we had said our goodbyes and went toward our suites.


I entered my suite and walked into my bedroom. I wanted to sleep desperately, but I didn't.

Instead, I sat down and closed my eyes before starting to practice the soul method.

It is what Ranis would do, and I have to do it since the soul sense is tracking me.

Three days without practice is too long. He would practice the method first whenever he came from a mission and then sleep. It would be suspicious if I slept without practicing the method.

So, I did just that.

I didn't even enter my core. I am tired enough that I don't think, I would be able to concentrate on anything.

So, I focused on the method, counting every second, while circulating the method faster and faster, till even I couldn't go any faster.

Still, I pressed hard.

I am what else I could do? I am tired, and it is the only thing that is keeping my mind off it, despite being the tiring process itself.

I got so focused that I lost track of time.

When I came to myself, I found myself circulating the method 18% faster than what I had considered a limit.

I looked at the time and saw over two hours had passed. Seeing it was more than enough, I slowly stopped before getting up.

I immediately went to the bed.

There is nothing else to do; there are tons of things, but those could be done after I woke up.

These were the last thoughts in my mind, before I fell into the sleep.

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