Monster Paradise

Chapter 1860 - Interesting Ability

Chapter 1860 Interesting Ability

As they were descending, Bai could sense the faint aura more clearly; there was even a faint fishy stench.

After glancing at the two of them who caught up with him from the side of his eye, Bai smirked and accelerated directly.

Boundless Snow and Fifth Liege accelerated instantly to catch up to him when they saw this.

Very soon, the three of them arrived at the bottom of the rift.

It was very spacious, as if they had entered another dimension.

Bai spread out his Divine Telekinesis again. His peak dominator-level rank-7 Divine Telekinesis soon scanned through the entire space.

However, there was an area that his Divine Telekinesis could not probe.

It was a hemispherical space that spanned hundreds of kilometers. His Divine Telekinesis seemed to be blocked by a layer of membrane. It could not probe what was happening inside the hemispherical space.

Bai was not confused when he sensed something unusual about this area. Instead, he had his interest piqued.

He appeared outside the area directly in a flash.

Boundless Snow and Fifth Liege caught up to him immediately when they saw this.

What welcomed them was a foggy area that was completely covered in gray fog.

“This gray fog seems to block the probing of Divine Telekinesis. I wonder what’s hiding inside there,” Boundless Snow asked Bai, “It’s not good to invade just like that. Should we think of something else?”

“This might be Cthulhu’s hiding place.” Bai remained indifferent. “We’re already here. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

“That’s right!” Fifth Liege, who was standing to the side, nodded in agreement. “Let’s go in first. If we really can’t fight it, we’ll just escape and gather the rest.”

Bai glanced at Fifth Liege with a smile. “That’s similar to what I have in mind.”

Hearing the two’s argument, Boundless Snow shut his mouth immediately.

Bai said nothing else and stepped into the fog directly. Boundless Snow and Fifth Liege went in after him.

After stepping into the foggy area, Bai realized that he seemed to have arrived on land. They were no longer surrounded by ocean water.

He raised his brows lightly after realizing that the two did not catch up to him.

“Those guys seemed to have been teleported somewhere else…”

He looked around. There was darkness surrounding him, but this did not really affect his vision. He could still see everything around clearly.

There seemed to be an underground cave here. Although it was many times bigger than a regular underground cave, Bai could still see countless stalactites above his head.

The structure of the cave limited his vision.

Therefore, he attempted to spread out his Divine Telekinesis, after which he soon realized he could not spread his dominator-level rank-7 Divine Telekinesis out of his body.

Although he could increase the strength of his Divine Telekinesis, he did not want to do such a thing by force.

“Let’s see what tricks you have up your sleeves.” Bai did not panic even though his Divine Telekinesis could not leave his body. He walked forward slowly.

Over an hour had passed as he walked.

Throughout the one hour, he did not even encounter one monster. Monsters aside, he did not even see a single plant.

Bai was not bothered. He continued walking forward as if he was traveling.

Very soon, he heard the sound of running footsteps not far away.

He stopped walking and looked in the direction where the footsteps were coming from.

A moment later, a figure rushed out.

The person was stunned to see Bai. “Mr. Bai!” “It’s you.” Bai smiled lightly. The person was the muscular Fifth Liege from Heaven’s Secret.

“I can’t believe I ran into you here. I thought this horrible place was a trap formation that would not allow us to meet easily.” Fifth Liege slowed down his steps and walked toward Bai.

“I’m quite surprised too.” Bai smiled and asked, “How long have you been here?” “Over an hour I think,” Fifth Liege replied. “Did you find anything?” Bai asked further. “No.” Fifth Liege shook his head immediately. “This place looks like a regular underground cave. I didn’t see any signs of life as I ran over. The key issue is that Divine Telekinesis doesn’t work here, and my vision is hindered by the walls. So I can’t see very far.”

“I thought I’d crush the walls instead. Then I found out that the walls, ground and the stalactites above our heads were as powerful as chaotic supreme treasures. I couldn’t break them at all.”

“Also, the rocks here look the same. No matter how or where I walk, it feels like I’m walking in the same area. I suspect that this has the same effect as trap formations and illusory formations.”

Naturally, Bai had noticed everything Fifth Liege said.

“What about you, Mr. Bai? Did you find anything?” Fifth Liege asked Bai after telling what he found out.

“Me too. I didn’t see any living creatures as I walked here. I’ve no idea what or where this place is at the moment.” Bai gave a short response.

“What should we do then?” Fifth Liege asked again.

“Let’s continue to walk around.” Bai was calm. “What else can we do?”

Bai walked over to the wall where Fifth Liege had just appeared from, while speaking, “You came from the direction…”

Before he was done speaking, he saw Fifth Liege appear behind him secretly. He was enveloped by the golden Buddha and slapped toward Bai.

Almost at the same time, a blood-colored python came out of Bai’s back. Before the Buddha’s slap landed, the blood-colored python had penetrated Fifth Liege’s heart.

Fifth Liege’s aura plummeted instantly, and the golden Buddha collapsed directly.

“H-How did you find out?” ‘Fifth Liege’ asked, feeling unwilling.

Bai turned his head slowly. He had a faint smile on his face. “That’s a secret.”

In the next second, his body dried up instantly.

Its body regained its original form quickly.

It was an octopus monster that was curled up inside a snail shell. It had eight tentacle legs and six tentacle arms. There were sharp pricks at the end of the long arms.

Within ten seconds, the octopus monster had turned into a shrunken mummy entirely.

Its head had finally emerged from the huge snail shell.

A moment later, including its tentacles, its entire body was crushed into dust together with the shell.

“The aura… It seems to be Cthulhu’s descendant as well.” Bai finally sensed its aura when it regained its true form. Its aura was similar to the two monsters that created the illusion earlier, but was also different.

“It had dominator-level rank-6 combat strength but it copied a dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse’s ability perfectly. He even copied Fifth Liege’s technique exactly…” Bai smirked. “What an interesting ability.”

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