Monster Paradise

Chapter 29 Monster from the Sandy Bottom

After folding their tents, both of them sat on Tyrant's shoulder and headed toward the east.

They were attacked by several monsters while on their journey to the east. Thankfully, Tyrant's powerful abilities killed those monsters in an instant so there was no delay in their journey.

Monsters would usually avoid Tyrant by hiding.

This time around, in only a matter of few hours; they were attacked by four monsters. These monsters were much weaker than Tyrant and because of that, all the monsters perished.

Logically, the monsters would never place themselves in danger because monsters are equipped with instinctive responses to avoid danger. It was indeed unusual to see them charging at the face of death, Tyrant.

At one o'clock in the afternoon, the desert temperature peaked.

Lin Huang and Fatty found an abandoned house where they stopped so that Tyrant could rest.

This house was used as a supply depot and utilized by the Hunter Association. Tyrant moved towards the supply depot.

By the looks of the house’s structure, it must have existed for a long time. The supply depot was not specifically built for the assessment.

The Hunter Association would always build all types of supply depots for passerby’s convenience.

"Looking at the weathered house, this supply depot must have been around for at least 30 years. It doesn’t look abandoned," said Fatty.

"Even if it was an abandoned supply depot, there’s a high probability it of being utilized as a part of the assessment since it’s on the way to our final destination. The strategic location of the supply depot caused the weak to be eliminated and those who managed to reach the supply depot would’ve already passed the assessment by completing the first half of the journey." Lin Huang was 80% sure that there would be supplies in it. "Let's go in and have a look."

Indeed, it was a storehouse with barrels of water and some high energy snacks.

Fatty was happy and quickly walked towards the food. He took a packet of food and began to eat.

Lin Huang took a barrel of water from the storage space and walked toward Fatty asking, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes, and this brand of the potato chips are my favorite." Fatty sucked his thumb in a gesture to disgust Lin Huang.

"If you're hungry, you can cook up a meal but you can only eat one packet. You know the rules right." Lin Huang referred to the unwritten rule which every hunter should know - items from the supply depot should be taken in moderation.

The items provided by supply depot were actually for the needy. Sometimes, a glass of water or even leftover food could be a lifesaver. Therefore, those who could do without the water and food should not be greedy.

Fatty was nonetheless shameless, he couldn’t care less about these unspoken rules. After finishing that initial pack of chips, he took another packet and kept it in his storage space. He then took another barrel of water and walked out of the house.

Lin Huang was drinking some water as he sat in the shaded corridor. He reminded Fatty, "Before you cook, make sure your hands are clean!"

In all honesty, Fatty cooked very well. The only complaint Lin Huang had was that he had poor personal hygiene.

Fatty grilled some meat and after he was done, both of them sat at the shaded corridor, eating.

"I brought some Pilsner over. I thought I could enjoy some drinks during the journey. Unfortunately, it was confiscated before the assessment even started." Fatty grumbled.

"It's an assessment. Did you think that you were here for a holiday?" Lin Huang was sarcastic.

"It's a must to have some alcohol at a barbecue. Plain water at a barbeque is just not right" Fatty responded, so sure of himself.

Lin Huang agreed that it was indeed weird to drink plain water at a barbecue.

"Alright, stop grumbling. We have to continue with our journey after having our meals. We must try our best to reach the foot of the Snowy Mountains before dark." Lin Huang said as he thought about the schedule he planned for the journey. Based on the speed of Tyrant, he estimated the remaining journey to be seven hours.

Fatty cleaned the cooking utensils and both of them resumed their journey.

Tyrant ran under the scorching sun. However, the sand reflected a golden gleam. Lin Huang and Fatty wore sunglasses and they looked like they were on vacation.

After a short while, Lin Huang felt something stirring up from beneath the sand. He took off his sunglasses for a better view and stared at the sand but there was nothing there.

Lin Huang seemed confused. He then pointed at the direction of the sand and shouted, "Hey, did you see something move underneath the sand just now?"

"No, I didn't. It is not windy now and so it will be easy to notice if anything moved either on or under the desert sand." Fatty replied while waving his hand.

The sand began to roll again and this time, in the direction of the Sand Monster.

"There's something there!" Lin Huang yelled. The Sand Monster smelled something strange and started to be uncomfortable.

Lin Huang was more sensitive to Tyrant and he noticed its unusual reaction. This indicated that something frightening was about to happen. Lin Huang prepared for the worst as he held Tyrant's beard tightly with one hand and in his other hand, he took out his GrayEagle17.

"Tyrant, stop!" Lin Huang commanded because he noticed that the unknown object was moving way faster than Tyrant. They would not escape in time. They waited instead for the unknown creature to charge at them.

"Fatty, get ready. It may not be an easy feat this time." Lin Huang shouted.

Tyrant stopped. Lin Huang could feel his heart pounding.

He aimed at the sand with his GrayEagle17 and in a split second, pulled the trigger.

They did not have with them many explosive shells so Lin Huang used bullets specially made for GrayEagle17.

However, the bullets had no impact. It did nothing to the creature because the unknown object kept moving forward and when the shot was fired, a sharp metal plate sound rang instead of a painful groan.

The GrayEagle17 was not unfamiliar to Fatty. His face turned pale as he witnessed the bullets deflecting into various directions.

Tyrant roared profusely…

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