Monster Paradise

Chapter 30 The Undead Worm

After Tyrant stopped running, the sands rolled to him in just a few breaths.

A strong sandstorm stirred up the sand and dust and the monster from beneath attempted to kill Tyrant.

Tyrant bounced on the ground and retreated about 10 meters away, dodging the attack.

Lin Huang and the rest of them could see the unknown object now. It was a gigantic creature that looked like a python. It had blood red scales and scales on its body its body that was around 20 meters long. It was a lot taller than Tyrant when it erected its body upright.

There was merely a mouth on its head. It did not even have eyes! Looking at Tyrant, it opened its mouth slightly. It was visible to Lin Huang and the rest of them that there were many sharp teeth that resembled barbs wriggling in its mouth.

Both of their facial expression changed when they saw the monster's features.

"What should we do?! This is an Undead Worm!" Fatty cried.

The Undead Worm was identified as a type of demon. They were the scariest predators on the desert. They were rare and the worst part is that they do not have natural enemies here. They preyed on all the creatures in the desert.

All demons are vicious when they hunt for food; an Undead Worm was no different.

Once the prey was in its mouth, the barbs inside its mouth would wriggle, crushing and slicing the victim. It resembled a meat grinder.

It was a known myth that they had a smaller mouth inside their big mouth. It would pierce the ground to the creature's skull and absorb its brain.

The Undead Worm in front of them was around 20 meters long. Similar to Tyrant, they were on iron-level. However, these monsters were the Sand Monster's enemy. It would have a much higher probability of defeating Tyrant.

This was also the monster that Lin Huang wished not to encounter the most. However, he was forced to conquer his fears now.

"We can't escape this anymore, just f*ck it!" Lin Huang knew exactly what the situation was now. He shouted back at Fatty, but his gaze never left the Undead Worm.

The Undead Worm erected upright but it had not launched an attack. It kept its huge mouth open, looking like a freak that was sizing up Lin Huang and the rest of them. It was how predators looked down on their prey.

The Sand Monster obeyed Lin Huang's command to not be reckless.

Lin Huang and Fatty did not react; they were stunned.

Looking at the Undead Worm that had yet to trigger an attack, Lin Huang made a guess and asked, "Could it be that this monster only attacks moving objects?"

"You asked the wrong person. I have not mastered the monster guide. I was able to recognize this monster because I've seen it before on the news." Fatty swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued, "The news was about a Reserve Hunter team that encountered the Undead Worm in the desert. A team of five were killed by this monster in less than 10 minutes. When the rescue team for the monster hunters arrived, the Undead Worm had bitten off the top half of the last Reserve Hunter."

"You don't need to tell me the content of the news…"

Their conversation lasted for a while and the Undead Worm was still ignorant to their existence.

"Why is it still moving now? Did we encounter a fake Undead Worm instead?" Fatty asked, hoping that the answer to that was positive.

"Is there anything in your storage that you're not going to use?"

"Let me see." Fatty knew what Lin Huang was thinking.

At that moment, the Undead Worm moved and pounced on Fatty.

"Damn! It's coming at me!" Fatty shouted, his voice shaky.

Tyrant's body was short and he used that advantage to roll away, avoiding the kill. Fatty was not aware of his surroundings and was caught in between the heated battle. He was flung across the air and fell beside the Undead Worm, about 2 meters from each other.

It seemed like he felt a stir around, the Undead Worm's mouth immediately turned to Fatty’s position and slowly walked towards him.

Its mouth was getting closer to him, his heart felt like protruding out of his body. His mind repeatedly told him to run, but his conscious warned him to stand his ground because if he ran, he would most certainly die.

"Fatty, don't move. I'll distract the Undead Worm!" Lin Huang said, looking at the Undead Worm's mouth gradually moving toward Fatty. They were less than three meters apart. Lin Huang knew that Fatty would be killed if he did not move to distract it.

"Tyrant, run!" Lin Huang ordered.

As Tyrant heard this, he made off and ran away from the Undead Worm like an arrow leaving the bow.

The Undead Worm immediately turned his head back as it noticed Tyrant was trying to escape from it. It seemed like it was targeting Tyrant's direction. He then chased after him at a faster speed.

Fatty was relieved when he saw the Undead Worm changing its target. There was a moment where he actually thought that he would die.

His legs trembled as he sat on the surface of the sand. Fatty then realized that he was sweating and his body was all wet. It was not because of the hot weather, but it was due to anxiety and fear.

He rested for a while but hesitated. He then stood up and ran in the direction of Tyrant and the Undead Worm. He mumbled as he ran, "Lin Huang, please don't die! If you sacrifice your life to save me, there's no way for me to return the favor to you in my entire life…"

On the golden sand, the giant Sand Monster did not stop running, and a trail of sand could be seen behind him as they got closer to each other. Just when the Undead Worm wriggled through the sand and was about to pounce on the Sand Monster, it disappeared from the ground.

At the dunes far away from them, Lin Huang smiled. He had another green monster card with him right now.

A few minutes ago, before the Undead Worm was able to catch up with Tyrant, he left Lin Huang at the dunes nearby. He then left Tyrant to distract the Undead Worm while he observed the distance between them at the dunes.

When the Undead Worm tried catching up to Tyrant, Lin Huang turned Tyrant back into a monster card which ruined the Undead Worm's plan. It stood still and kept looking around for Tyrant.

Lin Huang crashed the green monster card and re-summoned Tyrant. He then said, "Let's go. We’ve to go back and look for Fatty!"

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