Monster Paradise

Chapter 23 Meeting Fatty Again

Five iron-level equipment, two pieces of armor and a battle sword. The remaining two were diving and investigation equipment. Lin Huang did not exactly know what they were.

The five equipment were deactivated and he could not activate them at the current level of his abilities.

Apart from the equipment, Lin Huang took all the Life Crystals in Xue Jie’s storage.

There was a total of 30 years worth of Life Crystals which could be traded for more than three million credit points. It was a fortune for Lin Huang.

The rest of Xue Jie’s properties seemed useless so Lin Huang did not bother to take them with him.

His storage was not that big anyway, it was only the size of one square. He planned to spend some of his credit points to expand the storage in his Emperor’s Heart Ring after the assessment ended.

He then sat on Tyrant’s shoulder and instructed it to go on a route that was slightly different from George Kang. They both headed to the east.

Though he was not afraid to fight someone, it would be quite troublesome for him.

The incident with George Kang took more than half an hour. If he was to encounter a few similar incidents in a day, he would be spending most of his time on battles instead of proceeding with his journey.

Less than 20 minutes after they ran towards the east, there was a sandstorm in the desert. Although it was not intense, Lin Huang had to get Tyrant to go at a slower pace while he used his shirt to cover his mouth and nose.

Within a few minutes, Lin Huang saw someone in the sandstorm not far away.

The person seemed plump, he was having difficulty walking with his short legs.

"Why does this person look so familiar?" Lin Huang felt he had seen this person before.

Tyrant ran towards the person in excitement. It was its instinct to go after a prey which could be its food.

"Tyrant, don’t bother him. Let’s just pass him by." Lin Huang instructed.

Tyrant, who was excited was calm again and gave up on running after the person.

Yin Hangyi who was struggling in the desert heard something coming up behind him.

He turned around and saw a Sand Monster coming for him, he also saw a person sitting on top of the Sand Monster’s left shoulder.

Just when he was wondering what he was seeing, the Sand Monster walked past him and proceeded to run ahead.

Yin Hangyi was not shocked. Instead, he thought the guy who sat on the Sand Monster’s shoulder looked familiar.

The guy covered his mouth and nose. The only thing he could see on his face was his eyes.

He tried to recall where he had seen the person before.

Awhile later, he mumbled to himself, "That pair of eyes looked like Lin Huang's. Could it really be Lin Huang?"

He then waved to the Sand Monster that had yet to run too far away and yelled, "Lin Huang, wait for me! Lin Huang, I am Yin Hangyi."

Hearing someone calling his name behind him, Lin Huang turned around to look. He could tell indistinctly who the person was.

Lin Huang frowned as the fatty was over-friendly and talkative.

If he was to walk with him, he would have to listen to him talking all day.

But the fatty was deviating from the correct route. If the sandstorm did not stop, his direction would deviate even more and cause him to fail.

He shook his head and smiled. Lin Huang decided to get the Sand Monster to stop.

Yin Hangyi saw that the Sand Monster stopped, he ran fast to it. Lin Huang slid down from the Sand Monster’s arm and Yin Hangyi let out an awkward smile as he said in relief, "Ahh, bro, finally I bump into my family! I thought I'd really die in this desert if I didn't bump into you."

"Didn’t you follow the rest? How did you deviate from the route?" Lin Huang ignored his friendliness and asked in curiosity.

"Let’s not talk about it. There was a sandstorm not long after we fell asleep in our tents. All of them ran away. I was lucky to find somewhere to hide for the night, I couldn’t tell which direction I was at when I woke up in the morning." Looking at the fatty’s face, Lin Huang felt he was telling the truth.

"Bro, I didn’t know you’re an Imperial Censor. It’s so cool that you have this Sand Monster as your vehicle!" The fatty gave a pitiful look, "Could you bring me along? You wouldn’t want your bro to die in this shitty place right?"

"You won’t die, you can always press the emergency button." Lin Huang responded seriously.

"I can’t do that. If I did, doesn’t that mean I gave up on the assessment?"

"Is the assessment more important than your life?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

"Of course the assessment is more important!" The fatty said confidently.

Seeing that the fatty insisted, there was nothing that Lin Huang could do.

"I can bring you, but I have a request." Lin Huang raised his finger in all seriousness.

"Sure! I will do anything, as long as it isn't having sex with you! I’m still a virgin, I must save my virginity for my future wife!" The fatty said seriously.

"Damn you! Look at the fats on you, it’s disgusting!" Lin Huang gave him a kick.

"What do you know? I’m voluptuous, girls love me, I’m very huggable!" The fatty avoided Lin Huang’s kick while explaining.

"Alright, I won’t be messing with you anymore. I’m short of time. My condition is simple, when I ask you to shut up, shut up." Lin Huang could not stand the fatty’s exuberance. If he did not set this condition as a ground rule, he might be annoyed to death.

"What’s wrong with you, what gives you the right not to let me talk?" The fatty was annoyed. Even with the Sand Monster, the journey would take at least three days. He would die if he was not allowed to talk.

"Nevermind then."

Lin Huang turned around and left but the fatty grabbed his arm, "Alright, I give up. I’ll promise you that okay?"

"So, from now onwards…" Lin Huang turned around and gestured to zip his mouth.

The fatty was confused, "What does that mean?"

"That means shut up!" Lin Huang forgot that this was not Earth, it was normal for the fatty not to know what the gesture meant.

The fatty covered his mouth and waved at Lin Huang.

"Okay Tyrant, put him on your right shoulder." Tyrant was not as gentle as it was with Lin Huang when it comes to the fatty. It picked the fatty up by holding the fatty’s belt from the back.

Meanwhile, it was much gentle to Lin Huang where it placed its palm on the ground, allowing him to step on its palm and placed him on its shoulder.

Looking at the different treatment, the fatty yelled at Lin Huang, "I would like to protest the difference in treatment, I deserve equality…"

Lin Huang gestured to get him to shut up again.

The fatty realized that he asked for a favor. He then covered his mouth and sat down quietly.

After Lin Huang sat down, he patted the Sand Monster, "Let’s go!"

The Sand Monster stood up and walked toward the east in big steps…

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