Monster Paradise

Chapter 19 Repeat Important Matters Three Times

Lin Huang had expected the sudden outburst of the Sand Monster. The 30 Sand Monsters who were killed did not always die in one hit from Bai's attack and they had a similar reaction.

The last Sand Monster remaining who happened to be their leader was killed the way Lin Huang had wanted it to happen.

After the Sand Monster’s leader was dead, a notification was sent by Xiao Hei.

As the last monster was killed by Lin Huang himself, he was rewarded with an Advanced Card for the cross-ranking kill.

Besides, he also obtained a complete Monster Card.

The probability of obtaining a Monster Card right away for killing a monster was not high.

Lin Huang had done his survey earlier so he was only aiming to collect all of the card pieces. He did not expect to get this lucky.

However, there was a downside as well. Since the Sand Monster was killed by Lin Huang, its Life Light could not be absorbed by Bai so Lin Huang's Life Wheel did not manage to get any additional Life Light.

Lin Huang then called out the Monster Card onto his hand. He was stunned, it was a green card. He looked at it closely.

There was a giant Sand Monster on the front of the card. Its look was considered normal, the only thing was that it had an extra head. It did not have extra eyes and it had four limbs just like ordinary people did.

It looked like an enlarged human with more fats and hair. It looked ferocious and did not have reproductive organs.

He turned the card around to look at the detailed description.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type of Monster: Giant (Branch)"

"Combat Level: Iron-level 3-star"

"Skill 1: Immense Strength (Beginner)"

"Skill 2: Robust (Beginner)"

"Skill 3: Iron Bones (Beginner)"

"Summoning Limit: Activated"

"Card Remarks: This is useless too!"

Lin Huang then looked at the detailed description.

"Immense Strength (Beginner): Passive skill, strength would gain three times more."

"Robust (Beginner): Passive skill - Body physique improved two-fold. (Body physique includes tolerance to poison, strength, tolerance, and adaptation.)"

"Iron Bones (Beginner): Passive skill - Defense is improved three-fold."

After reading the detailed description, Lin Huang finally understood why it was so hard to kill the last Sand Monster.

"No wonder Bai’s attack could not hurt it, this fella is a rare species like Bai. Although it did not have any active skills, its passive skills are stunning enough."

Lin Huang was familiar with the Advanced Card. Now that he had two rare Monster Cards, he was not sure if he should use the Advanced Card on Bai or the Sand Monster.

Since he was undecided, he put the card aside for the future when it was needed.

"Xiao Hei, please extract the skill."

The three passive skills were all great. No matter which one he got, it would be helpful for Lin Huang so he did not have any preference.

"Skill extraction has been activated… Choosing a skill for the host… Random selection is done... Congratulations, you have obtained - Robust (Beginner)."

When the skill extraction was done, Lin Huang opened up his Exclusive Card.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15"

"Combat Strength: None (Exceeded assessment limit)"

"Skill 1: Blood Power (Level-2)"

"Skill 2: Great Sword Scriptures (Sword skill)

"Skill 3: Robust (Beginner)

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of Summons: 1"

"Remark: So weak! So weak! So weak!"

He was initially happy but he got slightly pissed at the last remark, "Was it really necessary to repeat yourself three times? Xiao Hei, I feel that you’re becoming meaner now."

"It’s necessary to repeat important stuff three times, isn’t that a rule on earth?"

"…" Lin Huang did not know what to respond.

"The available number of summons is still one, does that mean I can’t summon both my Monster Cards at the same time?" Lin Huang questioned as he noticed that the quantity of summons remained unchanged.

"Yes, no matter how many Monster Cards you have, you can only summon one at a time."

Lin Huang wanted to try anyway. Without recalling Bai, he squeezed the Sand Monster Card on his hand.

The card broke into pieces and was transferred into his body. Immediately, a semi-transparent box appeared.

"You have reached the summoning limit, the action is denied!"

He then recalled Bai and summoned the Sand Monster card. He squeezed the card again and a gigantic Sand Monster appeared in front of him.

He took a good look at the 10-meter-tall Sand Monster. He thought to himself for awhile and said, "I’m going to call you Tyrant."

Hearing what Lin Huang said, the Sand Monster raised its hands up high and let out a loud roar. It seemed to like the name given by Lin Huang very much.

"Alright, Tyrant, let’s hunt for a mini monster nearby." Lin Had had breakfast before coming to the assessment. Now that it was late, after an entire day of walking and fighting, he was hungry and tired.

Tyrant who got the instruction turned around and left immediately.

Soon, it came back with a monster that looked like a wild boar. Lin Huang recognized it, it was an Armored Pig. It was double the size of a wild boar on earth, it had black, metal scales on its back.

Although it was quite large in size, it did not belong to the giants. It was a mutated beast, the difference was one could tell what it was by looking at its size. No matter which rank the Armored Pig had evolved into, its size did not seem to change even when it became an adult.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw the Armored Pig. He tried that when he stayed at the Stable Residence. It was delicious.

Lin Huang’s cooking skill was nothing fantastic. He started a fire, sliced a few pieces of meat and started to cook it.

He had thought of this before coming here so he had brought condiments for barbecue along with him. Although he did not handle the fire well which caused the meat to be slightly burnt, the taste was not bad at all.

He saw Tyrant who was drooling as it sat aside, Lin Huang got a few slices for it.

After it was done eating, it wanted more. It looked at Lin Huang in anticipation, Lin Huang shook his head and smiled at him.

"It’s for you to taste. If I were to feed you until you were full, I think I might have to stay up all night to cook for you. The smell of barbecue would attract other monsters nearby. They might come soon, we need to leave now."

Lin Huang then stood up. Tyrant seemed to understand what he said, it stood up as well.

"Bring me to the East. At the speed you can move at, we should be able to cover quite a distance within two hours. With your speed, we should be able to leave this area far away in two hours. We will rest later." Lin Huang said to Tyrant.

Tyrant extended its hand, Lin Huang hopped onto its palm and he was placed on its shoulder.

Just as he sat down, he had a strange expression.

Tyrant’s shoulders were filled with long, coarse hair that felt like wild boar fur, "Damn it, its hair is so hard, it's poking my butt…"

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