Monster Paradise

Chapter 13 I Have Not Registered Yet…

Lin Huang did not know what happened at the Stable Residence after they left.

With the luxury hotel experience behind them, the two of them did not know what to expect when they got home. However, as soon as they walked up to the entrance of their house, they were stunned speechless at the sight they saw.

"Brother, is this our house?" Lin Xin said as she pulled Lin Huang’s sleeve unsure of the reality that stood before them.

Lin Huang too, was dumbfounded by the house that greeted them as it was completely different compared to their original home.

From it being a small, double-story bungalow, it was now a three-story luxury villa. There was even a half covered, open-air garden on the top floor now, with a variety of flowers that cascaded over the balcony.

Looking at the house number which was still the No.23, Lin Huang confirmed that the new house was in fact, their home. They could not recognize their own house after the major renovations.

They keyed in their password at the door and entered the house.

Most of the original structure in the house remained the same, but the rest of the place was completely different.

The original terrazzo floor now had a wooden finish which seemed very expensive.

The hanging lamp on the ceiling was now a luxurious chandelier.

The cabinets in the kitchen were brand new, with new sets of matching utensils already arranged systematically, in each drawer.

There was a carpet that seemed to be made of monster leather that they had never seen before.

Even the couch, chairs and dining table were new. The toilet bowls in the bathrooms had been changed too.

Furthermore, the surprises continued as they ascended to the second floor. Their room which was meant for two people was now a single room. It was more than twice the original size and the balcony was three times bigger.

The third floor that was added had been designed as a bedroom, with a huge bed and a bathroom.

Above the third floor was the half covered open-air garden they had seen from the entrance.

Not only were there flowers, there was also a complete set of outdoor furniture which consisted of a patio umbrella, a rattan table, and chairs, as well as a hammock.

Lin Huang knew very well that such renovations would have cost more than the price of two or even three houses combined. Now that he thought about it, it was really strange. He then called the middle-aged man on the phone to get to the bottom of this.

Soon the man picked up his call and laughed, "Mr. Lin, are you happy with the renovations?"

"In this foothold, we were not the only ones that had a monster invade and destroy our property and possessions. I’ve seen the renovations on the other houses and none of them were as privileged as our house. Not only were we given new sets of furniture, we even have an extra floor! This is ridiculous. Who are you really? What is your intention?" Lin Huang asked, his mind buzzing with the thought that this case was not that simple.

"Of course, you are Sir Li’s friend, we would have to do our best for you," the middle-aged man answered, not at all minding and revealing the fact that he knew about Li Lang.

"Sir Li? Lin Huang was stunned. "By that, do you mean Li Lang?" He continued.

"Yes, that’s Sir Li. He was the one who submitted your damage report. It was important to our superior, which is why when we were told to complete this task properly, we spared no effort and expense," the man explained.

"What kind of status does Li Lang hold exactly?"

"You didn’t know? His father is one of the vice presidents of Division7 of the Hunter Association, while his mother is the councilwoman of the Union Government of Division7," the man’s said, another shocking revelation to Lin Huang that day.

The man’s superior thought that Lin Huang was Li Lang’s friend and through this 'act of kindness', they wanted to bridge the gap between them for the benefit of their relationship. What they did not know was, Lin Huang and Li Lang had just met once before, and there was no friendship between the two of them.

Of course, Lin Huang did not tell him that or else he might have to pay for the renovations which he most definitely could not afford.

He hung up the phone and cleared his mind of all thoughts about the renovations. After settling into their new house, he started to prepare for the Reserve Hunter assessment.

That day was a school holiday for Lin Xin. After having lunch together, Lin Huang dropped by the Credit Bureau and traded the Life Crystals given to him by Li Lang earlier for 100,000 credit points.

He then credited 20,000 credit points to Lin Xin and said, "The Reserve Hunter assessment will take about 10 to 15 days. Please take good care of yourself and spend the money if you need to. When I become a hunter, there will be more opportunities for me to make more than enough money for the both of us."

"Yes, brother. You will surely pass the assessment!" Lin Xin cheered. She had a lot of faith in Lin Huang.

Next, they arrived at the Eagle Station. Lin Huang patted Lin Xin’s head as they said their goodbyes. He then paid for and rode off on an eagle that he picked from the station stables.

Lin Xin watched Lin Huang take off and stayed until he was high up in the clouds. She then turned around and left the station.

On the eagle, Lin Huang was amazed at the variety of monsters in the world he lived in.

This eagle had four limbs from the feline family, where its claws could extend as it wished.

Its ability to jump and run was stunning too.

Apart from its limbs, the rest of its body was the same as a raptor.

It had the face of an eagle and a pair of wings that were eight meters wide.

Such a creature did not only have the advantages of a superior body structure, it also had full control of the wind, which made it one the fastest moving monsters among the rest.

A few centuries ago, they were major headaches to humans in the lower monster class.

Whenever they headed out, they traveled in large packs. With their agility and powerful attacks, they easily destroyed some of the footholds.

Fortunately, humans adapted to the eagle’s combat style and the tables were turned on the monsters.

Once that happened, ever since a few hundred years back, the eagles were captured and tamed by humans and had become one of the most common forms of transportation in the world these days.

