Monster Paradise

Chapter 17 Multiple Kills

After passing through the dune, Lin Huang saw two of the Sand Monsters standing at the destroyed fence from afar. One of them was seven meters tall while the other was eight. The shorter one seemed to be an iron-level rank-2 while the taller one was most probably an iron-level rank-3.

Lin Huang hesitated for a moment but he sprinted towards the direction of the two Sand Monsters.

The duo who was about to fix the fence under the night sky could not see Lin Huang clearly, all they could see was that something was approaching them from afar.

They opened their eyes in an attempt to try to get a better look at what was coming for them.

When Lin Huang was in between the dune and the foothold, the duo could finally see him.

Seeing that it was a human, they imagined how delicious he would be and they ran through the fence to chase after Lin Huang.

Lin Huang turned around and ran immediately.

Just when he ran through the dune, the duo was near him. They did not bring any weapons and they were trying to grab Lin Huang with their bare hands.

Lin Huang got down and rolled down the dune.

Blood splashed through the air. The head of the shorter Sand Monster was chopped off, its body fell straight to the ground.

Bai attacked the second monster without missing.

His height was the same as the Sand Monster. His Blood Power wings were his weapon, which he swung towards the taller Sand Monster.

The death of the shorter monster served as a warning for the taller monster. It saw a red stroke flashing in the air so it used its hand to block the attack although he could not see what was attacking it.

Usually, such a block would work seeing how tough and thick with high defense the Sand Monster’s skin was but now that Bai’s power was similar to a bronze-level, with the help of his Blood Power wings that were comparable to a bronze-level weapon, the Sand Monster’s hands were chopped off.

The attack was not as effective as Bai wanted it to be as the monster’s head was still there.

In immense pain, the Sand Monster let out a loud groan.

Lin Huang attempted to stop Bai but it was too late.

The distance between the dune and the foothold where the Sand Monsters resided was less than 10 meters. If the monster were to scream, it would definitely attract the rest of the Sand Monsters. By then, not only would the hunt fail, he might even lose his life.

Suddenly, another slash flashed through the air, slicing through the Sand Monster's mouth directly to the back of its head.

The pupils of the giant Sand Monsters dilated as the Blood Power saber was removed from its mouth. Without any support, its body fell onto the floor.

Bai kept his Blood Power saber, the redness in his eyes faded and he returned to his innocent young look.

Lin Huang was relieved, it was so close. If Bai had been a second slower, they might be dead by now.

If they were to be surrounded by more than 10 iron-level Sand Monsters in such an environment, a bronze-level hunter might not be able to make it.

Xiao Hei’s notification popped up.

"Congratulations, you have obtained Monster Cards - Sand Monster pieces x 2"

As the notification popped up, white Life Light spread out from the two dead bodies of the Sand Monsters into Bai’s body.

Lin Huang looked at the Life Wheel in his body. The columns started to light up again.

This time, it increased from 28 to 85 columns straight away.

Even with his accelerated decay in his lifespan which was 10 times faster than ordinary people, Lin Huang could now live for more than eight years.

He calmed himself down and started to plan things out.

From his experience earlier, he did not want to risk his life any further.

Bai performance was beyond Lin Huang’s wildest expectations. In every fight, he managed to kill every Sand Monster in a single shot before they could even make a single noise.

Just like this, with Bai’s help, Lin Huang killed three Sand Monsters.

All the 137 white columns on his Life Wheel were now filled up, the only remaining columns being the gray ones.

In this world, everyone had a Life Wheel within their bodies that had 360 light columns.

However, there were two categories to the columns. The white ones were refillable with Life Light while the gray columns could not be filled with Life Light.

Most people have 100 to 150 white columns which were full of Life Light when they were born. The white columns decided how long one would live.

As time passed, the Life Light in the Life Wheel would disappear and every year, one column of Life Light would be taken away.

The columns of Life Light that were taken away would turn into gray columns which were not refillable. That was how human lifespan decreased every year.

If one was ill or born with issues in their Life Wheel, the loss of Life Light would accelerate.

However, the speed of change of the column would forever be constant at one column per year.

Lin Huang was one of the unlucky ones. He was born with only 152 white columns on his Life Wheel. Now that 15 years had passed, his Life Wheel should have only had 137 white columns remaining.

However, since his lifespan decay was 10 times faster than ordinary people, within the 15 years, 150 columns were gone, leaving him with only two columns.

It was also not feasible to convert the gray columns into white columns as the price to pay was too high.

Each gray column would need 10 years of Life Light to be activated, turning them into white columns. To top it off, each gray column could only be activated once.

To be able to reach iron-level, it required all the gray columns to be activated, filling up the entire life wheel with 360 white columns.

The rich would need to pay an astronomical amount of money, making it impossible for the poor.

One year worth of Life Crystals required 100,000 credit points and 10 years worth of Life Crystals would require one million credit points to activate a single gray column.

For most people, they were born with more than 200 gray columns and the activation of those columns would require more than 200 million credit points, an astronomical amount.

That was the reason why anyone who held the title of a hunter in this world was respected. Even an iron-level Reserve Hunter would be held in high respect by everyone.

With all his white columns lit up, Lin Huang saw hope to achieve iron-level as he had the advantage that most people did not have - absorbing Life Light through Bai.

Witnessing the shortcut to iron-level, Lin Huang’s hunger to kill grew more intense.

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