Monster Paradise

Chapter 1861 - Teasing You

Chapter 1861 Teasing You

After getting rid of the disguised “Fifth Liege”, Bai continued to walk forward casually.

Just like that, he walked for some two more hours calmly. The surroundings did not change too much. It was the same as before; there were no signs of life at all.

Bai did not panic. He continued forward calmly.

He would choose a random path to turn whenever he came to a fork, and he would walk straight if there was no fork. He did not even bother to run.

After half an hour, he finally arrived at a vast space.

The style of the space was completely different from the cave before.

Bai discovered that he seemed to be standing on a cliff. There was a winding suspension bridge ahead. There was bottomless abyss on both sides of the bridge, and there was a huge, eerie city at the end of the bridge.

There were countless strange buildings in the city. The sharp edges of the buildings were similar to the Bug Tribe beasts’ legs and mouths. There were all sorts of patterns that were similar to scales covering the surface of the buildings. Apart from black and white, there were no other colors on the buildings.

The city occupied tens of millions of kilometers of space. If it was on Earth, it would be on par with a large country. However, a city of such a scale was quiet at the moment; it was dead silent.

Bai could sense that Cthulhu was hiding in it, but he could not find his exact location.

He took a step forward to cross the suspension bridge, but discovered that there was a space barrier here that prohibited him from leaping over.

Not only that, flying was prohibited over the space where the bridge was.

Bai raised his brows lightly and stepped onto the bridge.

He then walked forward calmly.

When he got to the middle of the bridge, a strange feeling suddenly emerged from under the bridge.

Bai did not even glance at it, nor did he stop at all. A blood-colored python suddenly came out of his back. It penetrated the giant beast that was secretly sneaking up from under the bridge.

The beast’s huge mouth swallowed the entire bridge almost at the same time the blood-colored python penetrated it.

Bai merely tapped the tip of his toes casually and stepped on the giant beast’s head. He landed directly on the city gate of the black and white city.

At that moment, the blood-colored python on his back had completely faded away. Meanwhile, the giant beast eerily turned into bones and fell into the abyss.

Bai did not even turn his head. He had his eyes on the city gate.

Suddenly, a voice came from under the big gate. “Mr. Bai?!”

Bai shifted his focus to the source of the voice.

In reality, he had already sensed the person’s aura when he was crossing the bridge earlier.

The person had white hair. He was Boundless Snow from Snow Domain.

“Wait, how can you prove that you’re really Mr. Bai?” Boundless Snow suddenly said with his guard up. Bai took a good look at him. “I have no proof. It’s up to you whether you want to trust me or


“Didn’t you encounter anything unusual when you came here?” Boundless Snow was stunned at first and he asked further.

“I ran into something that disguised itself as Fifth Liege.” Bai looked at Boundless Snow while smirking. “I killed him.”

“I met something that disguised itself as Fifth Liege’s too,” Boundless Snow said immediately.

“Did you kill him?” Bai asked while raising his brows.

“How’s that possible?!” Boundless Snow was speechless. “His ability was more powerful than mine. After sensing that something was wrong, I escaped by using some tricks. Perhaps he went over to you after I escaped.

“I wonder what happened to the real Fifth Liege,” Boundless Snow said, feeling a little worried.

“He shouldn’t be killed so easily.” Bai did not seem to be very invested in this topic. He asked directly after giving a simple response. “What’s in there?”

“This should be how Cthulhu’s palace, R’lyeh, really looks like,” Boundless Snow explained, “If I got it right, R’lyeh’s nature should be a chaotic supreme treasure.” “Cthulhu is definitely hiding in there. If we go in, it would mean that we’re invading its territory,” Boundless Snow continued.

“We’ve already been in its territory since we stepped into this mystic territory.” Bai glanced at Boundless Snow.

“You’re right, but this city is even more dangerous than anywhere that we’ve been to before,” Boundless Snow added.

“You should’ve arrived here for some time, right? Why didn’t you go in?” Bai asked.

“Because it’s too dangerous. I thought we’d go in together when you guys got here,” Boundless Snow said honestly, feeling helpless.

“I’ll go in first, then. You can go ahead and wait.” Bai stretched his hand to open the gate after speaking

“I won’t wait then,” Boundless Snow caught up immediately.

Bai said nothing. Just as his hand was about to touch the gate, it opened automatically before he even exerted any strength.

He merely smiled and walked directly inside.

Boundless Snow caught up quickly.

The city gate closed automatically after the two walked in.

“Divine Telekinesis is restricted, and so is teleportation…” Bai lifted his head to look into the city as he stood at the city gate.

There were endless black clouds covering the sun in the sky.

Far away, the tip of a tall tower stood high among the clouds.

Bai soon had his eyes on the tower. “Flight altitude seems to be restricted too…”

He suddenly moved as soon as he was done speaking. He headed straight to where the tower was.

After merely a moment, the two arrived below the tower.

Standing below the black tower, Bai lifted his head to look at the tip of the tower. The top of the tower was clearly drowned in the clouds.

He exerted strength in his feet and leaped high.

He did not fly at all, but his body ascended at high speed and arrived in the clouds directly. He finally saw the tip of the tower hiding in the clouds.

Bai landed directly on the tip, which was only the size of the sole of a foot.

Just as Bai found his footing, Boundless Snow leaped into the clouds too, but he had no space to land. He could only step to the side of the tip. There was some frost beneath his feet that stuck to the tip of the tower. “Why did we come all the way up here?” Boundless Snow only asked after he managed to find his footing. “To see the scenery. Don’t you think the scenery is beautiful at this height?” Bai said with a smile.

“See the scenery…” Boundless Snow was speechless. “Is this the correct time to look at the scenery?”

The wind was strong at the tip of the tower. Bai’s black robe fluttered, but he remained upright.

“Where do you think… Cthulhu is hiding?” Bai glanced across to the endless clouds. The dazzling lightning of various colors faraway was reflected in his eyes.

“How would I know?” Boundless Snow was speechless.

“How could you not?” Bai looked at Boundless Snow with a smile and his head held low. “Aren’t you one of his descendants?”

At that moment, it was unknown when Bai’s feet had left the tip of the tower. While he ascended, he pointed a finger while smiling.

A red gleam that was like a tiny red snake was shot out like lightning, penetrating the space between Boundless Snow’s brows.

Boundless Snow’s body was drying up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. However, he asked unwillingly, “When did you find out?”

“From the moment the two of you appeared in front of me,” Bai answered honestly.

“So you…” Before Boundless Snow was done speaking, his body regained its true form.

He was like that thing that disguised itself as Fifth Liege before, an octopus monster hiding in a snail shell.

“You’re right, I’ve actually been teasing the two of you along the way,” Bai continued what his unfinished words, “Because it’s boring to kill you off guys immediately.”

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