Monster Paradise

Chapter 24 I Want To Be A Food Hunter

Sand Monsters lived in the desert since young. They could survive even longer than camels could on Earth in the desert.

When there was a lot of food, they would eat everything they could to store a massive amount of fat in their bodies. Without food and water, they could break down their bodily fats for energy and water.

Sand Monsters that had sufficient fats could live at least half a year without water. Without food, they could live at least three years.

Their skin was thick and tough enough to defend themselves from sandstorms, even their eyes and faces had a unique structure of three layers so that they would not be affected by a sandstorm.

Due to their unique body structure, they became the top predators in the desert.

The Sand Monsters had big feet that were more than two times the size of human feet.

That made them move faster and have more agility than the rest of the giants.

Tyrant’s body size was more than five times bigger than a human but his speed was not five times the speed of a human. Instead, it was 20 times faster than a human.

For a human that was an iron-level rank-3, the most one could travel in the desert was 20 kilometers per hour on average.

While for Tyrant, at its normal running speed, it could travel more than 80 kilometers per hour and at full speed, it could travel more than 100 kilometers per hour.

As Lin Huang was sitting on Tyrant’s shoulder, he controlled its speed to the normal 80 kilometers to avoid himself from falling down. On the first night, they managed to use only two hours to travel a distance that usually took a full day for ordinary people.

With the Sand Monster’s strength, the additional burden, who was the fatty sitting on its shoulder made no difference. Its speed was not slowed down at all.

Looking at the fatty feeling nauseous from the ride, Lin Huang was laughing inside.

He was no different from the fatty yesterday aside from adapting himself to the feeling of riding on Tyrant.

Recalling himself getting poked on his butt by Tyrant’s rough hair, Lin Huang mumbled to himself, "Shouldn’t have shaved the other side of its hair…"

The Sand Monster ran for more than four hours before the fatty started to complain.

"Can we rest for a while!? Oh my god, I feel like my buttcheeks are cracking!"

Lin Huang’s butt was numb too. Seeing the fatty no longer able to take it anymore, he got Tyrant to stop.

Tyrant then placed the both of them on the ground. The fatty walked towards Lin Huang while rubbing his butt, "Let’s get some rest, eat something and drink some water before we go again."

Lin Huang nodded, let’s rest, I’ll get Tyrant to hunt for food."

"There’s no need for that, I have food with me!" Fatty took a few big sips of water from his bottle and said.

After keeping his bottle back to his storage, the fatty took a set of tableware out and a slice of square meat that was the size of a basketball.

"Where did you get the food, didn’t they confiscate your food yesterday?" Lin Huang asked curiously.

"What are you thinking about? I didn’t smuggle them in, I cut this from the Armored Pig that the team killed yesterday. It’s the back of its leg, good stuff! I planned to keep this for myself but I treat you as my own brother, else I wouldn’t share this with you." The fatty then started to slice the meat. Awhile later, the slab of meat was sliced.

"So you’re a chef." Seeing the fatty’s good knife skills, Lin Huang figured out his occupation.

"What? A chef? I want to be a Food Hunter!" The fatty looked up and refuted.

There were many categories in the Hunter Association. Besides many Monster Hunters who mainly hunted monsters, there were Food Hunters who cooked, Treasure Hunters who looked for treasures and Guardian Hunters that protected rare species…

The Hunter Association was an organization that offered freedom. They did not only cultivate talents but provide talents of all kind to other organizations too.

The Reserve Hunter assessment was not restricted to any category.

To be a Food Hunter that was recognized by the Hunter Association, fatty first had to be a Reserve Hunter. And he would be required to choose a category when he was going for the Bronze Hunter assessment.

Through the Food Hunter assessment, he would become a real hunter which recognized by the Hunter Association.

In less than 20 minutes, fatty had roasted all the meat.

Lin Huang tasted a piece and his eyes lit up as he said, "Fatty, you don’t look like you could cook."

Fatty was a good cook, the roast meat was much better than the one Lin Huang cooked on the first day.

Although it was not comparable to the one he tasted at the Stable Residence, it was the second best roast meat he had ever had.

Suddenly, they heard a rumbling sound around them. They then noticed that Tyrant was drooling while staring at the roast meat.

"Fatty, cook a big slab for it later." Lin Huang suggested after seeing Tyrant looking pitiful.

"If we were to feed it, we would be hungry at night." Fatty was unwilling to cook the meat for Tyrant.

"Just give him a slice for him to taste some." Of course, Lin Huang knew that it was impossible to satisfy Tyrant’s appetite. With its size, it would need a ton of meat for it to turn them into fats.

Although the fatty was unwilling, thinking that he would need to ride it later, he took out a big slab and started roasting it while he ate his food.

Just as they were done eating, the meat was roasted.

The fatty used a tong to pass Tyrant the roast meat and said, "Big guy, this is for you."

Tyrant looked at Lin Huang while it drooled.

"Go ahead."

After Lin Huang nodded, it took the roast meat and tossed it into its mouth.

It swallowed the meat together with the bones.

"Damn, why didn’t it spit out the bones?" It was the first time that fatty saw a Sand Monster eat and he was shocked.

"The giant's stomach acid corrosion is more than 100 times more powerful than that of a human. They can digest bones completely. Whoever told you that giants spit out the bones when they eat?" Lin Huang educated fatty on some scientific facts.

"Right, the giants that I saw in videos also swallowed the bones." Fatty recalled the time when he watched some educational videos.

"Alright, since we've eaten, let’s clean up and go on the road. If we are fast enough we can reach the Alps tomorrow night. Then, we'll rest for a night and we can start climbing the day after tomorrow in the morning." Lin Huang had done his planning earlier.

It would take them two days to reach the alps if Tyrant was to travel for 10 hours per day.


Fatty was excited when he heard that they could finish the journey in two days while ordinary people would take more than 10 days. The assessment could not get any easier than this.

After cleaning up, they rode on Tyrant’s shoulders and begun their journey…

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