Monster Paradise

Chapter 1864 - Killing Cthulhu

Chapter 1864 Killing Cthulhu

The blood-colored giant python suddenly turned around and attacked one of the puppets. It opened its mouth directly and swallowed it.

The next second after the blood-colored giant python swallowed the puppet, Bai sent it directly into the Kingdom in his body.

The puppet that was initially struggling, as well as attempting to contaminate the enemy by releasing Abyssal energy, could not move at all after it was sent into the Kingdom.

After all, it was a puppet. After entering Bai’s Kingdom, it would mean that it had been disconnected from the outside world completely. Cthulhu could no longer control it.

Bai smirked lightly after watching the first puppet cease movement completely as he expected. He controlled the blood-colored giant pythons to rush toward the other puppets.

Very soon, the second, third puppets… The blood-colored pythons swallowed the puppets one after the other and sent them into the Kingdom in Bai’s body.

Many puppets were just attacking the blood-colored giant pythons from a close distance. They were swallowed by the blood-colored giant pythons’ mouths that came out of nowhere.

Within a few breaths of time, thousands of the puppets that were almost indestructible were swallowed by the blood-colored giant pythons.

Feeling helpless, Cthulhu could only change its battle approach. He controlled those puppets to attack from a distance. They no longer dare to get close.

Meanwhile, Bai controlled the blood-colored giant pythons to expand continuously. They proceeded to swallow more and more puppets.

Cthulhu controlled the puppets to escape in all directions when it saw that the situation was turning bad. However, tentacles stretched out of Bai’s blood-colored giant pythons and captured and swallowed most of the puppets.

As they fought, less than one-fifth of the buildings that were initially in the big city remained after the blood-colored giant pythons swallowed them frantically.

Bai swallowed them to the point that Cthulhu dared not use those puppets anymore. He controlled the remaining puppets and sent them to the border of the ocean in different directions.

Bai could be considered to have won the battle.

Not only that, Bai could clearly sense that the aura of the entire ocean had dropped significantly after R’lyeh lost many of its buildings.

The blood-colored giant pythons continued floating in the ocean, but Cthulhu did not attack for some time.

Bai waited for a couple of seconds before speaking again, “Cthulhu, if you don’t attack, I will!”

Cthulhu had no reaction for a while after Bai said that.

Bai guessed roughly that it should not have any good strategies, so it chose to hide for now.

However, Bai clearly did not plan to give it any time to come up with a new strategy.

The next second, Bai’s Kingdom descended directly.

Endless blood-colored rivers rushed into the ocean. As soon as the crimson river entered the ocean, it began to expand quickly.

Very soon, the entire ocean had been dyed red.

“I found you…” Bai smirked a moment later.

At the same time, he left the blood-colored pythons and appeared in an oceanic trench at the bottom of the ocean in a flash.

Bai spoke coldly as he looked at the dark oceanic trench beneath, “Get out, it’s futile to hide. You should know that my Kingdom has covered each corner of your Kingdom. You can’t escape me no matter where you hide.”

Very soon after Bai spoke, the bottom of the ocean began to tremble intensely.

The oceanic trench began to crack. A gigantic hand came out from deep within the oceanic trench. Soon, an enormous body rose slowly.

Bai had finally seen what the legendary Cthulhu looked like.

Its head was like a huge octopus. There were dense and countless tentacles beneath its eyes, almost like a thick beard.

Only after it stood up slowly did Bai notice that it had a body similar to humans. Its body was like a plump middle-aged man. It was just that there was a layer of dark-green scales, like dragon scales, covering the surface of its body. There was a layer of green goo lingering on the surface of the scales.

What Bai was curious about was that there was a pair of huge bat-like wings on its back.

He could not understand what use the pair of wings had.

When it had stood up completely, Bai realized that it was so big that it was close to the size of a star.

Not only was the aura Ctulhu exuded dark, it was ancient and fairly similar to Aza’s.

“He was Aza’s descendant after all…” Bai came to that conclusion instantly.

At the same time, his face turned solemn. The fact that it could be labeled as Aza’s descendant alone meant that its ability was definitely powerful.

As it showed itself completely, Cthulhu’s six crimson eyes locked onto Bai.

Soul suppressions shot forth from its eyes, attempting to hit Bai’s God’s soul.

However, Bai merely smiled faintly. There was no sign of his God’s soul being impacted at all.

He suddenly lifted his hand. Six blood-colored electric arcs consolidated in the blood-colored ocean out of nowhere. They pierced toward Cthulhu’s six eyes.

Cthulhu was stunned to see Bai’s reaction. It stopped its attack on Bai’s God’s soul quickly in order to dodge the attack.

However, it did not dodge it in time. Two of its eyes were penetrated by the electric arcs. It could not open them at all.

“You’re… seeking death!” An obscure syllable came out of Cthulhu’s mouth, but Bai understood the message crystal clear.

Bai merely shook his head. “You’re already dead.”

As soon as Bai was done speaking, Cthulhu suddenly released a devastating shriek.

Its gigantic body fell to the ground. It was rolling around frantically on the ground. At the same time, its octopus head began to distort quickly. It looked as if something was creating havoc around inside its head.

“Didn’t Aza teach you guys to not be randomly hit by your enemy? Especially the kind of attack that makes you bleed.” Bai began to ascend above the ocean slowly after he spoke.

He did not finish his sentence. “To me, as soon as my enemy is bleeding from my attack, it means that he’s already dead.”

As Bai ascended, the entire ocean began to collapse. The water levels began to plummet.

Bai observed Cthulhu, who was still struggling and rolling on the ground. There was no sympathy in his eyes at all.

Very soon, he had left the ocean completely.

He looked at Cthulhu, who was at the bottom of the ocean, through the water.

Its octopus-like head had expanded by more than ten-fold.

Just as the ocean was about to completely dry up, Cthulhu’s huge head finally exploded with a bang. Endless black blood gushed out of it, as well as its dark-green brain juice and the remaining substances in its brain. They dyed the remaining ocean water black.

His body that was struggling finally stopped moving. His vitality faded away quickly.

Watching the ground begin to collapse quickly, while the entire mystic territory was going to crumble, a blood-colored wing stretched out of Bai’s back and covered Cthulhu’s body. It reeled it into his Kingdom…

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