The eagle that Lin Huang rode on was not the largest one but it had the best feathers.

The feathers on its abdomen were of a slight golden colored tone. In comparison to the other birds, it was unusually good-looking and also seemed like it was well fed.

The normal flying speed of an eagle was 700 kilometers per hour. At full speed, its agility would multiply! However, it would only fly at full speed when it was running for its life.

Under such flying speeds and conditions, it would have been torture for the eagle to withstand that speed along with a human on it's back. Therefore, there was special defense equipment installed on the saddle pad which would become a transparent defense shield which protected the rider in case of an emergency.

The eagle took less than two hours to fly from No.7D101 to No.7C87.

Lin Huang got out of the Eagle Station, opened the map in his ring and walked towards the Hunter Association division.

Not long after, he arrived at the division. There were already so many people waiting around, it looked a massive crowd waiting for a rock concert to start at the entrance of the building!

C-grade footholds belonged to the medium foothold category where the population was a few million people. Perhaps there were tens of thousands of hunters around. Placing the hunters from the smaller footholds nearby, who were there to submit their missions, along with the ordinary people hustling about their day, the traffic in the area would have naturally been hectic.

After quite a struggle, Lin Huang walked into the entrance of the division. Just when he entered, a young lady approached him.

The lady looked like she was in her 20s. She was dressed in the Hunter Association uniform. She greeted him with a wide smile, and said, "Hi sir, how may I help you today?"

"I’m here for the Reserve Hunter assessment," Lin Huang answered.

"Alright, please follow me," The lady smiled at Lin Huang again, and brought him to a meeting room. She then gestured, "You may go in."

"Thank you." Lin Huang nodded and pushed open the door.

He was stunned as there were more than 100 people in the meeting room.

"So many people have registered today? Looking at the amount of people in attendance, it looks like there might be more than a thousand people by tomorrow," Lin Huang wondered while he found himself a seat at the back.

Soon there were more people coming into the room. A fatty sat on his left with a vacant seat between them.

The fatty was very friendly. He then whispered to Lin Huang with a smile,"It’s awesome that you could pass the preliminary round when you’re not even iron-level, bro. Did you take a shortcut somewhere to get here?"

"Passed the preliminary round? Do you mean all of you have already registered?" Lin Huang looked at the fatty in disbelief.

"Of course, or else how would we know that we have to be here today at 4 p.m. for the assessment content and rules from the examiner?"

The fatty thought the question Lin Huang asked was strange. He then looked at him with suspicion in his eyes. "Don’t tell me you’re here without a registration?" he asked.

"Erm…" Before Lin Huang could even answer him, a lady in her heels walked up to the podium.

The noisy meeting room suddenly fell silent as everyone's attention was stolen by the woman on the stage.

It was a lady with a strong aura about her. She had a ponytail with a short skirt that showed her long legs beautifully. She wore a pair of black stilettos that was nearly 20 centimeters high.

She was tall herself, at at least 1.7 meters, and with that pair of heels, she was almost two meters tall, and everyone in the meeting room was beneath her in comparison.

Although, what was most attractive about her was not her height, but her breasts that were hidden in her buttoned-up white shirt. Her breasts were not showing at all, but the jiggling they had when she walked was sufficient to seduce all the men in the meeting room.

This lady could have been described as a bombshell.

"Witch Yi Yeyu lives up to her reputation…" The fatty said, slurping up drool as he spoke.

Looking at his behavior, Lin Huang sat quietly, inching more to his right to avoid any spit-fire from the fatty.

The lady looked over the crowd and stopped when her eyes landed on Lin Huang as he was the only one in the room who was not even an iron-level applicant. She did not say anything, but instead, went on to introduce herself.

"Hi, I am Yi Yeyu, the main examiner of your assessment. In this assessment, there are 133 people who have passed the preliminary rounds. Now, the time that I had set, which was 4 p.m. in the afternoon has arrived, there are now 127 people here. The six people who are not here have been eliminated from the assessment," she said in a loud, stern voice.

"I will be telling you the rules of the assessment tomorrow. I will only say it once so please pay attention. Also, when I’m speaking, please keep quiet. If you have any questions, you can ask after I have finished speaking," she said.

"Tomorrow at 8 a.m., all of you will gather here in this meeting room. Those who are late will be eliminated. You are not allowed to bring any equipment that is more than iron-level, no drugs and no other prohibited items in your storage space. Before the assessment starts, all the prohibited items will be temporarily confiscated by my authorities. If there’s anything valuable which you do not trust us to keep an eye on, please keep them with someone else until you leave later on," she continued.

"The concrete content of the assessment won’t be revealed at this moment. After everyone is gathered tomorrow, I will reveal that," she said to the anxious hall of eyes that stared at her. The messages from Yi Yeyu was short and sweet. After she was done, she looked at the crowd again and asked, "If you have any doubts, you can ask now."

Everyone in the room looked around at each other. None of them dared to say anything. At the back of the meeting room, a hand rose up slowly and… It was Lin Huang.

"What questions do you have? Do tell me," Yi Yeyu asked Lin Huang with her chin up ready for his question.

"Erm… I haven’t registered myself yet. Is it too late to register now?" Lin Huang asked from the back of the room.

Over 100 people who were present in the room frowned when they heard what Lin Huang said.

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