Monster Paradise

Chapter 2 Vampire

Lin Huang felt his heart beat faster and faster as he entered Lin Xin’s room.

The light in her room was switched on and he saw a young, muscular man halfway into her room. He must have crept in from the broken window. He held Lin Xin’s foot and a blurred sound echoed from his mouth.

Lin Xin quickly hid behind the head of her bed, her feet was just a few centimeters from that scary being.

She was horrified! She cried and her body was shivering. She was too frightened to even think of running away.

Lin Huang then looked up to the man. He had red hair, his chin and clothes were covered in blood.

What caught Lin Huang’s attention was his eyes, it was bloody red. Lin Huang was numb, for a second, he thought that the man could just be a vampire.

He looked around Lin Xin’s room and noticed her school bag at the left side of the door. Fearful, he flung the school bag at the ‘man’s direction.

The vampire’s senses were quick to act, he immediately grabbed it, tore it apart.

In that short distraction, Lin Huang ran to the bed, carried Lin Xin and sprinted out of the room. Just when they thought they were safe, Lin Xin screamed to the top of her lungs. Lin Huang turned around to see the vampire’s vein-bulging arm on Lin Xin’s left foot.

"Close your eyes!", Lin Huang instructed.

Lin Xin immediately did as she was told. Lin Huang saw a lamp near the bed, picked it up and smashed the vampire’s arm with full force.

The light bulb of the lamp was made of white light stone which will release high temperature light if broken. It was a cheap but extremely dangerous. The rich would never trust such a lamp but now, it was indeed a life-saver.

The light bulb of the lamp broke once it hit the vampire’s arm and a strong white light filled the room. The broken white light stone released an unbearable heat that caused the vampire to groan and let go of Lin Xin’s foot.

Lin Huang closed his eyes as he took his last few steps and when he opened his eyes, he was already at the door. He did not waste any time, worried that the vampire’s vision would recover, Lin Huang ran down the stairs, panting.

As he ran, he remembered reading from a fairy tale book that vampy’s hated lights because it burned their eyes. Vampires are nocturnal creatures, born to hunt in the dark and avoided places with lights and this was precisely why the vampire refrained from entering Lin Xin’s room earlier.

From the ground floor, sounds of glass breaking came from upstairs. It was almost as if the hanging lights in Lin Xin’s room fell.

"Hide in the bathroom and lock the door!" Lin Huang ordered Lin Xin at once.

"Wh-what how about you?" Lin Xin asked her brother, her tone shaky.

"I can handle him, have you forgotten that I graduated on top of my class from Hunter Reserve College? It would be a distraction if you stayed here with me." Lin Huang explained lovingly to his sister.

Lin Xin nodded and did as she was told. She had faith in her brother.

Lin Huang had an action plan. He first sent out a distress signal to the Heart Network and then he ran to the kitchen to grab a knife.

The lowest level of a vampire was at least an iron-level. Besides possessing 10 times the strength of an adult, with their blood power, they were much stronger than an iron-level monster.

Anyone who encountered iron-level monsters may not walk away alive, hunters from Hunter Reserve College included. Therefore, what Lin Huang had told his sister was merely to comfort her as he knew that there was a probability he could lose to this vampire.

He thought, however, that it was strange that his head was clear when he was faced with the monster earlier although he was in so much fear and anxiety. In that moment, whatever he had read about vampires flashed in his mind.

Vampires were human-like monsters – they blend in with the human lifestyles during the day but their desire for blood arose at nights.

Their food - human blood and the blood of young girls’ blood were especially delicious, their favorite. They smell blood up to a few hundred kilometers away.

Even for an iron-level vampire, as soon their blood power is activated, their strength, speed, and defense would amplify themselves. Their bodies would be covered with an energy layer that formed from the gathered blood power. The energy layer could even turn into wings, tails, claws and other weapons which multiplied their effectiveness.

Vampires may hate the exposure of bright lights but it does not weaken them. Their one weakness was a substance called septic divisor that could only be extracted from a rare plant.

In reality, the septic divisor was poisonous to most organisms with flesh, included us humans. As soon as it contaminated a wound, it would penetrate into the organism’s blood circulatory system and kill red blood cells. It was sold at pharmacies and some hunters used them to soak their weapons.

The septic divisor had the perfect repression effect on vampires as it would cut open the blood layer on their body if they touched a weapon soaked in septic divisor. The would cause the vampire’s body to rot and without an antidote, it would melt to the ground within three hours.

However, the septic divisor was not cheap. Even a licensed hunter would think twice before using it generously – only in times of emergency.

Lin Huang’s savings was not enough for him to buy one.

While he was struggling with his thoughts, his ring began vibrating again.

"I am hunter Li Lang, I assume you asked for help to be sent. What happened?" A matured but young voice sounded from the rescue line across him.

"My home is being attacked by a vampire…" just as Lin Huang finished his sentence, he heard a loud thud. Then, a shadow leaped from the second floor and appeared not far away from him.

"I’ve set the location on my ring, please hurry!" With that, he hung up the phone.

He needed to focus on defeating a 10-time-stronger enemy standing in front of his face.

"Bang… Bang… Bang…"

Heavy footsteps walked towards him and he could barely make out the being in front of him due to the dust in the air. When it disappeared, he starred right into the vampire’s red eyes which was also targeting him.

Lin Huang felt a rush of goosebumps.

In a split second, the vampire’s focus shifted to the direction of the bathroom. He could smell the odor of the prey that he was hunting. The prey was just behind the door, it was a delicious and irresistible fragrant to him. He was drooling, all the way from his chin to the floor.

The vampire immediately ran in the direction of the bathroom, ignoring Lin Huang.

Lin Huang mustered his courage and yelled "Hey, did you forget something?" at the vampire while he tossed the knife onto the vampire’s body!

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