Monster Paradise

Chapter 3 Goldfinger Has Been Activated

This vampire's senses were amazing. He could sense the knife flying in his direction and so dodged it in time. Almost instantaneously, the knife pierced into the wall, its blade still vibrating.

The vampire stopped walking and stared at Lin Huang. While Lin Huang was relieved that the vampire did not charge at him, he gulped while mumbling to himself, "Let's get this over and done with!"

He tossed out the second knife he had with him at the vampire because he was worried that the vampire would ignore him but attack Lin Xin. Therefore, he chose the classic tactic to infuriate and distract the enemy.

As expected, it worked. The vampire was furious, he smacked the knife away again. Blood was dripping from the crown of his head to his feet and soon completely covered his body.

Lin Huang was breathing heavily. It was his first time encountering a vampire that used Blood Power and he was under intense stress. A vampire that used Blood Power was completely beyond human; it was considered a real monster.

What Lin Huang saw later made his heart skip a beat…

There was a pair of blood-colored energy supply that looked like wings growing out of his back.

They were around two meters long each.

"Oh no! This monster is not iron-leveled, but bronze-leveled!"

Lin Huang remembered clearly that an iron-level vampire could only have one energy supply while those on bronze-level could grow two energy supplies.

Lin Huang's face turned pale; he did not know that it was a bronze-level vampire that invaded his home. As compared to a bronze-level, he was more than 100 times weaker than the vampire.

"That's not right. If this vampire is bronze-level, he wouldn't be harmed by the broken white light stone to the extent he would let his prey go." Lin Huang recalled when he hit the vampire with the lamp earlier; the vampire lets go of Lin Xin due to the burning heat.

He took a closer look at the vampire, and soon he noticed there were two obvious wounds on him. One was on his right shoulder where it was so deep that his bone was exposed while another one was on his left chest where the knife pierced through, almost two centimeters away from his heart.

The wounds started to rot; it seemed that the cut happened earlier than an hour ago. The wounds were not initially noticeable because the vampire's body was out of the window and he was filled with blood. Now that he saw them clearly, he understood why this bronze-level vampire had the strength that was weaker than an iron-level.

"He looks extremely weak now and it looks like even his heart was contaminated with septic divisor and he might not live for more than three hours. No wonder his strength regressed. As long as I stay a distance away from him and try my best to avoid the attack from his Blood Power, I should be safe!"

Now that he was clear about how severely hurt the vampire was, Lin Huang's fear was gone. He had one thought on his mind - to drag the vampire to his death!

The vampire gave Lin Huang a deadly stare, the wings on his back got longer and turned into two sharp cones charging his way.

Lin Huang had expected that to happen. He took a few steps to his right and dived onto the dining table, few meters away.

The first hit was a miss. His wings became long canes and he turned towards Lin Huang. The cupboard and chairs in the way were crushed.

If the hit were to fall on Lin Huang, even if he did not die, his boned would have been crushed too.

Lin Huang jumped and with one hand supported on the second floor, he managed to cross the railings and onto the second floor.

The vampire's second hit smashed the dining table and the pieces were spread onto the ground.

Lin Huang stood, frozen on the second floor as he was worried that the vampire would go for Lin Xin instead. He picked up a porcelain vase and threw at the vampire.

He heard a "Bang". The vase crushed the vampire's wings and the vampire roared in pain in Lin Huang's direction.

There was a limit to the strength and extension of his wings. The vampire noticed that he could not reach Lin Huang anymore, so he jumped to the second floor where Lin Huang was standing.

Lin Huang immediately fled and hid under his bed.

There, he found a wooden box that was one foot long. He opened the box and took out a silver pistol.

It was a Gray Eagle17, the latest pistol from the Eagle Company. Its power was impeccable; it was nothing less than an iron-level firearm.

With Lin Huang's financial situation, it was impossible that he could afford such weapon.

It was a reward for getting number one in his college education.

Lin Huang took out the pistol and put the two remaining cartridges into his left pocket. He then opened the safety catch. Just when he aimed his pistol at the door, the vampire barged in.


A fire was shot from under the bed and the vampire groaned with anger.

The shot may not have hurt him but as he was caught off guard but that gunshot did dim the Blood Power layer on the vampire.

"Bang! Bang!" Another two shots were fired.

The vampire's Blood Power layer dimmed even more. He flipped his giant wings in anger and plunged towards the bed.

Lin Huang was prepared for that. He kicked the wall hard and got out under the bed. He then ran to the balcony and jumped over the railing.

The vampire was furious. He chased after Lin Huang.

Street101 was under his balcony, one of the main streets at the foothold. There were street lights with moonlight stones shining on the ground.

The vampire could not find Lin Huang as the streetlights were not that bright.

Lin Huang outsmarted the vampire! He had only pretended to jump but did not do so. He used his fingers to hang himself on the balcony floor and when the vampire had jumped off the balcony, he climbed back up.

Lin Huang stared at the vampire and aimed his pistol at the vampire's head.

"Bang! Bang! Bang…"

In the midst of the shots and the roars of the vampire, the lights in the houses on the streets went off. There was pin drop silence. Only the noise from the gunshots and the vampire's roars echoed on the streets.

He could see the vampire with the street lights and he could also see the Blood Power layer thinning and the vampire's wings contracted back in.

The vampire finally stumbled away in excruciating pain.

Lin Huang did not bother running after the vampire but instead opened fire and shot 20 times.

Seeing as the vampire was not far off, about approximately 200 meters away and so he reloaded a new cartridge, jumped to the ground floor and ran after the vampire.

It started off as a quiet night but sounds of gunshots and vampire groans soon filled that silence.

The vampire's Blood Power layer got thinner when the bullets penetrated through his outer-defense layer and straight to his inner body.

Lin Huang was cautious to keep his distance from the vampire.

With every trigger pulled, Lin Huang felt like a trained hunter.

Bullets were hitting on the vampire's Blood Power layer and soon, it became semi-transparent. At the 18th bullet fired, the vampire's Blood Power layer disappeared entirely.

Lin Huang grinned. He fired his last two bullets at the vampire's wound, targeting at its left chest. He then reloaded the last cartridge and when he was ready to shoot, the vampire fell to the ground. The vampire attempted to get up but he seemed out of breath and badly injured. He crawled forward.

Lin Huang did not open fire but he sprinted to the vampire and stopped 15 meters away as he had calculated before, the vampire could only stretch his wings for less than 10 meters and therefore, 15 meters would be a safe distance.

Lin Huang carefully pointed his pistol at the back of the vampire's head and fired two shots. He was relieved when the vampire's head cracked and brain juice oozed onto the road.


A notification came into Lin Huang's ears. Soon, a semi-transparent page appeared before him with messages:

"Goldfinger has been activated!"

"Host completed his first kill; one Monster Card is rewarded!"

"Host completed rank-crossing kill; one Advance Card is rewarded!"

"Host completed double rank-crossing kill, one Random Card draw is rewarded!"

"Setting of Host's Exclusive Card"

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15."

"Combat Strength: None (Exceeded assessment limit)

"Skill: None (Mastered basic skills - beyond range of assessment)"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of Summons: 1."

"Remark: You’re so weak!"

Lin Huang had a strange expression on his face, "The Goldfinger has been activated, but what do these remarks mean?!"

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