Monster Paradise

Chapter 1863 - Cthulhu’s Trump Card

Chapter 1863 Cthulhu’s Trump Card

Cthulhu was clearly pissed to have its plan ruined entirely.

Whatever it did earlier was to try and limit Bai’s movements. He had tried to drag Bai into his territory completely.

Never had he thought that Bai would manage to pull off something like that by circumventing the prohibition on flying in R’lyeh.

Moreover, Bai was hidden in the blood-colored clouds in the sky currently; he had hidden himself from Cthulhu entirely.

Under Cthulhu’s control, the water that had flooded the entire big city was still rising.

Countless whirlwinds rushed out of the water like tentacles and attacked the blood-colored clouds in the sky.

Facing such a situation, Cthulhu had no other options but to attack. He decisively chose to compete with Bai to see who would have their Dominator Power drained first.

R’lyeh was its Kingdom. In one’s Kingdom, the draining of its Dominator Power was less than one-tenth compared to in the outside world.

Theoretically, as a dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse, it could definitely drain Bai to death.

However, what it had no idea about was that Bai was not a dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse.

As a dominator-level rank-9 powerhouse, the gap between Bai and a dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse’s Dominator Power like Cthulhu was like a pond and the ocean.

Observing what Cthulhu was doing, Bai instantly figured out what it was trying to achieve.

‘Trying to drain me? This guy has made the most foolish decision,’ Bai thought to himself.

In the sky, the blood-colored clouds sent forth blood-colored lightning bolts, crushing the whirlwinds.

The battle between the two very soon fell into a stagnant state again.

No matter how much effort Cthulhu put in, the whirlwinds would be crushed entirely before they reached the blood-colored clouds.

However, Bai noticed that the water levels were still rising slowly. Cthulhu was worried that Bai would notice it, so it controlled the rise at a stable pace. Given that the attacks by the whirlwinds were acting as a distraction, it was really hard for one to notice it with the naked eye within a short period of time.

Nevertheless, Bai merely took one glance and immediately figured out what it was planning.

Clearly, Cthulhu was still unwilling. Even now, it still clearly wanted to drown the blood-colored clouds altogether.

Bai smirked. The blood-colored clouds began to rise higher into the sky at a subtle, stable speed.

Soon after Bai did that, Cthulhu noticed that something was off.

The reason being was that it realized that the water levels did not close the gap with the blood-colored clouds. Not only that, there were signs of it faintly getting even further away from the blood-colored clouds.

Sensing that, it released a raging roar.

Bai’s voice spread out calmly again from above the clouds, “Why are you mad? Didn’t I learn this from you?”

Cthulhu could not come up with a retort to his words.

Indeed, it had been the first one to increase the level of the water. Bai was just using the same method to fight.

Although it could not fight back, its rage did not seem to subside at all.

The next second, endless water poured from the sky like a waterfall.

It was not only the sky above the blood-colored clouds, there were even waves of water appearing from all directions.

It was as if an ocean had been teleported from another dimension, and was pouring into the dimension.

At that moment, the blood-colored clouds could not avoid the ocean completely.

Bai gave up the futile dodging directly when he saw that. He transformed the blood-colored clouds into blood-colored giant pythons and dove into the ocean.

At the same time, he heard Cthulhu’s hysterical laugh.

He snorted, “As if you’d definitely win after I enter the water.”

Bai remained hiding within the transformed blood-colored clouds, which were now blood-colored giant pythons, and dove deep into the water. Very soon, they had completely avoided the impact coming from the waves above.

Clearly, Cthulhu had set up its trap, waiting for its opponent to enter.

As Bai dove down further, he soon saw the big city once more.

At that very moment, his pupils shrunk slightly.

“Is this an illusion? Or…” He saw the tall tower that he was standing on earlier move faintly. However, the next second, he discovered that it was not an illusion.

The reason being was that he saw that the buildings had “come alive”.

To be exact, they did not come alive, but had rather transformed into ocean beasts of various shapes and sizes.

“There are no signs of life, but their aura is clearly similar to Cthulhu’s…” Bai was quickly judging what he was looking at. “It should be a puppet technique that utilizes R’lyeh, the chaotic supreme treasure. This should be its trump card.” Bai frowned lightly. The puppet monsters that were transformed from the buildings had the combat strength of dominator-level rank-7.

Not only that, the monsters’ bodies were made from a portion of R’lyeh. They were as powerful as chaotic supreme treasures. If he wanted to tear them apart by force, it would be very difficult as they were at dominator-level rank-7.

Moreover, there were not only one or two puppets, but rather tens of thousands of them.

Bai decided instantly that he could not use force if he wanted to win.

Seeing the puppet monsters coming at him, he dodged them repeatedly; this would work for a short period of time.

“As expected of puppets, their battle mode has been preconfigured. As long as I figure out all of their battle modes, I can defeat almost all of them.”

Very soon after Bai came to that conclusion, he could not help but frown lightly.

The reason being was that when he was dodging a puppet that was attacking him, there were black tentacles of various thicknesses shooting out of the puppet’s nose and mouth.

One of them had even tied itself around the blood-colored python’s tail. Fortunately, a thread stretched out of the blood-colored clouds, transforming it into a sharp blade that sliced it off.

However, a few puppets had attacked at the same time. The blood-colored python failed to dodge all of them.

Feeling helpless, Bai could only control the blood-colored python to sweep its tail to throw the few puppets out; only then did he get rid of them.

Nevertheless, Bai noticed that those puppets did not seem to suffer any substantial damage after being attacked by the blood-colored python. They soon joined the battle again.

“Such powerful defense…” Bai frowned lightly. “This can’t go on. I’ll be surrounded if I’m not careful, intensifying the draining of Dominator Power.”

“Cthulhu would definitely seize the opportunity to attack my weaknesses…” “There are only two ways to break through this predicament now.” Bai calmed himself down. “One is to look for its hiding place, and the other is to look for a way to get rid of these puppets.” “The first option isn’t feasible at all. My Divine Telekinesis is greatly restricted here. I can’t locate its exact coordinates at all. Not only that, this is its Kingdom. It can hide anywhere. If it wants to avoid fighting me, it can teleport somewhere else instantly.” “Regarding the second option, killing them by force definitely won’t work. It wouldn’t be a problem to kill a couple of them with the current combat strength I have revealed, but if I want to kill all of the puppets, I can only do it if I expose my real ability. Seems like this is the only thing I can do…” Bai soon had a plan in his head.

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