Monster Paradise

Chapter 16 Changes In The Life Wheel

Lin Huang secretly got a bottle of water from the lake. He took a few sips and closed the bottle, feeling energized while waiting for the night to come.

The Sand Monsters had terrible vision. Their body structure allowed them to resist heat and cold so they were not afraid of the sun as well as sandstorms. Because of this, they usually hunt during the day. However, the range of their vision dropped to the extent that they could not see past 100 meters at night. Unless they were hungry, they would prefer not to hunt during the night.

The sky was dark not long after Lin Huang went into hiding.

It was an eerie night and there were barely any stars in the sky. It was perfect for hunting.

Lin Huang ran towards the foothold where the Sand Monsters were moving at full speed. He had observed the foothold for awhile, noticing more than 30 Sand Monsters here.

None of them were taller than 10 meters and they were all iron-level.

The Sand Monsters intelligence was not high but perhaps they had seen the human’s foothold, there were fences that surrounded it. Mimicking it, they built simple shacks for the place where they slept. With more than 30 shacks put together, the area looked like a miniature human village.

Lin Huang walked around the fence, some of the Sand Monsters were sleeping and loud snores could be heard.

He locked his target on one Sand Monster that was five meters tall. From the size of the Sand Monster, it seemed to be iron-level. It was playing with its toes in its own shed. It then licked its fingers after playing with its toes, Lin Huang was disgusted.

He started to think that it might be a mistake to summon such an idiotic monster with his Monster Card.

Time was running out, soon he forgot about what he was thinking.

He picked up a stone from the ground and tossed it towards the disgusting monster through the fence.

The Sand Monster was hit by the stone, it then picked up the stone in confusion and looked at the direction where the stone was tossed. He saw there was something behind the fence. Although the distance was not far, it could not see clearly through the fence.

It then stood up with his three meters long bat and walked towards the fence.

The Sand Monsters appetite was huge. They could usually eat a lot so they would never let go of food that was sent their way.

Looking at the Sand Monster approaching him, Lin Huang let out a grin behind the fence.

Soon the Sand Monster arrived at the fence, it looked down and locked eyes with Lin Huang.

It was shocked and immediately, it swung its bat at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang instantly ran towards the dune that was not far away.

The Sand Monster destroyed the fence with its bat and chased after Lin Huang.

To the Sand Monsters, human flesh was tender and delicious. It almost drooled the moment it saw Lin Huang.

Seeing its food run away, it did not want to let go.

Just when Lin Huang passed through the dune, the Sand Monster approached and it swung its bat towards Lin Huang.

Suddenly, blood was spilled. The monster stopped moving, its head fell from its neck.

Blood gushed out all over the place, the headless body fell straight behind the dune.

A shadow appeared next to the Sand Monster’s dead body. It was a young man with white hair, his eyes which turned red were now black.

"That’s amazing, Bai!" Lin Huang gave the young man a thumbs up.

Bai who was on iron-level rank-3 was near to bronze-level since his evolution the last time. Under the Blood Power boost, chopping off the monster’s head was a piece of cake.

"Ding!" A notification came from Xiao Hei, a semi-transparent notification box popped out upon Lin Huang.

"Congratulations, you obtained a Monster Card - Sand Monster piece x1"

At the same time, a huge amount of white Life Light spread out from the Sand Monster’s dead body into Bai.

"I almost forgot, Life Light would be given when monsters kill each other." Although Lin Huang knew about this earlier, it was his first time witnessing it.

In this world, the Life Light among monsters could be seized mutually where the remained Life Light of the dead monster would be transferred automatically into the monster that killed it.

As the human body was unique, it would only absorb a part of Life Light from monsters automatically during the upgrade of ability.

Such process was called a Life Light Baptism. Under other circumstances, unless one possessed some technique to absorb Life Light, the Life Light would fade away while nobody could obtain it.

As Bai absorbed the Life Light from the dead Sand Monster, there were changes inside Lin Huang’s body.

The third column on the Life Wheel in his body that was dim started to shine. Soon the third column was fully lit up and the fourth one started to light up as well. The fifth one followed, and then the sixth… Until the 26th column was lightened up, the Life Light that was spreading out of the dead Sand Monster stopped. The Life Light on Bai’s body faded as well and the changes in Lin Huang’s body stopped soon after.

"What just happened?" Lin Huang was shocked. He did not expect the Life Light in his body to increase out of nowhere. Within seconds, his Life Wheel increased from three columns to 28 columns.

One column in Life Wheel usually represented one year of life. Since Lin Huang was born with a broken Life Wheel, the rate at which his life decays was 10 times faster than ordinary people.

He was only left with three columns on his Life Wheel and the third column was already dim. He only had slightly more than two months more to live.

But now, he suddenly had 28 columns on his Life Wheel.

He was relieved from the fear of death. However, the good news was strange to him.

"Xiao Hei, does the addition of my Life Light had anything to do with Bai killing the Sand Monster?" Lin Huang took his guess.

"When you summon a monster from your Monster Card, your Life Wheel is synchronized with your monster. 50% of the Life Light would be absorbed into your Life Wheel when the monster is killed. If the Life Wheel of the monster you summoned is full, 100% of the Life Light would be given to you."

Lin Huang was relieved after he heard Xiao Hei’s explanation as now he knew that there was no problem with his body.

"I could get more than 20 columns of Life Light from killing one Sand Monster. So if I were to kill a few more, my Life Wheel would overflow!"

Lin Huang was excited as he thought to himself.

He then went to the back of the dune and walked towards the foothold where the Sand Monsters were…

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