Monster Paradise

Chapter 20 Encountering Obstructions

After sitting on Tyrant for two hours, Lin Huang finally understood what it meant to have to ride the mount through to the end even if it brought him to tears because it was his.

After running for two hours, Tyrant stopped after they ran more than 100 kilometers away.

Lin Huang found a nearby dune and pitched a tent. Tyrant sat not too far away from the entrance of the to-be tent, watching Lin Huang with a curious eye as he built the tent.

20 minutes later, Lin Huang sat inside the tent he had just put up as he planned out how they would keep watch at night. The Pure Gold Desert was so much worse than any desert on earth.

There might be an invasion anytime, so someone who kept an eye on the tent during the night was necessary.

Lin Huang needed Tyrant as his mode of transport so it could not watch over the tent. Bai would be suitable but with the strength he had, Lin Huang did not want him to waste his strength on something like this.

He soon recalled that he still had card pieces he could integrate into a single monster card. Getting out of the tent, he recalled Tyrant and called out to Xiao Hei, "Xiao Hei, I'd like to integrate these pieces into a monster card."

"You have 33 pieces of Sand Monster Cards, integrating an iron-level Sand Monster Card would require 30 pieces. Confirm integration?"


"30 Sand Monster Card pieces have been integrated into one monster card!"

Lin Huang summoned the new card to his hand. It was a pure-white card and the Sand Monster on the front of the card was 80% similar to Tyrant. It looked like a smaller version of Tyrant and the description of the card on the back was different.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Normal"

"Type of Monster: Giant (Branch)"

"Combat Level: Iron 1-Star"

"Skill 1: Immense Strength (Beginner)"

"Skill 2: Robust (Beginner)"

"Summoning Limit: Activated"

"Card Remarks: Useless"

Another notification was sent by Xiao Hei.

Just as Lin Huang wondered what it was about, a box popped up upon him:

"There are two monster cards of the same type, would you like to carry out Card Engulf?"

"Xiao Hei, what is Card Engulf?"

"If there are two monster cards of the same kind, the one with the rarer card can engulf the one that is a lower rarity and you'll get a random skill upgrade."

"Does that mean I can use Tyrant’s card to engulf this monster card and get a skill upgrade?" Lin Huang finally understood the reason why the notification came up. "Yes. This is the first time you obtained a monster card of the same kind so a reminder popped up. Would you like to continue with Card Engulf?"

"Not at the moment, I would need him to keep watch over the tent at night for a few days." Lin Huang decided not to go ahead with the Card Engulf.

Lin Huang did not even bother to give this new Sand Monster a new name as he would use it for the Card Engulf a few days later, a name seemed unnecessary.

The new Sand Monster was much smaller than Tyrant as it was just five meters tall.

"You will be keeping watch outside the tent tonight. If you notice any monsters or humans, scream as loud as you can and wake me up." Lin Huang instructed.

The Sand Monster nodded and sat outside the tent while Lin Huang went into the tent.

He was exhausted and fell asleep straight away.

The next day, he woke up from sleep and realized that it was morning. It was a peaceful night.

He stood up and kept the tent. After washing up, he recalled the Sand Monster that was watching over the tent all night and summoned Tyrant.

He sat on Tyrant’s shoulder and frowned. He recalled the two-hour-long torture that he had yesterday and the fact that his poor butt he would have to suffer another 10 hours today.

He got down from Tyrant’s shoulder and got it to lie on the ground before the sand got too hot from the scorching sun.

He took his sword and began shaving the hair on Tyrant’s shoulders.

At first, it lied down quietly as it did not know what Lin Huang was up to.

Once Lin Huang began shaving it, it's expression changed. Lin Huang thought its expression was dumb but it seemed really adorable.

The hair on its body was a sign of masculinity for Tyrant so naturally, it was quite unwilling when Lin Huang wanted to shave it all of. However, he could not disobey Lin Huang so all it could do was to show a sad face.

After the left side of its shoulder was shaved, Lin Huang who was ready to sit on it looked at the right side of Tyrant’s shoulder, "It would look better if they’re symmetrical."

He then shaved the right side. After half an hour, he finally took a seat on Tyrant’s shoulder to start their journey.

"This is much better!" Without the hair poking on his butt, Lin Huang felt infinitely more comfortable.

Not long after they began their journey, Lin Huang saw traces of people who passed by the place.

Just when he was about to get Tyrant to avoid the area to prevent conflicts, Tyrant’s gigantic body attracted five people who promptly surrounded it.

Seeing others approaching it, Tyrant was enraged at the people.

"Tyrant, let me down." After Lin Huang’s instructed it, Tyrant put him down on the ground in front of it.

The five people who approached them realized that Lin Huang was sitting on Tyrant’s shoulder.

"How can I help you?" Lin Huang looked at the five of them with his guard up.

"So, you’re an Imperial Censor. It's no wonder you even dared to join this assessment even though you're not at iron-level." A tall, skinny guy who looked like he was 20 said with a cunning smile.

"Just say what you want. If you've nothing to say, get out of my way." Lin Huang did not bother talking to him any further.

"I seem to recall your name being Lin Huang, right?" A young man who looked like he was Lin Huang’s age said with a smile.

He dressed well and when he talked, the rest held their tongue. Although he was young, he seemed like the leader of the group.

"My name is George Kang. Don’t be afraid, I’m harmless."

"The difficulty of this assessment is high. It’ll be quite hard for you pass the assessment if you’re alone so we've teamed up. You are an Imperial Censor and although you’re not bad at summoning monsters, you're quite lacking in the strength department. Especially the last part of the assessment where we're required to climb the Alps. With your strength, it would be quite impossible that you could make it. Although this Sand Monster is strong, it isn’t that good at climbing. If you’re willing to join us, we can help you to climb the Alps." George Kang smiled as he suggested to Lin Huang.

"Thanks for the offer but I’m a lone wolf. Now, will you step aside?" Lin Huang could see that this seemingly kind George Kang was actually very sly. None of them had any good intentions.

"Bro, you should think about it." George Kang said with a smile, he did not plan to step aside at all.

"No. Now please, step aside!" Lin Huang insisted.

"Hey, how dare you! Do you really think that we care about you? All we really wanted is to use this Sand Monster to help us get to the alps. If you get what I'm talking about, do as we say and just maybe, you'll reach the alps alive with us. It's either that or we'll make you do what we say." The tall, skinny guy revealed their real intentions.

"So, you’re sure that you’re not stepping aside?" Lin Huang did not even look at the tall, skinny guy. Instead, he shot a deadly glare at George Kang.

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