Monster Paradise

Chapter 12 Boss Yu and Gu Yi

"It’s a Rare skill! Integrate it now!" Lin Huang agreed immediately after he received the notification.

Soon, a green crystal card appeared on his Life Wheel. He retrieved the card just by visualizing it.

The card was completely green. There was a strong man, standing against a harsh barren land, with a sword in his hand on the top of the card. It gave off the image that he was fighting to overcome a horrible beast in the desert on his own.

Lin Huang stared at the image for a while before flipping it over to look at the description.

"Skill Card"

"Name of Skill: Great Sword Scripture (Broken)"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type of Skill: Sword"

"Skill Level: Gold-rank"

"Status: Available"

"Remarks: This skill belongs to special skill without a rank limit, the power changes according to its host."

"Card remarks: Passable"

"Xiao Hei, it says here that the ‘Great Sword Scripture’ is Rare. Does it mean that this is the complete ‘Great Sword Scripture’ or do I have an incomplete one now?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"There are two parts to the ‘Great Sword Scripture’. The complete Skill Card is an Epic ranked card. Now that you only have part 1 of the card, the Skill Card remains broken, that’s why it is Rare."

Lin Huang was stunned at Xiao Hei’s explanation. He did not expect the ‘Great Sword Scripture’ that he had secretly learned to be an Epic skill!

He then crushed the card in his hand and it turned into a green energy that flowed into his body.

There were changes to his Exclusive Card.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15"

"Combat Strength: None (Exceeded assessment limit)"

"Skill: Blood Power (Level-2)"

"Skill 2: Great Sword Scripture (Sword skill)

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of Summons: 1"

"Remark: You are still so weak!"

"Although this ‘Great Sword Scripture’ skill is so precious, the scar-faced man did not stop me from learning it. With his abilities, it is impossible he did not notice that I was learning it in my room," Lin Huang thought.

There were two possibilities. Maybe he did not think the boy was able to grasp the skill, or he did it on purpose so that he could teach the skill to more people and share the knowledge with an interested 'spy'.

"No matter what, I have to thank him in person. Maybe I can even ask him politely if he could teach me the second part. Hehe…" While Lin Huang was dreaming about how impressive he would be at the Reserve Hunter assessment when he got the complete ‘Great Sword Scripture’, Lin Xin came back from school.

"Brother, are you thinking about food? You’re drooling." Lin Xin said as soon as she saw his day-dreaming face when she entered the room.

"Yes! When we’re rich, I will hire a cook from the Stable Residence to make good food for us every day!" Lin Huang said.

"Please do!" Lin Xin was excited to hear Lin Huang’s nonsense as she had really grown to love the food at the hotel.

Lin Huang was relieved that Lin Xin believed his nonsense.

After dinner, Lin Huang asked Lin Xin to go back to the room without him while he rang Room301’s doorbell.

the scar-faced man had a regular schedule for his meals and he was always at the restaurant at 6 p.m., finishing around 6.15 p.m. While for Lin Huang and Lin Xin, their timing was not fixed, so sometimes they ate earlier and sometimes, later. When they just arrived at the restaurant, the scar-faced man had finished eating so he should be back in his room right now.

Soon, the door swung open. the scar-faced man looked at Lin Huang without expression, and said, "Can I help you?"

"Thank you so much for teaching me the sword skill!" Lin Huang said sincerely while looking into his eyes. He then bowed low with respect to him.

the scar-faced man remained expressionless. "I knew you were secretly learning. I did not teach you anything, whatever you have mastered, that’s your own effort. It’s none of my business," the scar-faced man answered, with what seemed like a chuckle.

"No matter what, I want to thank you," Lin Huang insisted and stood in the doorway with a sincere smile on his face. To him, it did not matter if the man accepted his gratitude as long as he said what he had to say.

However, looking at the man’s cold reaction, Lin Huang gave up his thought of asking him about part 2 of the ‘Great Sword Scripture’ and went back to his room.

"I should ask him about part 2 after I have completed the Reserve Hunter assessment."

Not long after he got back to his room, Lin Huang’s ring vibrated. A stranger was asking to talk to him.

In doubt, Lin Huang picked up the call. It was someone familiar.

"Mr. Lin Huang, we have finished the renovations on your house. You can come back anytime you want to take a look. If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, please contact me, and we will sort it out for you," the voice on the phone said. Lin Huang recognized the voice to be the leader in the suit that he met a few days back.

"Sure, I will be back tomorrow at noon. I will return the room keycard to the hotel owner," Lin Huang agreed and nodded.

After he hung up, Lin Xin walked out of her room,"Brother, do we have to leave tomorrow?" she asked with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Yes, our home is done so there’s no need to stay at the hotel anymore," Lin Huang answered.

"Okay…" Lin Xin sounded reluctant. She loved the food and drinks at the Stable Residence.

Lin Huang noticed her reaction and said, "If you don’t want to, then we shall stay for another day since we do have five days here. We can still stay here tomorrow and go back home the day after tomorrow."

"I’m not reluctant, but…" Lin Xin did not want to admit her reluctance.

"It’s me who is reluctant then." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled,"It’s set, we shall leave at noon the day after tomorrow."

The days passed so quickly. Lin Huang continued to watch the scar-faced man when he practiced but no matter how much he practiced, he did not get any more Skill Card pieces.

Therefore, he did not spend too much time practicing. Instead, he decided to get more rest before the assessment.

On the morning of the sixth day, after breakfast, Lin Huang and Lin Xin returned to their hotel room and rearranged the carpet and furniture to where they had been before. They then bid farewell to the hotel owner.

Boss Yu smiled while watching them leave. Suddenly, the scar-faced man appeared behind him.

"Sir, I still don’t understand what you see in that kid. He was just lucky that he killed the vampire. Moreover, looking at his broken Life Wheel, he looks like he only has two months left," he grumbled.

"Gu Yi, you have known me for so long. Since when did I, Yu Qin misjudge a result?"

"You… never," he admitted. the scar-faced man was stunned and shook his head. He seemed unsettled, "But sir, you are a unique person. You'd never bother about anything that’s from this world. Why would you want me to teach him the sword skill?"

"Don’t worry, I have my plans. You have spoken to him, what do you think?" Boss Yu asked.

"His attitude isn’t bad, but he’s not a genius. He’s far from the Li Lang we met a few days back," Gu Yi said and shook his head while giving his comment.

"Really? Let me ask you, how long did you take to learn part 1 of the ‘Great Sword Scripture’?"

"‘Great Sword Scripture’ seems easy but in reality, it contains a massive amount of meaning to a swordsman. I practice more than 18 hours every day and I took 103 days to learn part 1," Gu Yi answered, a serious look on his face when he thought of the topic.

"As talented as you are, it took you 103 days to learn part 1. How long do you think he would need to learn that?" Boss Yu looked at Gu Yi with raised eyebrows.

"I think he would need at least two to three years," he mumbled. It was obvious that Gu Yi did not have faith in Lin Huang.

"I’ve told you that you’re underestimating him. He only took three days to learn part 1 of the ‘Great Sword Scripture’," Boss Yu said and pointed three fingers in the air as Gu Yi's mouth fell open in disbelief.

A video of Lin Huang practicing in his room for the past few days appeared in front of them.

Gu Yi was shocked when he saw the footage, and said, "How is that possible?"

"Nothing is impossible," Yu Qin answered and waved his hand to dismiss the video.

"Take two days, and clean up. We should leave soon."

Gu Yi nodded without asking any further questions. He just sighed and said, "Alright…"

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